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  1. walking out the train station and seeing a sight of blue i will never forget, also how the trams were on and then got stopped and also a primary school that got police esscort out......Manchester police and council were warned about the support we would takek yet were so unprepared best 2 days of my life
  2. Maybe some new defenders when this illegal transfer ban is lifted, but if we keep same guys middle to front a think in a couple of years we will have an exciting young team to watch, hope ally sticks with these boys
  3. Were Rangers ffs you are happy with a draw at berwick sorry thats just not good enough amazed you think that
  4. Been out of school to long and have had a couple
  5. sorry guys probs gett called all sorts but todays performance was the most embarrassing and shocken in my time as a supporter. Questions MUST be asked of McCoist and also every single player who puts on a Rangers shirt, This is not sfl 1 sfl 2 but ffs sfl 3 partime football players who work all week and proberly 1 or 2 doing a night shift in Asda the night, so angry at today team and staff need to get a grip pronto
  6. a thought he was poor ok maybe not fit but simple choice making was poor
  7. Dont think he has written since his shocking exclusive Boyd was going to celtic
  8. No be more than happy with 1 nill , but out of intrest and fun which is also very much a possible its worth a bet jeez
  9. a think theres more chance we will not do it than do it, these teams a partimers with players we have a really think we shd
  10. A think u wld get good price dont even have to get correct score just 3 or more goals ,al head down to hills the morra and see
  11. Think once were up to speed its worth a cheeky £20
  12. DO you think you would get for us to score 3+ goals at ibrox for every single league game this season, a think we will
  13. i was in govan rear main stand had lots of pockets of empty seats plus some other areas so maybe 38 162 was right any way black and sheilds look class