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  1. Could you add in the bit about their asst mgr saying a player was out the bubble and would miss the coming game.... which he played in. That's a favourite of mine. 😁
  2. Nah the tarriers would have told us beforehand at a presser that Duffus was outwith the bubble and would miss their Monday night game against Hivs. Oh wait a minute......
  3. The positive one was one who was isolating. Duffus should have been but didn't and played.
  4. He admits he plays devils advocate role but tonight imo he's not missing Lennon for his remarks.
  5. He's getting stuck in with relevant points against Lennon tbf.
  6. .... in a private function room. Not in a bar or poolside open to the public, and with public 1m away from them whilst all the while the players are sitting about without masks on.
  7. Your least rambling post ever. Pointless, but well done you.
  8. He was only asked about his isolation too not even the rights or wrongs of Dubai.🤣 That meltdown was coming regardless today.
  9. Surely they can get Walker onto Clyde SSB tonight 😂
  10. Everybody seriously needs to watch this, don't just skim by it 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  11. Yep can see full adherence to the 2m social distancing rule, plus the one that elite athletes must wear masks outwith eating / training, oh and not sharing facilities with member of public Hes a fucking dullard. 😂
  12. A man under pressure and knowing his time is up.
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