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  1. Haven’t watched any Scotland team in recent years .. but it seems the SMSM learned nothing from the Argentina 1978 fiasco as they seem to have us up there with the best of them - again
  2. Even the term 'sellick way' was pinched - from Liverpool, where they pinched the song from too
  3. Any other manager would surely know he's only second choice ..
  4. A list manager??? FFS Next caller please
  5. Giving it to Clarke - just before he is heralded as there new scum manager has a certain ring to it
  6. 57, 57 and 59 please - if still available? (Could you PM me PayPal details please??)
  7. This ones even better ... "It emerged 2 years ago that there was a clause in the 5 Way Agreement that they were exempt from the rules which govern all the other clubs "
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