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  1. He was offside by a baw' hair... I'm here all week 😂
  2. Another excellent win for us tonight. They don't all have to be 5* displays. Rolling the sleeves up and grafting our way into the game is an immensely satisfying way to win. We showed another facet to our game tonight. Brilliant!
  3. Also in the words of Prince, I'm away to watch Rangers, 'those sexy mutha fuckers'
  4. Hopefully that's the arse collapsed and Milan get another couple.
  5. Christie dives more than he does 😂
  6. This is where they get caught out in Europe but tend to get away with it domestically. 2-0 up in Scotland and that's the game done. Better teams know how to exploit them.
  7. That's crazy. Shows how good our ball retention is, playing to our strengths.
  8. Turned into Thursday Night at the Palladium, but with a better comedy act than the real show can manage 😂
  9. Shite that Zlatan is injured, but the fact they are persisting with the back 3 is brilliant. Milan should pump them
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