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  1. Here wait a minute actually what happens if I want to give one of my STs to my brother whose 16 with no vaccine. Or my mate who is double jabbed but obviously has a different name from the one on the ST? Bit of a farce in those situations.
  2. Players = exempt. Steward checking your passport= doesn’t need to be vaccinated lol. It’s fucking strange tbh, also I can’t get a paper version because my address still hasn’t been changed
  3. Furuhashi? I thought i read somewhere he’d scored 7 or something
  4. Be at the subway for guys selling
  5. I just want it to be entertaining so I can watch it to close to the end😂
  6. Can’t believe McIllroy is having an excellent round with Rahm and Lowry fucking it. If they could get a half each Europe couldn’t do it could they?
  7. They’re awful. Hopefully we find some sort of form over the next 6 weeks and that could be it for Ange with their games coming up.
  8. Lol just looked back at that they have no chance.
  9. I think Europe have a chance looking at the pairings now if McIllroy comes out firing. Lowry Cantlay is 50/50 Rahm Scheffler,Rahm win Garcia De Chambeau, Garcia win Hovland Morikawa, Morikawa win Johnson Casey, Johnson win Koepka Wiesberger, Koepka win Poulter Finau, Poulter win Hatton Thomas, 50/50 Westwood English, Westwood Pie in the sky stuff but fuck it
  10. Garcia and Rahm out first surely and put a bit of pressure on these cunts. Whoever from Europe plays Bryson will have a chance due to his erratic play. However whoever plays Poulter or McIlroy is a guaranteed 2 points for them
  11. It’d be great if we could just get out of this and motor on all the way until January like last season. I know we’re winning but we’re playing 2 of the only unbeaten teams in the league next we need to be on it attacking and defensively. I hope I look back on September and laugh my tits off when we’re 15 clear going into the split
  12. AJ winning at any point in that fight is why boxing is a joke. He wasn’t ahead once in that fight and after round 8 looked absolutely terrified that Usyk looked like he’d just started. He has to be finished after that, he doesn’t deserve to win them back or fight anyone else.
  13. Usyk has a better chance of beating Fury than Joshua. Joshua be fighting you tubers next year
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