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  1. Scum won’t want it played without the unwashed there
  2. This was about the same time as the scum's 2 year internal inquiry was trotted out !!
  3. I do, but they kept quiet and just got on with the job This numpty beating his gums before a ball kicked, in my opinion he is someone who has started to believe all the hype
  4. And even today they're still going on about him, talk about the return of the Messiah!! What is he? A reject that couldn't hold down a regular place in a team fighting relegation in the EPL (answer - a fkn mongo!!)
  5. Donated

    Good luck and thanks for what you're doing

  6. I see Useless Yousef is trying it on .. https://www.thenational.scot/sport/18696381.doubt-cast-Rangers-europa-league-trip-quarantine-fears/ "the announcement by Yousaf casts doubt over whether or not Steven Gerrard’s men would have to self-isolate upon their return to Scotland" Hopefully just bollocks, a non story
  7. Think themselves 'big' to make these stupid fkn remarks - but never 'big' enough to stand by them
  8. Seeing him on one wing and wee Willie Henderson on the other weave their magic will live in my memory forever
  9. Ralph Brand .. Some of those names bring back memories!
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