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  1. What a fucking joke of a statement, coming out with this pish after taking 6 weeks to even make an approach for their first choice and then a personal jibe at Mcinness.
  2. It's not too bad, would have been better if the kept the collar blue and got rid of that red bit. Will be buying regardless.
  3. Not bad at all. Would have preferred the collar to be blue as well.
  4. It might be to do with wages/promotion. If he's on a decent wage then it's likely we could only sustain that for 1 year. If (when) we are promoted we will have a higher income and could offer him a longer contract.
  5. Agreed. Definately wouldn't send Clark out on loan. If Coisty does go for Boyd/Miller up front then we need another goal scorer if one of them gets injured. That isn't Daly.
  6. Glad we finally got him. Looks sharp with some cracking goals last year, hopefully Nicky Clark will learn from Boyd and Miller.
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