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  1. Kent should have been whipped off. Fucking hopeless at times.
  2. This is superb 👏 can see 50000 belting this out at ibrox in the future.
  3. How lee sniffis doesnt get sent off is blatant cheating. Nick Walsh is 5 yards away looking right at it.
  4. Im all for the union bears but maybe if all the supporters coming out with this bullshit sang it wouldn't be a library... you dont need to be in bf1 to sing or start a chant.
  5. Maybe because hes talking about the supporters. Gerrard is not a Rangers supporter, he is the manager.
  6. I agree but maybe one of the 3 home friendlies could have been away.
  7. Happy theres none of our boys in there. Hope they get fucked every game.
  8. Still had no correspondence from premium credit and no payment taken today, looks like another call to the muppets later.
  9. They are passing me back to Rangers and Rangers are trying to pass me back to them again. The whole thing is turning out a shambles mate.
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