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  1. I know m8 that's why I mentioned it in my post๐Ÿ‘
  2. Having grown up on the back of big Jocks treble winning sides it became a culture shock what followed in the coming years.....then I was fortunate enough to witness the Souness & Smith years.....I've just grown to learn that we will always have great days but a dark day is often just round the corner but I can honestly say the last 9yrs have been somewhat challenging.....maybe it allows me to be not so off handish when we lose....I knew that eventually we would come good and I will be over the moon for Gerrard and his staff to pull this off, even a large element of the squad have been wri
  3. Dave King in the beginning certainly and rightly so divided opinion.....at the time there was no evidence whatsoever that King was in it other than to try and re-coup his loses.....another thing thrown in Kings direction about his tenure would obviously be the tarriers moon walking to trebles.....yes mistakes were made, MW less so as he did what was required to get us back up....pedro an absolute howler but everyone needs to remember that after 2012 the club got totally raped and pilloried from post to post!! As a club we were absolutely broken into small bits.....I'm not sure even the bi
  4. Far too many have I known lost their life over the last 10yrs.....for me it is sad that my father won't get to witness it....he is the reason I grew up following Rangers anywhere I could......even in his final days I kept telling him we were pissing the league and doing great in Europe, just sad he wasn't in his normal health to enjoy it
  5. Steve Mcmanaman talking about both managers for the Southampton game "you know what you are getting with a German manager " Fuck me he is broadcasting and can't acknowledge the guy is Austrian
  6. Why would they....we refused point blank when we beat them 2-0.....tbh I wouldn't want one from those beasty bastards anyway
  7. I wouldn't want to put it to the test mind ye
  8. It won't happen but imagine we had to play the sheep or hibs on the last day knowing a victory for either guaranteed 2nd place above the beasts.....I would happily see us lose to repay them for when they lay down to the sheep at the piggery guaranteeing them 2nd.....greater delight as it would fuck them up for the other champions league spot....I can dream
  9. Remember when they start the new club, first league trophy patter....just slip in "how bad must you lot be allowing an 8yr club dethrone you" Trust me they don't like that one bit
  10. Apparently so....more than any CEO in the English premier league....it really is fucking glorious
  11. Rory Hamilton (bt beast lover) normally does the games.....Martin will be our Tom Miller
  12. Even if you include Friday as an isolation day(which it shouldn't) you have 1 Fri, 2 Sat, 3 Sun, 4 mon, 5 tues, 6 weds, 7 thurs, 8 fri, 9 Sat, 10 sun The report I read is they are back with the squad from Sunday....so in theory if they pull them in tomorrow for a bit of training they can join in...the days don't add up bud
  13. A point worth noting is that they didn't start the self isolation period until the Monday......unless they were already isolating from Saturday
  14. They can join up with the squad again on Sunday......it just seems the rules have changed significantly
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