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  1. Kent in particular will have a field day when we play them if they continue with these tactics.
  2. Looks to me like the latter. Looks like a man who has realised he has been sold a lie about squad quality.
  3. That's London covered. What about Rwanda?!
  4. I like Ken. Isn't he a good bear as well?
  5. I get what you mean in the sense of the achievement and where we came from, but automatic Champions League entry has the potential to nudge us into a great position of power and for me makes this season more important (and that isn't to dilute our brilliant achievement last season).
  6. Nah I think it's just an ambiguous tweet designed to get hits. As far as I'm aware it's Damsgard potentially heading to Madrid, but their fans will lap it up.
  7. It's not as good as it was back in 'Football Italia' days but it's a lot more attacking than it has been in a long time and last season the most competitive it's been in years. I think they have made an effort to make it more attack minded as it was absolute dross about 5/10 years ago.
  8. 😂 That's actually a great comparison. Really inconsistent. Ranieri was manager last season but is away now.
  9. That was a virtuoso performance against Aberdeen. He only turned up for about half an hour in that game too, but what a half an hour! Genuine footballing genius.
  10. Is that you cryptically saying it was two fingers or a double fingering?
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