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  1. Looking at Glasgow Gailes m8
  2. From what I remember he was carrying a bit too much weight in his later days and wasn't mobile enough for up top....funny thing is he went to chelsea then went on loan to Dundee utd....he scored 2 on his debut as a striker....if I remember rightly he claimed it was a dream come true to score on his debut for his boyhood club
  3. Spot on....it's wee fan boys trying to be clever...it's not hard to get to that line up if you reckon he will switch back to 4 at the back
  4. For a brief second there I was thinking "why you taking the picture on the floor "
  5. Fuck all to get excited about bud...fucking munters in taig tops...eh.. I think i will pass
  6. Right I've recently had covid and the whole issue is your infectious period.....it looks like I picked it up at my work on the weds or thurs....I didn't become infectious until probably Saturday evening as I know the other people I was with that I passed it on to them unknowingly as my symptoms started on Sunday afternoon This Liege player clearly tested negative prior to the match so I would doubt very much if he was hitting his infectious stage by kick off...I would imagine our players will be fine but a word of caution would be that 6-7 people were infected by myself as we had a drink
  7. Dundonald is shutting on the 1st of November until the 1st of May bud
  8. Fair enough, you clearly watch them more than me....Spurs it is then
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