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  1. Is that Barkas standing to the right of the goal post for the last goal? I know it's no, but would you really be surprised?
  2. See if that is true, they're basically laughing in everybody's faces during this pandemic You'd think they'd be able to rub together the two brain cells required between them all to understand it's best not to stick stuff like this on social media
  3. It wouldn't be so bad if these people got embarrassed about it after doing it once and chose not to do it again. But we're living in a time when making an arse of yourself = more views & exposure, and they can't see the cloud for the silver lining.
  4. Was just about to say the same, sick of seeing this is the biggest game of the season in match threads
  5. exactly, it's high profile and would be an excellent opportunity to drum into people what's acceptable and what isn't during these times the press & politicians not really following up with that kind of narrative is risky, because their wee holiday/bevy is setting a very very poor example and will make some think twice about following the strict rules we currently all face cunts to a man
  6. What surprised me the most was that the mongo cunt could tie a knot
  7. That's @born a blue nose imo @qwerty the forum is a good laugh mate, the covid shite just shows you how most people can adjust to some pretty big changes and get on with it sadly a lot of complete cunts out there are ruining it for everyone else, but such is life
  8. Had some white shit around his mouth as well, probably sucking stray dugs cocks around parkheed before appearing on tv
  9. "How do you... how do you win a game without a shot on goal?" hmm is the answer: let you opponents score a goal for you? had to use both sides of ma brain for that one
  10. been saying the same thing for a long time he clearly loves the club as well and obviously knows what we're about as well
  11. do you mean a city in france?
  12. he's a very important voice in that dressing room, same with davis would be easy for a lot of them to get carried away - especially the younger lads good that they're kept grounded
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