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  1. Arrowtown Pie

    Favourite Football Commentator?

    Tough call but reckon Peter Jones and Jimmy Armfield. Alan Green too, if only for his refusal to toe the BBC line and call games ' woeful' if he thought they were.
  2. Arrowtown Pie


    Bates is a young lad who has done well this season. He isn't brilliant but he's just about the best we have there. Which maybe tells you more about the other options than it does about the boy himself. Shame he's going as he would have been very useful to have in the squad.
  3. Arrowtown Pie

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Excited and nervous in equal measures.The best British player of his generation managing Rangers. If he has half the impact as a manager that he had as a player then he'll do fine.
  4. Arrowtown Pie

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    A brave appointment and a bold statement that will create waves not ripples. He'll need an experienced backroom team but his status in the game will ensure respect from players. A gamble by the board no doubt but this could be something special.
  5. Arrowtown Pie

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Can't see Steve Gerrard happy at working with Warnock, much less so as as his assistant. Would be very happy at either of Warnock or Gerrard in charge tbh, less so if it's Alex Neil.
  6. Arrowtown Pie

    Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Wallace and Miller's suspension gets us further away from what everyone knows as the real issue - namely the lack of respected permanent manager. Until the manager issue is addressed we could suspend a player a week, way to bury bad news.
  7. Arrowtown Pie

    *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    We moan about overpaid prima-donnas in the EPL but the likes of Broad, Anderson,Root, Stokes etc al are just the same - so far up themselves they'll never need an enema.
  8. Arrowtown Pie

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Sat having a beer in a bar in Perth WA, 30 degrees heat and some fat pink blob wanders in wearing one of their replica shirts. It's bloody eight hours until kickoff the dim twat. Spoilt my day already
  9. Arrowtown Pie

    Brenda Rodgers to replace Wenger?

    The bullshitting no-mark got found out in EPL when he didn't have Suarez and Sturridge to save his sorry ass.
  10. They should show him in bad light - or at the least in subdued lighting. Or preferably no lighting. There might be children watching after all.
  11. Arrowtown Pie

    The sheep are a disgraceful joke

    What makes it worse is that they too had the chance to close the gap to both them and us and bottled out from it. If they can't put up a show for that then they deserve all the flak they get.
  12. Arrowtown Pie

    UPDATE: the remotest chance of winning the league this season.

    Always believe, always. As a player, that's the reason you play. You never give up - end of.
  13. Arrowtown Pie

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Brenda is full of bullshit. His pressure comes from having to invent yet more delusional post-match drivel to feed to gullible reporters.
  14. Arrowtown Pie

    Has rogers done a deal with desmond?

    Never confuse incompetence with strategy mate.
  15. Arrowtown Pie

    The changing nature of football

    Well, not third in the list anyhow.