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  1. In your total contributions column m8 you have Arfield down as 6 but he is 7 15 players with overall contributions to goals so far....all we need is the 6 main contributors to keep up the good work and I'm confident we will be celebrating I'm not even counting Aribo at this stage so factor in him and we will have 7 players who will give us big numbers this season
  2. Looking like Glasgow Gailes at this stage bud
  3. @cr3_bear Just double checked and I have miss counted m8(fucking drink) We were behind 4pts at that stage 65 to 61....still not out it but clearly their was a lot going on in the background contributing to poor results....yip we all know McCoist wasn't a great manager but he had a phenomenal start in the first 10 games odd
  4. I just googled the results for both teams...unless I've miss counted I had it at 63 to 62 bud
  5. I don't think you will be disappointed with it bud...they don't do cider yet in the kegs so I won't be investing in one until then
  6. You two are like an old married couple amusing all the same
  7. I've just checked back on the week ending the 11th of February we had 63pts and the papes 62pts....we were deducted 10pts and subsequently lost to killie on the Saturday....too much was made of the 15pt lead....they played the next day and won which was back to 12 and they had a game in hand....clearly things weren't good behind the scenes by the time admin came round but the facts are clear we were still in a title race up until then
  8. I don't think we are heading into administration though....totally different circumstances now
  9. He will claim he was liking the first line🤔
  10. That's the thing m8....their are 9 in our group and we have reluctantly accepted we are no longer welcome...when we do join another club I think that will be it...yeah it's a cracking course, we could go back then 2yrs later it gets sold again someone else comes up with another hair brain plan....it was good while it lasted so to speak👍
  11. hammer93


    He clearly is trolling them now.....Sutton does it with us, Boyd does it with them....simples
  12. We tried to negotiate with them and they weren't interested....as you say the clearly haven't thought through the winter months....fuck knows where we will be regarding international flights coming in next year either....it could be a costly mistake....we won't be around to see it mind you
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