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  1. Good preview. Better flow to things. Liked the predicted line up but but couldn't make out the player names. Slight quibble, and maybe need my eyes tested, but knew the numbers so no biggie. I don't really know much about Campbell to be honest. You obviously rate him. Is he good enough to come here and push for a starting place or would be be another young player who would be wasted on the bench?
  2. https://www.sportekz.com/football/uefa-europa-league-prize-money/amp/ UEFA EUROPA LEAGUE 2020-21 PRIZE MONEY STANDINGS PRIZE MONEY TEAMS Preliminary round €220,000 8 (losing teams) 1st Qualifying Round €240,000 47 (losing teams) 2nd Qualifying Round €260,000 3rd Qualifying Round €280,000 Playoff Round Eliminations €300,000 Group Stage (Base Fees) €2.92 million Each team Group Match (Victory) €570,000 Only 1 winning team Group Match (Draw) €190,000 Bo
  3. Great player, full of passion and fight. Also showed you don't have to be a giant to be successful in Scotland.
  4. Especially when we don't know how long it will be before we start getting decent numbers inside the stadium, any extra revenue will be important. Like any other business we won't be able to sustain the status quo indefinitely and I would rather we didn't have to start selling players just to compensate for the lost revenue ala Aberdeen.
  5. One of the biggest regrets in my life is that I never saw Cooper play live for us. Incredible player from what I've seen.
  6. There is prize money for each round, and if we make it to the group stages money for win / draw. Europe is still important even purely on prize money earnings. Granted no fans means no additional income, but there will still be income.
  7. Hate is absolutely the word we should be using though, as it is a feeling that is used against us. We shouldn't be afraid to say we hate them. They use their hatred of us to keep us down. 2012 they and other clubs used their hatred of us to have us kicked down the divisions for something that wasn't illegal. Part of it from them was motivated by opportunism. It worked an absolute dream for them as they have cantered to 9 titles and are being giftwrapped their tenth. They used the hatred of us to mobilise other teams and it worked. Every chance they get whether it be political, foot
  8. Unless it's a cow we are talking about, then it's a moo point surely?
  9. Lots and lots of info there, which is good as tbh I don't know an awful lot about Willem. Echoing previous comments, more of a discussion would draw the viewer in rather than almost a monologue but as you say, finding your feet so good stuff so far. 👍
  10. The guy clearly has goals in him going by his previous goalscoring record. He needs games now to get up to speed and to get used to our system / the opposition.
  11. Exactly. Both goals he should never have had a save to make. Ball should never have been allowed to be crossed.
  12. Poor officiating aside, too many errors from us yesterday. We are creating enough chances to win games comfortably yet don't put teams away. Arfield and Kent should have scored, probably Morelos early on as well. Defensively we were very poor. First goal Borna has to close his man down quicker, or Kamara has to double up rather than just float in no man's land. We stood off them way too much for my liking too rather than just stepping up a yard and cutting off space. Helander looked off the pace yesterday and Goldson looked and absolute bombscare for 15-20 minutes in the second hal
  13. That commentator of theirs screeching it every minute does my head in.
  14. I'm not going in over confident as we do have the habit of dropping points at the worst possible times, though this season they do look like they have that in them so far as well.
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