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  1. Reason he left for was sent away to London. Oh, where he just happened to set up "The Poor Children's Dinner Table" as a "charity". He couldn't help himself, hanging about schools and other places with kids.
  2. He can't do that so effectively as a manager compared to a chairman/owner.
  3. We were effectively semi-finalists that year, as we were in the top 4 of the tournament, which was a staggering achievement from a team from a nation the size of Scotland in the modern era. Of course, the media massively downplayed it.
  4. That'll be the old Father O'Connell/Saville link again. Yet politicians like Hamza Yousef spends his time trolling Rangers fans, rather than chasing up the vetting status of the current parkhead youth coaching staff.
  5. Jesus! I didn't even know about Gerry King. I knew about Brother Walfrid, who they built a fucking statue to honour him, Cairney, Torbett, McCafferty and the club photographer, Cullen, who stored indecent images actually at the ground in a locker in a cupboard. Fucking six of them, over more than a century, with rumours about the current crop doing the rounds. That's utterly unbelievable. They should really be kicked out the game. How can anyone support such a vile organisation with a history of very blatant child endangerment with their lackadaisical employment policies? Yet their fans think they have the moral high ground to pontificate over and castigate others. They are shameless and delusional swine.
  6. In light of the recent revelations that most youth team coaches aren't properly vetted, wouldn't a diligent, responsible media be asking clubs who have previously employed numerous convicted paedophiles, whether they have properly vetted all their current youth team coaches? Perhaps someone should be tweeting Mark Daly regarding this consideration.
  7. Regarding 1992-93, I always had question marks over the referee who sent Hateley off against Bruges in the penultimate match, for wrestling himself free of a headlock from Lorenzo Staelens. From about 24:30
  8. Me neither. Especially when you hear the words of referee, Kurt Tschenscher, who actually admitted recently that he was bribed by one of their board and fixed the match. P.S. Sorry. Thought you were talking about 1967.
  9. Losing heavily at home to a really shite scum team, especially after the reserve team coach got a draw at the piggery, should be an instant dismissal.
  10. Can't believe that anyone can still support a club that sheltered a paedophile ring for many decades. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised given that Brother Walfrid himself was apparently one too. It's almost as if they were established for that very, perverse, purpose.
  11. Worth noting that the SFA have sheltered those that have sheltered paedophiles from justice. They continue to do so, with a shocking proportion of active youth coaches remaining unvetted. Unsurprisingly, the SFA, in an attempt to justify themselves, have pointed the finger at their youth wing, claiming it to be a "separate entity". They could have at least tried to find a different wording. Why don't they try "distinct institution" next time?
  12. Fair dos. Perhaps it was a historical role that they mistakenly used in an other report. Or perhaps I didn't hear it all and missed out a "used to" before the "run the Shawlands branch..."
  13. Apparently, he's had a long-standing relationship with him and manages one of his trophy shops.
  14. Did you notice that the guy protecting him from the investigation was a former boys club player called William Gilbert, who's pretending to be his son? So, you have one of them protecting the guy that abused many of them, over decades.
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