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  1. Without doubt the worst decision I have ever seen in my life, and am every likely to see. I remember showing that to mates down here who have no interest in Scottish football and they were speechless when I told them Tav got a yellow for that.
  2. Just laugh, enjoy it, and never let them forget it!
  3. They were singing songs about it every weekend for 9 years, got tattoos, booked holidays to celebrate and had merchandise ready made. Everyone knows it’s all that mattered to them no matter what they try to pretend. Sit back and enjoy the pain!
  4. I’ve said for ages I just want it won ASAP, but now it’s nearly here I want to win it at their place. I want us to give them everything they’ve given us over the last 9 seasons back and more. I want them to suffer the ultimate pain and humiliation, I want these bastards suffering while our players celebrate winning the title there before Alfie plants a Union Jack in the centre circle like Souness at Fenerbache!
  5. Gerrard confirming we’ll appeal the yellow. Says it was bang out of order that 3 officials all make the same mistake.
  6. Fair play to him, but they got away with one in the second half aswell for the pull on Itten. Another fucking disgraceful performance from Beaton.
  7. Worst you’ll ever see aswell. Even by Scottish refereeing standards that was unbelievable.
  8. That really is a fucking joke. Stonewall pen that he books Alfie for then when Gerrard tell him the truth he can’t handle it and sends him off. No doubt another charge from the corrupt sfa coming our way aswell. How anyone can say we don’t get treated differently to others just watch that tonight and compare it to the likes of Ajetis dive and Lennons outbursts.
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