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  1. Big celtic boy, remember seeing him as a 7 year old kid watching a game with his dad, even then his skills with a ball were incredible. Would still take him in a minute.
  2. Awesome, didnt know they did streaming! Cheers for this Watch live games on 365 all the time, good picture/sound etc, you have to sign up but watching the game is free, when you click on the game it will show you a screen approx 3"x3" just look for the live streaming link and you will get a full screen
  3. good luck , I also had £10 on Blackburn, Notts Forest, Darlington and Hibs Return £153. Not a bad day at the office
  4. Had £20 on more than 11 corners doubled up with barca - 2 goals nice £95 back
  5. Heres to hoping mate Was told about three months ago that Rangers are in DIRE financial straits and at least one of the first team regulars would be sold. I know its hardly groundbreaking news but we better get ready for a very rough time ahead. By the way fuck the lot of them WATP
  6. He re-wrote history Now saying concerned the song would for ever be associated with one side of the old firm and therefore lost to children for ever. Also saying he was concerned about changing the words, however, his issue was with the original waords mocking the latin mass and nothing to do with hijacked words. Here was me thinking that the mhanks had already sung it, does that not mean he should be warning ra shellik fans. ie the holly ghoulie
  7. As long as they all know the words to the HK then who gives a fcuk lol :unionflag:
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