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  1. I'm gold, didn't get. My two kids are silver, one who isn't even in his teens got whilst the other didn't. Superb system that allows weans to get tickets whilst the parent (in friends and family group) didn't.
  2. Can we not just focus on the vigil for the poor wee victim that is Ryan Porteous, heinously subjected to unwarranted abuse by the Rangers support.....
  3. I got there early and was checked last night, asked for my proof, going into BF2. He even asked if I was who it said on the app, but on being asked if he was being serious just waved me in. Fucking clown. Guys that came in after me nearer kickoff said they weren't even asked. Have been told the stewards were briefed to check approx 1 in 5.
  4. Morelos was marginally better than he has been, but didn't play well. His spotting a switch across field and executing it has improved, his hold up, touch, overall play not so much imo. Roofe takes plaudits for the goal, but probably wasn't even as good as Morelos overall. Both have far more to offer, as have shown previously, they just need to keep pushing on. I do think some team will take a scudding and these 2 will be heavily involved in it.
  5. Yeah I know 👍. Just wondering whether it's been asked and declined as they only talk football ( when it suits ), or whether they've not been asked as their producer filters out anyone wanting to talk about it
  6. Not got anything for St M other than match registration. Had a few briefs so wouldn't be surprised to miss out.
  7. They been asked about the paedo fc child sex abuse 'class action' by the solicitors yet?
  8. His energy, drive, link up play, determination etc were all good. Unfortunately bar his cross for the goal his end ball wasn't. Some crosses were woeful. I'm pretty sure he's going to grow into a great rb for us, but if I'm being objective then right now he needs to do so much more when he gets the nod. It may be he's actually trying too hard and just needs composure. It's not just him tbf, all our full backs have been wasteful this season.
  9. Jack has been out for reasons other than the calf issue he had which initially ruled him out. When he's ready he's ready.
  10. You're right. But that aside he's also playing for a club with one of the worst runs in Scotland. They're shite, he's shite, can we please move on to credible options.
  11. Difficult to when only 1 player has been available all the time, and when so many play so poorly others deserve a chance.
  12. When was the last time, when the league wasn't called early, that the team which won more points from the head to heads didn't win the league? How often does this happen? The head to heads matter most of all games. In a 2 team league, they're 6 pointers.
  13. Hagi like most others did fuck all on Thursday. Add Alfie to that too. Borna is a player who thrives in a winning, confident team but rarely is the go to guy if we're in the trenches. Patterson also has been hit and miss but given Tav is offering so little probably deserves another chance. Most of our senior players have been rank this season. None are consistently getting pass marks let alone motm awards. For all the criticisms of the new players, the leaders that Gerrard likes to refer to are letting us down big time.
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