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  1. I get what you are saying but regardless of the standard of league some of those passes are pure filth that is just natural ability, the dribbles and runs could easily be misleading due to the level of opponent, his vision and range of passing suggest he may be worth a punt
  2. Sign the lad up then....thought he would have been on more than that
  3. Those stats look to be slightly misleading judging by that video clip, his range of passing looks phenomenal if I'm being honest, he looks like he assists wide players who in turn put the ball in the box to create chances.....if he isn't going to cost silly money I'd genuinely take a punt.....some of those first time passes over the top were unreal
  4. Unless they spelt his name wrong
  5. Watching the golf on a stream from hes goal....Dutch commentary, adverts come on an it's advertising golf breaks in Dutch obviously....it's then at a second glance I recognise the guy in the advert.....Ronald de Boer
  6. Mardle talks so much shite "Definite signs of improvement for Glen tonight " Russ Bray "42"
  7. It's fucking mental mate, how much shite has been spouted about sadiq
  8. The media are literally throwing any name out there now......strange that the sun were the first with the exclusive that the Howe deal was done last weekend.....almost a week later its another name
  9. I love the way all these figures are quoted as if we have missed out on a fortune.....he was never our player ffs
  10. He seriously told us he was a Rangers man, unless he thought he was going to get his baws booted if he told us he was one of them
  11. Don't know what I was thinking about.....put the Bayern game on at 1-0 watched for 10 mins then went back to the Chelsea game....Next thing I know it's 3-2missed all 5 goals
  12. He is....I met him years ago in my local in kilmarnock.....he was going with a girl from the scheme of all places ( she was tidy mind you) anyway he was just sat himself one Saturday afternoon when someone recognised him, basically told us Rangers were his Scottish team due to his family from up north
  13. Glad I decided to settle for the Chelsea game
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