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  1. Competitive draw for us there. Avoided the really big teams. They will be a decent team. Away leg first, which probably suits us.
  2. For some strange reason we have a section of fans who never give the team any credit. We are a decent European team. Still learning at this level too, which is all the more impressive.
  3. Yass! Brilliant! That's just made the job so much easier. They need at least 3 goals now. We can pick them off at will.
  4. Couldn't have put it any better. Good luck to him. I think his influence will be missed.
  5. Should be a good game. Antwerp have to score twice which should play into our hands in terms of being able to exploit gaps at the back. I would love us to come out of the traps early, score and leave them requiring three goals at least. Should put the game to bed then. Just shows how important that fourth goal was last week.
  6. Me too. That and the 6 in a row one are the two i watched most. I still have my big blue and white 6 in a row cardboard bit that I held at Ibrox. A team that fought tooth and nail for each other.
  7. I don't think their fans have realised that they have a massive rebuilding job on their hands and will have to qualify for the champions league the harder way to access the amount of funding to do it to the levels they need. They will have to sell their saleable assets this summer at lower prices than they would like with some of them entering the last year of their contract they will find that tough. They have also overloaded on expensive short term loan players. They have also announced large 6 month shortfalls in income and dwindling cash reserves (no longer cash rich), massive wage bi
  8. That's the one that always sticks in my mind. Brilliant.
  9. It's indicative of the hold they have had over Scottish football for the last decade. They know no different and know no irony. They were quite happy to accept the compliance officer(s) being former celtic season ticket holders, and leadership of the SPFL/ SFA so can't handle a whiff of the person not following them. I just hope that there is a more even handed approach now.
  10. I think Shaktar can catch us points wise, so I think as long as we get further than they do we will have won that place for our league winners.
  11. What a game. What a game. We dug deep there. No more than we deserved. We were terrific.
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