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  1. Can’t believe So many of he pundits think that’s a pen. Don’t think he even actually follows through on the slow mo looks like Bailly is there first and Phillips catches him.
  2. I’m sure in England it’s 10 but could be wrong, no idea if it’s the same in Scotland. Actually pretty sure McLaughlin has played in more than people think. Sure someone posted on here recently he had a run of 10+ games at the start of the season.
  3. Very good goal keeping to be fair. Quickly up and punching it away.
  4. Hesgoal seems to be working a lot better for me second half.
  5. How many times has Brown and the rest of his scummy players goaded our fans, players and club over the last few years? And now the ‘hard man’ is crying because he got a bit back? Fuck him and his club, and give whoever did it a pay rise!
  6. Yep, Mercedes totally out smarted red bull. Although Bottas could have cost them by not letting Lewis through and forcing him to make a ‘proper’ over take.
  7. Don’t know how he got away with refusing to have his blood taken pre fight, add that to the way he went up through the weights I think it’s pretty clear. Don’t even get me started on Canelo’s ‘Mexican beef’.
  8. 100 poles for Lewis, first driver to do so and something only 5 constructors have managed. Great lap aswell even managing it when he had to slow down slightly with gravel on the track from Perez spin. Max second so hopefully a good battle between the two again tomorrow.
  9. It’s easy to forget what a good job he did at the start of the season, and I would certainly feel more than comfortable any games he’s playing. However I think in the big games, and big moments the saves Mcgregor has made probably wouldn’t have been made by McLaughlin or indeed any other keeper in Scotland. That’s why for me Shagger is poty simply because he’s won us points on his own in way I don’t think anyone else could. Take nothing away from McLaughlin though, and we’re very lucky in a position so important we’ve got two keepers we can trust 100%.
  10. Shagger for me. His ability and mentality are going to be irreplaceable when he goes imo, hope he stays on in some sort of coaching capacity and can pass on what it means to play for Rangers to future players.
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