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  1. He is the ultimate professional, any young player not listening to him would be a fool. Knowledge can only be got from people like Jermain. I also believe he could even make good players better.
  2. Yes mate, been suspended for some time now, but still valid.
  3. I think the £500 minimum investment is to keep down the costs of implementation of the share offer, similar iirc to Green's IPO and the registration may be a law requirement on money laundering, and yes I believe it gives the Board the ability to "hand pick" who gets shares, which I think the Board are looking at as many fans as possible. The target being £6.75m.
  4. As soon as Roofe's goal went in, it was never going to be beaten, absolutely brilliant, took everyone watching by surprise at the quality of it. Well done Kamer 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  5. "Willie the wanker" was probably humza himself mate, it sounds more indigenous.
  6. Absolutely brilliant Jules, thank you. 👏👏👏👏👏👏 PS, that got me going again.
  7. Loved the way Lewis did a Lukic.
  8. The other contenders finished so far behind SG you would need to magnify the race 55 times.
  9. I enjoyed that, very good team effort tonight. Well played The Rangers.
  10. Team of the year is without question, but POTY required a great amount of memory over the season to date. Really nice to be in the position having plenty to choose from, so I have voted for Goldson.
  11. I can so I will

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