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  1. He can't do that so effectively as a manager compared to a chairman/owner.
  2. We were effectively semi-finalists that year, as we were in the top 4 of the tournament, which was a staggering achievement from a team from a nation the size of Scotland in the modern era. Of course, the media massively downplayed it.
  3. Regarding 1992-93, I always had question marks over the referee who sent Hateley off against Bruges in the penultimate match, for wrestling himself free of a headlock from Lorenzo Staelens. From about 24:30
  4. Me neither. Especially when you hear the words of referee, Kurt Tschenscher, who actually admitted recently that he was bribed by one of their board and fixed the match. P.S. Sorry. Thought you were talking about 1967.
  5. Losing heavily at home to a really shite scum team, especially after the reserve team coach got a draw at the piggery, should be an instant dismissal.
  6. Can't believe that anyone can still support a club that sheltered a paedophile ring for many decades. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised given that Brother Walfrid himself was apparently one too. It's almost as if they were established for that very, perverse, purpose.
  7. If they're that far ahead, how come the average result rounds to 2-1? Our problem has been Warburton's inefficient attack-attack-attack-but-never-defend-or-shoot strategy. We've just seen a guy whose strategy was effectively to lose matches in a very aesthetically pleasing way. Walter didn't need to buy a Xavi, Iniesta, Messi and Thierry Henry to draw with Barca. Fuck, we drew with these supposed superstars in their own septic cesspit, none of whom would get into my 5-a-side team and we're a man short at the moment.
  8. There's more than one reason that shower of shite are undefeated and they're not all football related
  9. If anyone pays more that £3.2m or any of that shower of shite amateurs then they need they're head seen to and banned from football. We should have beaten them at least twice this year, but Warburton insisted on not defending at all. A decent centre back and striker, with a more organised formation and they're toast for breakfast.
  10. What decent £5m player's gonna come to Scotland to play for a paedophile ring, especially if we highlight that to them before signing? We really need to start the smear tactics. We're partly in the position we're in because we refuse to stoop to their level, but when it comes to the black arts of propaganda, we need to wise up. They should be getting ZERO sponsorship money for their heinous crimes.
  11. If they're that far ahead, why the fuck did they only win by a penalty and a shot that should have been stopped. They are actually massively Warburtonesque; they look good when going forward on a good day, but otherwise flatter to deceive, are pretty shapeless for most of the match. If I could abide the nosepeg and my sense of moral disgust, I could be a starter, if I slightly upped my treadmill routine. I don't know why you're so keen to suck Brenda's cock. It makes me think you must be a cheap, tranny hooker.
  12. Far better my arse. The scum were borderline competent in a couple of phases of play and that might be flattering them. They had a few players better than ours and one of those was, undeniably, the ref. Furthermore, we were without 3 centrebacks, two full backs, our two "marquee" midfield signings (one of whom has left) and were playing two kids in defence. Yesterday taught me that if we spend 2 or 3 million wisely, we'll be champions next year.
  13. Not exactly convinced by this report, but even if it's true, and even if we get hammered we're still infinitely superior than them by mere dint of the fact that unlike them we're not a glorified paedophile ring.
  14. The original capacity of the Broomloan and Copland was 7,500 and the Govan was 10,400. Lowering the pitch, narrowing the seats and adding Bar 72 area will have increased that amount. I reckon the most you'd get in each corner would be 2,500. That may even be a generous guess. So I reckon you're right. We're talking about a third tier to make it worthwhile. The demand and finance for that are a long way off and possibly in the past too.
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