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  1. A team that hasn’t legitimately beat us since September 2019. I remember all the talk of old firm domination when it got to 6 or 7 unbeaten for them, why not the same for us? Rat bastards
  2. She’s won me £400 over Aintree and Cheltenham class
  3. Winnnnerrrrr. Blackmore has won me £400 in the last month
  4. Was he using a 3 wood to put yesterday? I genuinely thought I was just that tired I hadn’t noticed 🤣
  5. They can’t even see when Alexander Arnold hits the ball ffs
  6. Can’t believe they’ve given that btw. Absolutely incredible
  7. Haha yasss dirty Leeds. City most overrated team in Europe.
  8. The young kid Cameron Champ looks excellent
  9. Dae it cause our only tactic against the champions is to target a CB playing RB. This is the cellic a grew up with, masonic conspiracies and victim hood, it’s good to see it back
  10. De Chambeau is a bit of a dick isn’t he. Reed and Rose for me, looking good so far
  11. No fans for the Scottish cup final because “control” is handed over to Uefa by that point for Hampden. Quite incredible
  12. When is the actual question here. If it’s August it shows contempt for the domestic game, if its before season end its a sign of progress
  13. Bayern managers first defeat in the CL😂 Unreal
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