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  1. Arrowtown Pie

    ***Official Rangers v Aberdeen Thread***

    A comfortable 2-0, maybe even with us ending the game with 11 on the field. Now there's optimism !!
  2. " we know what you are" Sung at every SPL game so no one is left in any doubt.
  3. Arrowtown Pie

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    Is that tiresome no-mark still playing? I rather hoped he retired and we'd heard the last about him. He's an utter balloon.
  4. Arrowtown Pie


    Our signing young Alf is getting to look like a very impressive piece of business.
  5. Arrowtown Pie

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    In these febrile and uncertain times it's understandable to seek the comfort and reassurance of familiarity. Thank you Brendan for steadfastly remaining a source of consistency with your abject performances in Europe.
  6. Arrowtown Pie

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    The Barcodes have had some stiffs in charge of them in recent years - Pardew, McClaren, Kinnear spring to mind - but to swap Rafa for Brenda Bullshit, well you kind of feel their pain really.
  7. Take each day as it comes FB and never stop believing - No Surrender.
  8. Arrowtown Pie

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Business as normal in Europe for that bullshit merchant Rodgers. His must've been a " Leave" vote.
  9. Arrowtown Pie

    Ryan Kent

    He has improved significantly since the start of the season, it will be interesting to see if he continues to progress - if he does he will be a very decent player indeed. Coming up 22 he's at an age where he will need to think about where his career will be - it will be very difficult to force his way into the squad at Liverpool, so if he enjoys life at Rangers and SG believes he fits his plans then I could see him making the move permanent.
  10. Arrowtown Pie

    Stevie-G on life at Rangers.

    It's still early days for SG but it very much looks like the promise of what we hoped he could bring to the job of managing Rangers - desire, commitment, direction, professionalism and passion - are indeed in evidence. So very different from the last few years and such a welcome blast of fresh air.
  11. Arrowtown Pie

    RIP Kevin Beattie

    Beattie was a proper player, tough as teak. Sad to hear he's passed away.
  12. Arrowtown Pie

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    I don't care about formations, who plays where, how many we score etc - I just want the win that wipes the smirk from that smug twat Rodgers face.
  13. Arrowtown Pie

    *** The Official FC UFA vs Rangers FC Match Thread ***

    Awful lot of spirit and heart in the team this year - great effort and desire especially in the second digs.
  14. Arrowtown Pie

    Favourite Football Commentator?

    Tough call but reckon Peter Jones and Jimmy Armfield. Alan Green too, if only for his refusal to toe the BBC line and call games ' woeful' if he thought they were.
  15. Arrowtown Pie


    Bates is a young lad who has done well this season. He isn't brilliant but he's just about the best we have there. Which maybe tells you more about the other options than it does about the boy himself. Shame he's going as he would have been very useful to have in the squad.