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  1. Had a quick look at a Bournemouth fans forum about the 2 new arrivals, got as far as this; "Disclaimer I do prefer Rangers to the pope and child sniffers FC."
  2. FFS, I'm getting homesick seeing that
  3. This is a refreshing and interesting read .. "Someone at celtic was complaining at no getting a big enough dressing room. You ought to see where we're changing - we're stripping on concourses, under stands!" https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/55756532
  4. Can only be put down to not being able to handle PROPER competition. Just look at their European record, very similar in that they usually come off second-best.
  5. From that same John Gow story in 2012; "It’s a remarkable sports story that has resulted in media from Brazil to Japan asking how this can happen. The fans not only stayed, but pushed the club forward in numbers that were bigger than seasons before? How can a football club that was days from ending and who now play in the fourth-tier of Scottish football get 37,000 season ticket holders, the highest average league attendance in Scotland, the fourth-highest in the UK and the 12th highest in Europe?"
  6. TLB says; "The board have been magnificent; they've presided over nine titles in a row and a quadruple treble. I think people need to take a step back and put some perspective on it." Nail on the head there. PERSPECTIVE - remembering that for most of those 9 there was no competition, plus not forgetting the one that was just handed to them via Zoom.. Fkn crackhead
  7. Me too, must admit I never thought of the born in '55 bit ..
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p094d7vf
  9. Scrolled further down? Almost soft porn!
  10. So, when is R&R not a jolly??
  11. https://planetradio.co.uk/clyde/player/
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