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  1. I get the feeling we could play all night and not score
  2. Bastards thought (hoped) they'd finally got rid of us for good. This obviously wasn't in their calculations away back in 2012
  3. Like they won their last 2 (3) games ??
  4. Like they won their last 2 (3) games ??
  5. Like they won their last 2 (3) games ??
  6. Livi remind me of the Wimbledon team of the Crazy Gang era - minus their obvious talent of course
  7. And great to see it AGAIN on ITV's national 6.00 news tonight
  8. They are not so much in denial, more complete delusional, as a quick look at their forum will confirm... "Something that we and every other club in the country should be all over in truth. I'm not just saying this because they're having a purple patch, but they're cheating. There is no way they are within FFP limits and it needs calling out. When the old club did it we all stood by lamely and let them get away with it and it cost us a few titles and a lot of European money. Our board are being negligent again if they let this continue without asking questions. I honestly believe
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