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  1. "Three Leicester players, including England midfielder James Maddison, were dropped for the 3-2 defeat at West Ham for breaching Covid-19 protocols." Yet it's almost a witch hunt up here
  2. Has already been said I think, but this is how you deal with Div 1 clubs ..
  3. At first it seemed as if he was 'working his ticket' out of the Scotland job - into the scum job Now I'm not so sure - as he is just a crap manager full stop
  4. Formby is a small place, it's common to walk past local football players and managers in its one main street. Plus I'm well past the age of dragging my phone out of my pocket to record everything
  5. Just bumped into the man himself outside coffee shop in Formby, he'd just signed someones Liverpool shirt. Managed a 'Thank You for 55' .. and a brief chat about the various videos, but too stupid to get a photo with him - but he did give me a fist bump as i left - a great man (and obviously I was wearing the colours!)
  6. Maybe so, but I don't intend losing sleep trying to find out how to spell his name Should just cal him 'that French clown'
  7. All this talk of a penalty when Eddy went down in the box with the score still at 1-0 Just shows he obviously didn't think he had a chance of scoring so took the easy option with his theatrics
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