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  1. Very hard to call. But im going for zidane, he had it all where as ronaldinhio was all tricks and flicks.
  2. That is a work in progress mate! See my earlier post for the tally so far! No problem thanks for the info mate
  3. For tomorrow South Korea 2 Greece 1 (Samararse) Argentina 3 Nigeria (Messi) England 1 USA 1 (Edu )
  4. lewisrfc93


    i like the text
  5. Women who think its normal to wear pajamas out to the shops in the morning
  6. Here mate see what happened wis is that a just won the lottery right and as a wis swaggerin doon tae camelot to collect ma winnings a fuckin seagull swooped doon and took ma ticket so wit a need fae you is 15 quid for a crossbow to shoot this seagull doon a swear wance a find the seagull n get ma ticket back al gee ye double yer money pal. and if ye dont believe that it's ma wains birthday as well. :lol:
  7. And on public transport. Ignorant fucking scumbags. Aye thats worse mate, on the bus or the train
  8. People who listen to music out loud on their phones while walking on the street.
  9. South Africa 2 Mexico 1 (pienaar) Uraguay 0 France 1 (henry)
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