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  1. See the good thing about having it on PC is you can download a mod that adds chants, goal music and everything, simply the best even plays as we walk out the tunnel. Shame the gameplays dug meat and the player base is basically non existent
  2. He is being played to keep him fit, he is more likely to move on if he is fit.
  3. Skyson1872

    GTA 6

    Story wise IV has to be my favourite, SA second favourite. I even preferred the IV graphics, shooting mechanics, driving mechanics as well. Only thing it was missing was a better online but at the time not many games had online like GTA V.
  4. Skyson1872


    Gives me time to save up for a graphics card I'd rather they took their time on it and perfected it, despite it being in the works for years and years now.
  5. Skyson1872


    Just blew my load at Cyberpunk, fucking Keanu Reeves man
  6. Same, still don't think my lungs and liver have recovered from it
  7. Got banned on FF for saying Candeias is fucking useless Didn't know his maw was an admin
  8. I'm not saying you faked yours, but the other one definitely wasn't faked. A random lassie on twitter isn't going to fake a video about fibre glass panels on the side of the Copland they must have had them up to test the sizes and took them down or something.
  9. That photo was lifted right from a video on twitter, it isn't fake at all.
  10. Aye mate there is a 10% Unidays code on the now
  11. Spot on, quite creative but doesn't have blistering pace for the wing. I'd try get Kent back if not sign someone, use Jones as backup (he isn't that bad a player), loan out Middleton to Livi/Hearts/St Johnstone, sell Grezda if he doesn't impress in pre-season and use Murphy as a back up #10.
  12. Foul mouthed rant Fuck me man
  13. Might be wrong but surely if the US lawsuit is won then the lawyers/federal agency can take the cases internationally as it's linked to crime on their soil?
  14. Thats the wrong video ye've uploaded, nice bird but mate
  15. Grezda and Barisic when fully fit will be fucking lethal btw
  16. Madden bottled it for not booking him for gesturing the fans. I'm sorry but get that every single week every goal that is scored against us but we get told to grow up and not react. Yet when we do it we are 'escaping punishment'.
  17. If we get a point I'd wank myself into a coma Away to 5th place in La Liga, we should be getting beat but you never know. They did just spend £70m that summer there, and just look at their squad. Layun, Bacca, Ekambi, Trigueros, plenty of solid solid players.
  18. Messi on fire as per usual. 3 very tidy goals, Dembeles was quality as well. Just seen Icardis, fuck me man
  19. His is a scan from when he was at Hull or Cardiff, it wouldn't let me edit his face or hair.
  20. I couldn't stop laughing at shaggers face. It's even worse cause that's supposed to be a scan.
  21. If I try chipping from any further than 18 yards the keeper just stands still and catches it. On PES if you run get close to the 6 yard line and make him come to block it you can chip him which is pretty realistic.
  22. I disagree, the passing on PES is more varied tbh, sometimes it curls the ball round opponents which I haven't seen and you can do flicks to get out of tight areas too. The shooting as long as you're on advanced shooting is better than FIFAs as well, the dipping and rising shots are great, you can absolutely rifle low down shots from anywhere, you can lob the keeper from close in where as on FIFA every single time the keeper will read it.
  23. I don't get paid till the 7th so that is me fucked
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