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  1. You’ve hit the nail on the head in the way we pass in triangles. Look at the top teams in football and they use passing in triangles to move the ball quickly forwards and pull players out of position. We on the other hand slow the game down and allow defences to regroup and position with slow backwards and sideways passes.
  2. Pace, tempo and intensity with and without the ball. We need to start pressing teams. There’s no one in this league that could keep the ball with us in their faces without making forced mistakes, got to start pressing as high up as possible to get the ball back in dangerous positions. In possession we need to be faster moving the ball. We need runners from midfield dragging defenders out of position. Too often we take too many touches, or are slow to pass the ball in any meaningful way letting teams get back in shape and hold the defensive line. We constantly rely on the easiest available pass which is usually about 5 yards sideways or back. This continues until the only option is to play it wide to put in a cross against a packed defence with only a few men in blue to aim for. Yes our recruitment in the summer was poor, but play the right way there’s easily enough quality in this side to still be beating the dross in this league. Unfortunately we make it too easy for them.
  3. For all the talk of not being a leader, fair play he stood up there.
  4. Thought the same. Total lack of leadership and team cohesion leaving him there on his own especially considering his history.
  5. Very poor, but can’t help but think this defence is there for the taking. Need to get out and attack with intensity and they’ll fall apart with an early goal.
  6. Fuck off. Just fuck off of all days for this to happen. These imposters should be ashamed.
  7. Just got in and turned it on. Brilliant display from the fans, classy and dignified just like the man.
  8. Fuck sake, really hoped he was on the mend after the scare earlier this year. He was manager when I started supporting us, and gave me some of my greatest memories supporting our great club. Devastated. Rip Sir Walter.
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