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  1. are on a bender, Leigh Griffiths is a sex offender!!
  2. Anybody done Stamford Bridge? I’m down on the weekend of the 1st Oct for work and thinking of trying to get to their game vs Southampton! What’s the script with picking up tickets? Best boozers etc
  3. Need two for this (an adult & child would do)
  4. He’s pish! Has shown absolutely nothing in any of the games he’s played in! Gerrard needs to get to fuck with changing our centre half pairings every fucking week!
  5. Lyon the last away fans we’ll see in the Europa League then 🤷‍♂️ If vaccines from other countries aren’t valid!
  6. Who’s this affecting then? Crowds over 10,000 require the double vaccine with effect 1st October.
  7. It’s not Rangers fault mate, it’s UEFA! Every team has to give them prime seating for sponsors etc. Shite it’s happened to you but with the number of season tickets we sell it was always going to happen!
  8. It happens every Euro campaign! My seat was in the SJR the year we got to the final & my ticket was moved for the CL group games!
  9. So the fans have to pick up the flak for the club being poorly run? I don’t know how you can say that us paying well above the rest of European teams isn’t us being shafted? 🤷‍♂️ Do we have the best product in the Europa League? im not saying I won’t pay it because I will, as will everybody else… and they know that!
  10. Fully understand that & can also appreciate the supply/demand etc doesn’t mean that we as a fan base get shafted compared to the majority of fanbases in Europe!
  11. £72 for the bheasts Packages from £60 for West Ham 60€ for Lyon £70/£80 for Leicester £26 per game for Brondby At £117 we’re being shafted tbh!
  12. Not sure how you can’t hear it, as I say it’s clear as day to me in the second video.
  13. In fact… it’s clear as day here…
  14. The original video got pulled down by the tarrier that posted it! you can just about make it out at the start of this video!
  15. You’ve got to ask yourself why it’s causing us problems however? By all accounts you’re correct, people have a level of personal responsibility! It’s 100% not a level playing ground however! 1 set of fans sing a song about the Irish going home - numerous politicians & MSM condemning it! An hour later another set of fans sang songs about orange bastards and those same politicians & MSM haven’t mentioned it 🤷‍♂️
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