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  1. He probably seems like a hard nosed cunt, could probably deal with a wee bit of pressure but I’m struggling to remember a manager since Advocaat who had success here who wasn’t involved in the British game at least. He’ll also have about 12 players to work with and will need 8 in at least. Not a chance they’ll all work as we’ve seen in the past. This is a 2-3 year building process for them and he’s never getting that time.
  2. Lol it’s absolutely not, sat in BF4 for 7 years
  3. On European nights, cellic games and aberdeen at a push. Other than that the majority of the Broomloan front sit bar the back 2 rows
  4. Some boy is Peter. Known about him for years . Different knowing about him and actually wanting him to manage in a panic ffs
  5. Didn’t even realise people were still waiting on these. I got mine at the start of May I think
  6. Dalglish haha. Next he’ll be saying he dry cleans Bertie Aulds pish stained trousers.
  7. No lol. Tav is a unique situation. He’s probably one summer away from staying here until the very end of his career due to his age and the time he’s been with us. I don’t think any Premiership club would take him at 30 yet he’s still proven he’s the best full back in this league, arguably in top 3 players in the whole division. What I’m saying is he’s incredible for this level and has had the best season of his career so why shouldn’t he get the chance to keep going at that level or similar in the next 2 years? It’s up too Patterson to prove he’s better than Tav now, not to just drop
  8. If he continues to produce roughly the same kind of form I don’t see why he can’t continue to play for us until his 30s. Obviously if it gets to like 2023 and his form drops off a cliff and he’s costing us points/goals etc then that’s different but the past year he’s shown no signs of regression at all, in fact he’s arguably better now than he’s ever been.
  9. Find me a better RB than him then, you can’t so as it stands it is all about him in that position until someone proves otherwise
  10. Obviously he has. He’s just posted his best season with us and has shown no signs of slowing down yet, why should he not get the opportunity to play until he’s 32-33for us providing he can still come up with the goods? Which he probably will because he’s an absolute athlete and the fittest player I’ve ever seen at Rangers
  11. Tav is finishing his career here, deal wae it. Uptae Patterson to become better than Tavernier to take his jersey, not just give him it because he’s had a good 10 games.
  12. Between McGregor, Ajer and Edouard these balloons were going to clear £100m and the media lapped it up. Real Madrid, Leicester, AC Milan all involved. Now you’ve got Ajer saying he wants to go with Norwich the only team interested, McGregor they don’t even talk about selling he’s regressed that badly and Edouard for being the best striker ever is sitting in the house waiting for his 100th under 21 cap.
  13. England will get through the groups and put out I think. Very overrated I think. Italy seem like dark horses this year, got quite a favourable side of the draw as well. Stuck £5 on them And Lukaku TGS at 80/1.
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