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  1. 😂😂😂👍👍👍❤💙❤💙
  2. It's Gerrard for me 😉👍❤💙
  3. Hopefully brother, but Na, they will get their pants pulled down as quickly as a celtic Boys Club prospect 😂😂
  4. Great response to last Sunday. 2 away wins and 9 goals scored. You really can't ask for much more than that.
  5. I hope the big badge is on the floor in the away dressing room aswell? With regards to the new branding, I actually quite like it the more i see it.
  6. Fucking scandalous that we have sold both Docherty and McCrorie. Patterson will be next, probably next season. To sell to Aberdeen is a total mismanagement of resources. Heard Murphy being linked to Dundee Scum. We,shouldn't be doing business at all with these scumfucks. Iam pretty angry about these recent events.
  7. Not excusing the team. Some thing like 25 shots at goal and only 3 on target is absolutely woeful, but for some reason livingston have an excellent record at home against us and the filth. It was the same 15 to 20 years ago when they were in the premier league always tough tough games there. celtic will face the same when they visit. Apart from Sunday and in Leverkusen we have had a seamless start to the season, including the pre season games. It's by no means a disaster. Still a long long season ahead, with lots and loads of football still to be played.
  8. 1st leg Came across this afternoon on YouTube. Very good quality highlights despite the German commentary.
  9. Bit of a legend in my eyes. Came in for huge criticism and generally nastiness at the beginning of his career with us (all the Bambi nonsense). But yes, turned out a good 'un..... a very good 'un 😉😁👍
  10. I would much rather we had played brilliant for 90 minutes and lost 🙄🙄🙄 I understand some of the frustrations, but this Uber criticism does nothing for forum unity. Keep it constructive if we can. And yes, we won.
  11. I don't overly concern myself as we are in a unique position of having 2 badges. One for the shirt, and this general logo which never appears on the kit. The overlapping RFC is the main badge for me, but i would prefer we drop those 5 stars as it makes us look like Auckinleck talbot or something.
  12. Were fans consulted on this? Or just the usual nodding horses
  13. Anyone any good with Photoshop to do a version of the new badge with the addition of The to make it The Rangers Football Club????? Might look shit, but it would be interesting to see thanks in advance
  14. Yeah, The Rangers Football Club was to represent Thee Rangers Football Club, exclusive, original, not copied, and only one, which is The Rangers Football Club.
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