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  1. Don’t think I’ve ever seen @ClattyBluepost anything he’s made apart from they boiled hotdogs
  2. You know it is though. You make good points on here all the time but you have your head in the sand when it comes to other things. Kilmarnock, Hibs and Aberdeen have essentially cost us the league the past 2 seasons, especially away from home. If we get beat again at Kilmarnock which would make it 2 wins in 8 or 9 there then the players mentality will take a hit and we will have regressed slightly to the way we go at these grounds in the past. This Sunday is monumental in the title race, if we win this team will believe they can beat anyone either with great footb
  3. If Arfield is needing a break I’d have Aribo in the middle breaking the lines
  4. They look like pro direct soccer kits
  5. Perfect scenario is everyone draws next week
  6. Landlord gave me full deposit back. Found out how to make the fridge integrated onto the cupboard doors. Built a sofa bed. Scrounged a TV unit from Ikea bargain basement section already built and fit in the car with an inch to spare. Managed to screen mirror the game onto the tele. Successful day tbh considering it started with the washer/dryer being too big 😂
  7. Roofe is a good player. It’ll fall into place for him soon enough. I’m glad we got a lethargic performance out the system before the biggest game of our season on Sunday. Morelos scoring only strengthens us on Sunday. Our defensive shape at the moment is bordering on ridiculous how good it is.
  8. The only thing I’ve got right in 2 year is that Borna Barisic is fantastic at football. Everything else you’ve said I’ve also said 😂
  9. If anyone needed a goal in the team it was him. Absolutely perfect timing with Sunday in mind.
  10. Can’t believe how different they were tonight compared to their you tube highlights haha
  11. I made a thread on here his first game comparing him to Albertz with his left foot. For 6 months after that he was honking. Glad I stuck by him😂
  12. Also glad that game happens tonight and we still win. Sunday is monumental
  13. Don’t care what anyone says but Borna Barisic is world class
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