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  1. Ross The Boss


    miss me?
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  4. Ross The Boss

    Kranjcar - New Deal?

    So’s his form -aye, offski for Niko
  5. Ross The Boss

    Murty's league record is it good enough

    I agree but You could also argue Warburton had the benefit of being with his squad for a longer period of time...and Murty was slung in at the deepend, not of his own doing but the boards, I think he’s done a sterling job overall considering nil experience - Aye some fuck ups along the way but also some great surprises...I’ve said previously that i’m Unsure if McInnes would have gotten out of the players what Murty has and I stick by that...that said, they all fucked up on Sunday so they all deserve some serious flack. The progress has been in the players we’ve brought in and in the style of football were playing as we build for the future, we’re scoring shitloads of goals as well but we all know the defence is dodgy, fix that and the stats/points on the table will follow follow
  6. Fuckin Livid a wis couldny believe it mate!! ...ma auld man would be boking in his grave if we hadn't cremated him ... weeks wages if it happens again.
  7. Ross The Boss

    The ultimate false dawn?

    Could get in the woman’s team....but it’d be touch n go
  8. Ross The Boss

    Beasts abusing Russell Martin

    More importantly, what were they Gadgy Fenian bastards stealing?
  9. Ross The Boss

    We need a manager

    Almost totally agree mate but...experience comes from experience, making errors of judgement and or tactics and paying heavily for them is how that experience is gained (albeit against them cunts), would've been the same for Walter or Fergie in their day, but they learned from it, made them wiser...also, player error and missed opportunities cost us the game...it was a combo...the game was there for the taking, even before the red card...we started well and played well in stints, not as fluid as we have been against lesser sides cos brendas tactics stopped us from doing it and Murty didn't counter act it...but at least we've improved a bit from the 5-1 shite days, that's a positive. I do think Murty needs to lose his allegiance to certain individuals and start picking players on merit and their current form and not just because he wants to show them he has faith in them, doesn't work like that...give people a couple of chances maybe but there comes a point... That said... Murty has plenty going for him, even tho he's still learning; both the players and supporters in general, appeared more positive and confident with our progress, (though some Bears' do expect miracles sooner than others) - we're developing a nice style of play - we've had a good little run - we've had several big names out injured yet we're sitting 2nd with a wee bit of a buffer - we're starting to worry teams again - we're scoring plenty goals (still need 2 CB's tho) - & still have a Semi final to look forward to and to top that, our new players are going great guns!...Great job Graeme and the rest of the staff , thank you! Fuck...If I was offered that when Pedro was in charge I'd have grabbed it by the baws...not so sure the experienced McInnes could have achieved such a turnaround in such a short space of time tbh...! ...As far as the game's concerned, I've racked it and stacked it!......wasting no more time or energy grinding ma fkn teeth and moping about it...it's done and dealt wi... them cunts never beat us...we did! I'm just looking forward to fucking them over in the Cup now and watching our improvement for the rest of the season, still plenty of exciting times ahead...MON THE GERS!! WATP! .
  10. Ross The Boss

    ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Spot on...! Ibrox ...in front of 50,000 Staunch
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    ...whit? Darts?
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    ,...Actually believe you
  15. Ross The Boss


    ...Aye...darts...me as well...fkn rugbys a poof game eh!