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  1. Only thing a remember about Wallace was when he kicked jim leightons teeth out at hampden in the cup final when we pumped aberdeen. Must have only been 8 or 9.
  2. Aye fair play mate. Theres cunts drinking them out here on the rig, maybe give one a try tonight.
  3. I remember I was just getting into Rangers and football at the time of this, must have been about 7. Remember watching it in a mixed pub with my dad and then I had t shirt with remember remember the 5 in November on it
  4. Been wanting to learn spanish for a while. Are you doing online classes or using an app?
  5. Possibly mate, I have this other top which I know the one on the left is definitely durrant and I guess there is some similarities, cheers
  6. Can anyone help identify this autograph? It's on a 2008/09 season shirt.
  7. Couldn't happen to a worse club, cheerio
  8. I'm fucking sick of this coronavirus. Decisions are not being made quick enough.
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