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  1. I actually went out a walk there and that point smacked me in the face. Lots of pros and cons but the biggest pro from it is that we are unlikely to go through what we did again and that's a big win. It might mean a couple of repeats of the Warburton/Pedro era if it gets too bad but that's better than, as you say, turning to a crook to help us in our hour of need and have the club ripped apart again. We'll always have the added insurance policy of at least 40,000 season ticket holders as well as bonuses like the prospect of European football to help find investment if its needed. As ment
  2. It's a nice thought. One I'm behind if the lanscape is properly explained. The scum had 6 free hits at Champions league while we were stuck in the dregs of Scottish football and then limping over the line for even a chance at European football. They were able to sell the likes of Hooper, Wanyama, Foster etc for big money mainly because they had CL experience behind them. How many were they able to sell for big money without that? It doesn't seem like too big a worry for the short term, the next 12-18 months, but could get pretty damaging in the long run if, say, they make the CL nex
  3. This is what worries me. Take the Torbett's as an example. They got £25 million for that Paddy Robert's boyfriend and, probably, at that same time could have offloaded at least 2 or 3 more for somewhere between £10 - 15 million each on top of that for the 2 or 3, 18 months later and the valuations of their main assets have plummeted with merchandise soon to take a hit with fans boycotts and season tickets at least halfed if they don't get the tainted 10. Now obviously fan loyalty isn't a problem with us but if our main assets outwith the fans value plummets, then what? Is it a case of al
  4. Better hope we get it then, or it'll be a bit of a firesale, no? I understand the investors are continuing to do so into next season but if no CL then I'd imagine there would be a few sales and a period of downgrading? Not that I'm complaining if that is the process. Needs must and all that but sounds like CL is a must.
  5. Forgive my ignorance but what does that mean? How exactly will be self sustainable? As in an extra £500-1000 a year on top of buying season tickets and merchandise?
  6. But is this really a better alternative? Seems like its got potential for an almost similar disaster.
  7. Who is the main fundraiser if the main shareholder group is finding £5 million a year for the actual shares? This really doesn't seem like particularly exciting news. Potential to be messy actually. Why now and not, say, end of the season?
  8. Gordon is a slevering moron. Really fucking stupid sounding.
  9. I noticed Kennedy's been getting it tight recently it really is timplosion
  10. Gordon always sounds like a rabid tbh. Don't like him.
  11. Doesn't worry me good players wanting to leave, worries me who replaces the good players though. If his heart isn't in it and he wants away in January then so be it. We get £12-15 million hopefully and wish him well. Can't have a player here who doesn't want to be here over the course of a season.
  12. Aye, this. No got too good a feeling about this tbh. Hopefully we just keep winning on the park so we don't think about it too much.
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