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  1. That's a pretty accurate summary of things by Boyd tbf.
  2. Oh Lord, not him again. I rather hoped this tiresome halfwit had retired.
  3. Did we really think this media deflection by the usual suspects would be any different? It's Morelos FFS, in their eyes it's got to be his fault whatever is shouted at him. It's quite sickeningly unbelievable that sectarian and racist behaviours are ignored or condoned simply because they are directed at Alfie.
  4. Lessons in social grace and behaviours from John Hartson ? It's a novel and interesting concept but Eyal Berkovic is reportedly unimpressed.
  5. For me VAR isn't the answer to how we as a club and Buff as an individual are currently being officiated but it is the lesser of two evils. The press statement is perhaps using VAR as a vehicle to highlight the appalling inconsistency shown by referees for games involving Rangers. Either way, the statement is a beaut.
  6. Buffs first yellow was ridiculous, especially so considering some of the stuff Clancy had let go previously - for sure any other player from either side wouldn't have been carded for that.
  7. It's difficult not to believe he's refereed differently to other players, and even harder not to believe that some referees are simply looking for any excuse to penalize him.
  8. " Chris Sutton put in his place " Can think of several places I'd like to put Sutton.
  9. He brings something to us something that no-one else in our squad has. When he doesn't play or if he has an off day, the difference to our team is immense.
  10. Fair play to him, don't always agree with his assessment of things but today he told it just as it was.
  11. So pleased for Borna, reward for so much hard work to turn his Rangers career around. Brilliant today.
  12. So much about him to like. Awesome today .
  13. He is the very real deal. We should enjoy him whilst he's here.
  14. Not surprising really - Citeh are just a Southampton with a lottery win.
  15. "...competing in Europe..." When was that then? He never managed to do that at either they or Liverpool - bullshit merchant that he is.
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