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  1. I get what you’re saying but technically they never had an opportunity to play their games...
  2. We’ve got a squad of about 30 odd players, we shouldn’t be forfeiting any games regardless. Imagine we end up having 5 or 6 games postponed that we then have to squeeze in at the end of the season, due to other teams failing to field teams. Then we’re at a disadvantage playing games like the Eufa Cup final season?! The issue here isn’t the ruling, it’s the timing of it.
  3. SPFL distributed plans to clubs to change the rules, not like them, in regards to teams that can’t field a team due to covid. 3-0 forfeit for any team that can’t fulfil the match, no rescheduling. I mean it makes sense I suppose when you think of the backlog that could be created, something we will struggle with if we go on another European/domestic cup run... but fuck me this again highlights how pish the SPFL are, surely you could have forecast this at the start of the season! Too busy worrying about how they were going to award the tarriers their title. A lot will complain no doubt
  4. Get that 4 stone put back on the day with the amount of beer you’ll drink celebrating big man!!
  5. Take back everything I said about hating the confidence, I’m fucking flying already and we’re scudding these manky bastards... which I just told one of the fenian neighbours who was out walking his dog 🎶🇬🇧
  6. You’re spot on mate, they’ll be throwing themselves around looking for free kicks just so they can get their CH’s up the park, to flip that though, if we can defend them well enough we are deadly on the break!
  7. Fucking hate this confidence from our support, myself included & how we’re being thrown about as favourites! We should fucking batter them today but it gives me the absolute fear! Would rather everybody had us written off! already been for a shite & my stomach in knots! Fucking hate this pish!!
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