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  1. Fucking beasts the lot of them, hope we get pumped the morraw.
  2. Personally I won't be as I've not been interested in scotland for many many years now so i won't be supporting them just because we are In a major tournament. Just wondering what other Rangers fans are thinking about it?
  3. missed you in the design section wee guy

  4. Just joking, I gave you 5 stars but this concert is great. :D

  5. Alright mate

    Thanks but I have you one star in return ***** - **** = *

  6. lewis fuckin boooooooooo

  7. awrite mate hope ye find that cut useful :) WATP

  8. 53 it's so easy

  9. Championeeees!!!

    1. FatBoughy


      Its jonesy lost the details for the other account

    2. lewisrfc93


      Hows it going chief

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