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  1. We’ve only got two players in the squad that have the quality to make the difference when we’re otherwise struggling, Kent and Hagi. Taking Hagi off today after his assist was fucking ridiculous.
  2. I’ve been saying this for years, I can’t believe we don’t have a sports psychologist working with this team. Every time there’s a bit of pressure or something at stake they bottle it, it’s mentality not ability that’s the problem.
  3. Fucking bottlers. Every single time there’s a bit of pressure, every time there’s a game that really counts they fuck it up. Never winning a title.
  4. Agree with Mccoist, always said Hagis football brain is top class and the thinking to quickly play that ball back to Arfield is a prime example.
  5. Perfect time to score. Massive second half coming up need to be in their faces from the first whistle.
  6. Shouldn’t of bothered rushing home for this shite. The fact that as soon as something goes against us our heads go down is why we’ll win fuck all. It’s easy when your playing well, these are the games that make champions and winners.
  7. Just got in and turned it on. From the comments here sounds like we’ve been shite?
  8. The thought of Davis and Kamara as our regular midfield gives me the fear. Need at least one more midfielder in ASAP, in a perfect world 2.
  9. Brilliant again today from Kent, always thought he was worth the money and the more he plays the more of a bargain he seems. Also thought Hagi deserves a mention today, some of his passes for the assists and to create chances were exactly what we need, the boys vision and football brain is up there with the best of them imo.
  10. Big difference between today and Jack against the sheep for me was the intent. Jacks leg simply kept going with the momentum, no intention at all and caught him low although his studs were up. That cunt today went in to injure Alfie, and succeeded. You could argue Jacks red was wreckless and justified but today’s was intentional and violent, and not even a free kick. Clancy is a cheating bastard and if we keep letting him get away with it next time one of ours will end up with a leg break.
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