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  1. Three things the Board need to do. Ditch the " dignified silence " pose - hasn't worked in the past and still isn't working. Hire top media consultants to allow Rangers to manage the media narrative in a more constructive and positive fashion. Dig deep and seek excellent legal representation for our employees at each and every hearing. If the Board doesnt adopt a more positive stance then we will continue to be treated with the contempt we currently are.
  2. Not surprising really - Citeh are just a Southampton with a lottery win.
  3. Beat the sheep so long as we don't get dragged down to their level again, then be fired up and be all over they in the SF.
  4. "...competing in Europe..." When was that then? He never managed to do that at either they or Liverpool - bullshit merchant that he is.
  5. Wonder if the smug faced hypocrite will manage to find a poppy again come November time if he does get the Leicester gig?
  6. Is football really a wise career choice for someone who appears quite sensitive when being called names? Just a thought Steve.
  7. Very honest reaction from the manager - he's a class act and clearly " gets" Rangers. Presided over a dominant Rangers OF performance and I couldn't be more pleased for him.
  8. So, so proud today - great desire and effort.
  9. A comfortable 2-0, maybe even with us ending the game with 11 on the field. Now there's optimism !!
  10. Is that tiresome no-mark still playing? I rather hoped he retired and we'd heard the last about him. He's an utter balloon.
  11. Our signing young Alf is getting to look like a very impressive piece of business.
  12. In these febrile and uncertain times it's understandable to seek the comfort and reassurance of familiarity. Thank you Brendan for steadfastly remaining a source of consistency with your abject performances in Europe.
  13. The Barcodes have had some stiffs in charge of them in recent years - Pardew, McClaren, Kinnear spring to mind - but to swap Rafa for Brenda Bullshit, well you kind of feel their pain really.
  14. Business as normal in Europe for that bullshit merchant Rodgers. His must've been a " Leave" vote.
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