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  1. Even a couple of years ago before Halo I think he would have been killed from the collision and going through the barrier, never mind the fire. Very lucky and as you say just shows how much safety has improved over the years.
  2. Agreed. I think he’ll be gone by this time tomorrow but every week extra he last now is a bonus. Just hope they fuck up the next appointment, far too early to be thinking the league is won.
  3. Anyone see this? Absolutely incredible that the car can be ripped in half, burst into flames and Grosjean can survive, let alone free himself from the car and walk away. Great job from the medical and rescue teams getting there so quick aswell. https://www.formula1.com/en/video/2020/11/2020_Bahrain_Grand_Prix__Grosjean_escapes_huge_crash_and_fire_at_race_start.html
  4. I had Dubois 2 ahead but some of the rounds were so close I didn’t have a clue how the judges were going to see it. I’m surprised it wasn’t stopped by his corner or the ref before he quit to be honest. I still think Dubois will go on to have a more successful career, Joyce is never going to be world level but Dubois is young enough to learn from last night and will improve from it.
  5. This is really close. Got Dubois a couple ahead now but that eye is fucked.
  6. Dubois showing signs of how dangerous he can be in that round, much closer fight than I expected though.
  7. Much better 2nd from Dubois. Joyce is so slow and clumsy looking.
  8. Looking forward to Dubois v Joyce tonight. Only seen Joyce a couple of times but when I have I’ve thought he was very overhyped, slow and easy to hit. With Dubois power I think he’ll KO him inside 6.
  9. Need to rest as many as possible. Shame Patterson is out so Tav can’t have a rest but at least a few like Goldson and Kent can rest before the Christmas period.
  10. Frustrating, but they’re a top side and I think before both games we would have all taken a draw. Must make sure we don’t dwell on this, move on and get back to winning ways.
  11. As much as I’ve had a good laugh to myself when I saw the score, I’m actually a bit disappointed because there’s no way Lennon stays after this...
  12. Looks like it, hopefully it comes back to bite them on the arse and COVID rips through their squad now. And what about Ajer and the other Norwegian who were only allowed to travel home if they isolated for 10 days? celtic just blatantly ignored the rules and nothings been said...
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