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  1. The 4 years in the lower leagues doesn't help with that. I've totally blanked those 4 years out my life because we were down there. Can't really remember any of it. But 07-12 I can remember just about everything, same with 16-present even though we've been shite.
  2. You have to be really anti-Gerrard to try and downplay our European record after a 4-0 away win. Wow!
  3. What were we discussing there?
  4. How many teams got points off us last season from sitting back?
  5. True, its usually Goldson, Tav or a combo of both when we drop points domestically.
  6. Still the man. Fucking super human.
  7. Another excellent result. Our record in Europe under Gerrard is outstanding.
  8. Hagi's stood out like a sore thumb, for all the wrong reasons. 2-0 at half time though, I'll take that.
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