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  1. don't think they've had any chances apart from that pen don't see it tbh
  2. hope you remember who yer mates are hope you know i've always liked you that wee barry on ranger's media is sound, i say it all the time
  3. my only hope is that wee goal just before half time hits the taigs confidence enough for them to drop points hopefully they're feeling like it doesn't matter how hard they try everything is going against them, and even shitey aberdeen have more of a cutting edge than them hopefully the lemon's calling them cunts in the dressing room if they lose this implosion imminent
  4. yer a biscuit, but i'm no that desperate lucky for you
  5. see what you did there YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS GOAL
  7. the sheep shiting themselves already
  8. I know a lot of posters might not believe this, but I've no pissed myself in years, but I predict I would empty my entire bladder laughing at that
  9. Swally


    You must be having a wee turn as a snowflake if you think that post I made could be anything close to vitriol I respect you BIB, but fuck sake man
  10. Swally


    just because nobody's ever like you ya cunt
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