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  1. Dunno how you could sit in amongst them with goals flying in from Liverpool
  2. Love seeing Ole fail tbh. Fuck Man United.
  3. Excellent assist from Tav as well. Hopefully he kicks on now.
  4. Fucking hell, it was fake? 😂 you could definetely believe that was a real interview tbf
  5. Jesus fucking Christ 😂 so the next time he gets sent off it'll be sectarian basically? Poor Ryan. Must be hard being a compleye fucking scumbag.......that happens to be a soap dodgers and a tarrier as well. Guy's got nae luck.
  6. Mourinho's fall from grace over the last 10 years has been incredible. Could do no wrong before 2010 and now he's getting pumped in a pish 3rd tiwr European competition complaining, already, about his squad.
  7. Does this effect the league winners automatic group stage place for winning the league this season? Or was that a myth?
  8. Roofe's more likely to get you a goal. 22 goals in 68 games for Alfie since 2020. A pathetic return.
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