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  1. Imagine they ended up throwing sharks before the league has even started 😂
  2. The money involved in getting to the cl group stages means the league is the absolute priority. Cups are a bonus, but certainly a decent showing is expected. The game against the taigs in august will be vital. Beat them early on and they’ll totally implode again, turn on the manager, board, players etc. Genuinely believe that with the shambles they’re in, an early result will eclipse anything we saw last season.
  3. I’m not saying any of those teams are not the worlds top teams, clearly they are. However if your discounting England from being one of the top teams right now, based on easy runs and past wins then you have to take into account Frances absolute failure in the Euros, or the teams playing in the copa America. No one is saying England are the best, but on current form with the current squad they have to be up there.
  4. Are you seriously going to talk about easy runs and then put France who drew with Hungary and lost to Switzerland as one of the top teams? At least England won their ‘easy’ games! Italy couldn’t beat England over 120 mins. Brazil haven’t won a World Cup for nearly 20 years, last time they a copa america was against an ‘easy’ Peru before that your going back to 2007. Argentina have just won a copa America after a run against giants like Ecuador and Colombia. Apart from that they’ve won nothing since 93. The exact same logic and criticism can be applied to those teams (apart from Italy) just as
  5. Isn’t it funny that when England are confident about beating said teams they’re arrogant, then when they beat them they’re ‘easy’ games. I also remember rival fans telling us Germany, Italy, Croatia and the Danes would all beat us comfortably and yet none did apart from the winners Italy who couldn’t win in 120 mins and had to do it via pens. Look back through tournaments of times gone by and plenty of teams have had so called easy runs to the final and it’s never been mentioned until it’s England and the haters need some straws to clutch. Out of interest who are the top international sid
  6. So your judging the current crop of England players on the failure of teams before them, makes perfect sense. You do not get to the semi final and and final of successive tournaments without being a top side.
  7. What has the last time they won anything got to do with how the current team perform? If St Johnstone did it in the league, the country’s top competition the same as the Euros are to UEFA or the World Cup is to FIFA then absolutely they would be considered one of the top teams at that moment in time.
  8. Come on, you don’t get to a semi final and final of successive tournaments without being a top team no matter how much Scotland fans wish it wasn’t true. Italy were the team of the tournament and couldn’t beat England in 120 mins. The Germans were runners up in the so called group of death and England made it look easy. If England are not one of the top European teams right now I’m not sure who is. Spain who went out on pens to Italy the same as England? Belgium who were beaten by them? France who drew with Hungary and were knocked out by the Swiss? The Dutch who went out to a Czech team
  9. He was already off balance skipping over the first challenge, then there was 100% contact with the second. As you said he probably could have stayed on his feet, but I wouldn’t expect any player in extra time of a semi final to do so. In fact I’d be fuming if he did.
  10. Can’t quite believe it, first time in my life seeing England in a final. Italy will be favourites, but over 90 mins who knows? Roll on Sunday! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  11. Fucking hell not sure I can take another 30 mins of this. Hopefully with the Danes tiring Southgate makes the changes and brings on fresh legs to get at them.
  12. Great game tonight. Over the course of the tournament you’d have to say Italy deserve to be in the final. No way should Morata have been allowed to take a pen for Spain though. After the abuse he and his family have received the pressure of a pen and knowing what’s bound to happen again by missing meant there was no way mentally he was going to be able to take it.
  13. Didn’t realise that, good to see Sancho get his chance anyway!
  14. Like the formation. Would have Grealish instead of Mount personally and think dropping Saka is harsh, although he good to see Sancho get a game.
  15. Where have they been played down by the English media? Pretty much every journalist, pundit and fan I’ve heard speak have said Italy have been the best team so far and most are in agreement they’re favourites to win it.
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