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  1. Tell you what, theres two players in spartaks starting 11 which could really fix our team. Papov and Fernando. although, don’t know where we’d get money for them?
  2. Hit a nerve have i, its a joke son x
  3. Fair point, i can see where you’re coming from. I still believe theres something in him.
  4. Pretty sure I saw you posting about how you’d take Derek, ohhh the irony. Time to change your profile pic on fb again:(?
  5. They are also the same people who would of took Derek McInnes ?
  6. Quite glad some of the fuds on here don’t do the decision making at Rangers. We’d purge our players and backroom staff everytime we’d lose if we did. The same people on this thread complaining about Gerrard are the same fuds who probably have him as their profile pictures on facebook. Make your fucking mind up. Not long into Steven Gerrads first managerial career, he’s given us a back four we can depend on, taken us to the top of a european group stage (obviously still games in hand) and he’s taken us to a semi final. (And manage to make a profit off players like windass??) I am more than happy with Gerrards bussiness on and off the field so far, he just needs more than 3 months in charge.
  7. RFCNugent

    Answers please Steven Gerrard

    If I’m honest I think at the current time we don’t realise how hard those players have worked. Players like goldson, katic, tav, ejaria, morelos; must be exhausted. It’s very easy for us to criticise them just now I think, but they have sure put a shift in as of recent. We haven’t had the best start, I think its our worst since ‘98, but, we did win the league that season. Seasons aren’t won in september, still plenty to fight for boys.
  8. RFCNugent

    Prices for Group Stage?

    Ahh okay. Im obviously not a season ticket holder but im itching to get involved with the UB, i have tried sitting close as possible to them at the european games
  9. RFCNugent

    Tav Bid Turned Down

    Thats what i thought also, it seems a bit bizarre asking to get our captain on loan?