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  1. The losses were awarded in cup games.. league games have all been postponed!
  2. Fucking idiots!! If they want to play after us every week that’s fine by me, we’ll be 20 points ahead by the time they play that game with the pressure ramped right fucking up! re the SPFL.. fenian bastards!! They couldn’t rearrange a fixture to help a member club in a European final but will do it so the mhanks can go to Dubai! Rats!
  3. Oh don’t!! My cousin asked to use my B365 account tonight as his had been restricted, so let him use that! Had I used B365 I would have been paid out! Cunt
  4. Same mate, got offered 145 at 2-0 but fancied us to see it out
  5. Our own form is fucking unreal. Their form is terrible. It’s at Ibrox. They’ve got a very depleted squad.
  6. Will honestly be surprised if we don’t romp it tonight.. which is ridiculous considering we’re playing Benfica!
  7. I actually cannot wait for March!! See after that week of partying once we win the league, catching up on their meltdown will be a phenomenal hangover cure. All this after a draw in Edinburgh...
  8. Without trying to get to far ahead of ourselves... We could be 17 ahead come the 2nd of Jan. That’s unreal!
  9. Amazing! I remember landing about 10 rows in front of me when this went in!!
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