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  1. I'd have thought it guaranteed. If they don't make CL groups then they sell a key player, its what they do. This season they did neither, no one was interested enough. Add in reduced revenues due to the pandemic and its got to hurt. Duffy costing them 3.5m by the summer will sting a bit too 😂 £60m wages bills don't pay themselves, nor do civil case fines. Tough times ahead for them 👍
  2. The worst of their lot go on the attack, denying their fault, blaming others, whataboutery etc. The core of their support just ignore it, don't discuss it, have tunnel vision to ignore any link to it. Maybe its their cult upbringing where no matter what happens in the Chapel you don't speak out for fear of damage to the cult. Its bizarre and sickening, especially from the ones you'd consider normal folk, who should be appalled by the actions and vociferous against the club for concealing it all
  3. Lost track of all their investigations. Though I am certain that they've all found the club not at fault unsurprisingly.
  4. And following typical and expected response and reaction from tarriers the journalist has to denounce whataboutery and deflection and confirm the communication was instigated between legal teams. These bastards are not even bothered by the content, nor the victims, more that its been done with our support driving it. Fucking sewer rats wouldn't mix with these vermin.
  5. A further live criminal case against that individual would be my bet. There are confirmed live cases at present.
  6. A fan running onto the park and assaulting a player IS the story. Them trivialising it to discuss the severity of the contact is what they do. Unless its Lennon holding his face when struck in the chest by a coin, Brown holding his face when Morelos arm hits his chest, a Hearts fan running to assault Lennon... then its all about the wrongdoer not the severity of the contact made. A fan a bit excited ffs. And yeah I too think we'd have got truly hammered for it. 👍
  7. A) AC Milan keeper assaulted by a pitch invading scum supporter who was wholly to blame and brought shame on the shameless club Or B) The Paul Hartley version... “We saw the keeper lying down at the time but it wasn’t until after the game you realised he’d hardly been touched. “It was more of a tickle than a slap but he made a heck of a meal of it for a guy at 6ft 5in. “They were at it afterwards and were trying to get the points back. The fan was a bit excited but he went down like a deck of cards. It was mental!” Utter cunts take responsibility for nothin
  8. 21 victims raising a civil case against that club. 9 (?) Convictions already. Still more live cases running. A club like no fucking other.
  9. The rebel have done bits but shied away. Their income from the scum greater than revenue generated by running more stories. Now the Guardian and Times are running it, the cat is out the bag in this wee republican shithole. Of all others I would love to see Sky run with it as a major story, I think its needed tbh to get the whole paedophile ring aspect exposed.
  10. Anyone with any social media presence needs to get this shared to a wider audience. As hard a read given the sickening depravity involved. Given this is in the public domain there is no legal reason that it should not be commented on by politicians and spread across the news daily. We need to keep pushing against the tarrier wall of protection that exists.
  11. Don't talk shite mate. Microwaves don't have windows you can jump out 😁
  12. Gordon Woods is on the inside of all this. Think its the Times he's been dealing with.
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