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  1. We had better and I mean better not agree to even a week extension of the season if they’ve got at least 3 games in hand. In fact fuck it agree to it and hope we’re 15 clear
  2. McGregor is the most overrated player in Scotland
  3. Watching Spurs and whilst am no saying he’s on the same level the positions he picks up and his passing is quite similar to Harry Kane
  4. Don’t think OF games are the problem, they never have been. Like I said before I’ll really start to believe if we go to Kilmarnock and get 3 points. The manager though seems more aggressive and focused in all his interviews this season, none of this going mental and screaming into cameras anymore. We as a team look as if we know what we’re doing now and are confident in it.
  5. Fenians down there btw. Loyalists up in Carnbroe fwiw
  6. Best defender in the league by a country mile. Outstanding player.
  7. I agree. Best defender in the league. Beautiful defending
  8. 11 years since they last had a shot on target? The most dominant performance I’ve seen in a decade.
  9. Most dominant 2-0 I’ve seen in my life
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