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  1. They've all had plenty opportunity to get mins in the legs and impress. That's more important than results early preseason, but disappointing some seem to not grasp the need to show they deserve a place in the starting 11 or at worst, the squad. Gerrard says those deserving will now get 60 mins next match, those not cutting it won't keep getting opportunities. Exactly what's needed. Some like Jones, Barker, Edmundson will do well to still be here in a few weeks time - no loss if moved on. The one I do hope finds a place is Kelly, great prospect and seems very capable and up for the c
  2. He'll go back to his homeland Spain, the lower leagues, and make a decent living out of the game..
  3. Must only be halfway through the handover, seems to know nothing about 5 decades of hiding CSA and paedophile rings or IRA supporting fans.
  4. There's minimal sell on value for him at his age for any club buying him. He's also about to enter the last year of his contract. I seriously doubt Frimpong is going for 10m but even if he was theres so many more variables involved than just ability. I personally think Tav is better than Borna, but Borna will have a higher purchase price due to age, contract length remaining, international experience etc.
  5. He'll leave, scum will claim huge profit, Leverkusen will clarify offer is nowhere near the 10m being reported. 10m my fucking arse.
  6. It'll be non disclosed and the tarriers will make out its a sensational deal. I'm sure its 40% of profit. He cost them 9m so if he goes for 12 then the tarriers recoup their 9, make all of 1.8m profit, and 1.2m goes to PSG. I'm not so sure they'd even get 12m for him.
  7. The wrong decisions went against Livi. An offside goal and the penalty for the Klimala challenge. That won't be the narrative by the morning though.
  8. The thought the government should disclose pretty impactive restrictions in advance to this mob, before the rest of the country, shows the sense of self entitlement they have. And to compound it, the fact they didn't get the heads up in advance of every other citizen somehow puts the government to blame in their eyes. VicTimhood right enough.
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