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  1. That was a thing of beauty
  2. Too much sense being talked about their finances. Can we get back to imagining a full-blown financial collapse please?
  3. and at the same time my grans false teeth
  4. hope you're wrong mate, might be unlikely but a wee draw would be very nice indeed
  5. the sheep are in a very good place the now, 4-1 at half time. they'll be going into the scum game full of confidence & if milan fuck the taigs over they'll not be looking forward to the sheep game. the pressure is on and a meltdown is a real possibility
  6. looks like a double fart and a wee follow through at the end
  7. if you're presented with the facts, what 3 times? and you refused to admit you're wrong... then you're a bit thick i'm getting a bit bored with this now, don't give a shit about motherwell etc more taigs on please
  8. Stamped and certified, by himself
  9. Their new goalie doesn't look confident at all, they've no even been too impressed by him leading up to the game at the weekend.
  10. Bill drinks his own pish imo
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