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  1. One of those players i look at and think "how?!"
  2. Crazy money. Was Maguire not about 80 mill? Remember thinking at the time it was ridiculous.
  3. Definitely the calibre they should be looking at.
  4. They could do a lot worse than getting Antonio Conte in there.
  5. Pogba has flashes of utter brilliance at times, but they are too few and far between now. And he just strikes me as quite a toxic character to have around.
  6. That'll be because none of the fuckers work 😂
  7. I also think that Tavernier is the same in terms of setting the tone for the team (albeit in a less dynamic way). Both of these players being off form shines a massive light on our deficiencies and the motivation of the squad.
  8. Yep, he isn't the answer. Didn't do anywhere near enough when he played.
  9. It has the feeling on a transitional season so far. Arfield, Davis, McGregor, Defoe all getting less game time. As you say, the replacements aren't working. There is a spark and real quality missing that these guys in their prime had in abundance. Individually Kamara, Lundstram and Aribo are good players, but we definitely miss the thrust that Arfield and Davis at their pomp gave us.
  10. I listen every so often depending who is commentating but they are chronic and they won't change unless there is a mass clear out there.
  11. It doesn't seem to matter how poor they are, they always seem to dedicate a fair chunk of their show to that scum.
  12. Just seen the sending off. Gets worse every time you see it. Ricky Foster is a pandering bastard.
  13. They are effectively enabling and encouraging this behaviour by not banning them. Disgraceful from them. Scum.
  14. They do realise that can be construed as a white power comment?! Bizarre that they should say that. Pretty disgusting.
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