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  1. We are where we are, because that's where we deserve to be. Every dropped point has been justified and fair. We can't complain about bad luck, poor refereeing decisions etc. (If anything plenty decisions have went our way). We have beat ourselves.
  2. That is the scary part mate. We've been watching this since July. 4 months. And very little has changed, worse if the truth be told.
  3. Simple question??, not so simple answer. We have been way way short this season so far, nobody will argue that iam sure, we've got away with a few games by the skin of our teeth, mainly Hibs at home, stjohnstone, Dundee, St mirren away. Any ideas on how he turns this round with what is available?
  4. St Johnstone away aswell could have dropped points. It's not good enough. Hasn't been for weeks / months. Tbh we have been below par since January of this year.
  5. Is anyone really that surprised. Iam not. We've been riding our luck for weeks and weeks. We could easily have dropped points v Hibs at home, Dundee and st mirren away, and thats just games i can think of off the top of my head.
  6. https://dpretro.com/product/Rangers-1987-90-home-shirt/ 4 styles of Rangers shirts. I have all 4 and the quality is top drawer. 35 quid with free delivery from Thailand. Takes a few weeks to arrive, but well worth it
  7. Let's be really honest here...... Sir Walter will want us to go out and utterly destroy this mob tonight 😁😁👍👍 Rest in Eternal Peace Gaffer ❤🙏💙
  8. Absolutely spot on. We've conceded alot of last minute goals under Gerrard, and scored very little at the other end in the last few minutes of games. If anyone had time to do the stats it would shock you, I'm sure.
  9. Regardless of Hearts scoring in the last minute, even if they hadn't, the burning question of us scoring goals is still there. It would still need addressed even had we won. Its been an issue all season thus far.
  10. Anyway, still early (ish) doors, time to turn things around (aye ano were top) but there have been too many days like today thus far this season. There has to be improvement, big improvement, as today was simply not good enough.
  11. To be going into the last 5 minutes with only a 1-0 lead was fucking criminal. Got what they deserved. Thry Never fucking learn. We have shipped an astonishing amount of last minute goals since Gerrard has been in charge, and scored very few late on.
  12. We've all been saying this for nigh on 4 years, except our coaching staff and players don't fucking get it. Tippy Tappy pish. We're not Barcelona of the 2010s.
  13. The General standard of the SPL is at an all time low. Us and them are now pretty bang average, along with the rest. I can see Dundee Utd, Hibs and Hearts being in this league adtwr the New year
  14. All I can say is THANK FUCK everything went our way last season (In the league).
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