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  1. Far too much to ask. Aberdeen are a mirror image of their manager, utterly pathetic.
  2. I meant he didn't know what he was talking about either not you.
  3. Came across as all high and mighty to me but too stupid to pull it off.
  4. "Don't write aff Slavia" "Why? Are they better than Braga, Benfica, Liege etc?" "Naw a hink we'll beet them, just a bit ae respect for them" Why ya fucking mongo, do they listen in? Spazzy bastard
  5. They need Desmond to bail them out and I can't see the 'absentee landlord' writing a check that big.
  6. Already a fact mate, don't need it to 'become' one 😉
  7. He doesn't bother me at all tbh. I've certainly never been left as dumfounded as I was listening to those 2 there.
  8. 'He made a lot of money in China, so money isn't the issue' what? No milionaire has ever became a milionaire and took the opportunity to make less money by taking over a lesser paying job that he feels absolutely no emotional connection to. Fantasy stuff. He's made a lot of money so he might as well want the Sellik job. Jim Duffy, a fucking idiot.
  9. Jim Duffy and Keevins just talk complete and utter shite. Just complete nonsense.
  10. Europe is absolutely crucial for us moving forward as a club, its the only reason we've even been able to challenge for the league as well. The league and progression in Europe should be our main goals for the season, anything else is just a bonus.
  11. I just want him to score against them. The league will be wrapped up by then imo. Should just spend the whole game playing through Morelos.
  12. Its pathetic how aggresive they are in pushing that narrative.
  13. Fuck under selling him. On form like that he could play for any team on the planet.
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