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  1. The best way to blend in 😂
  2. This is what had been concerning me before they dropped points at Aberdeen and Hibs. For as bad as they have been playing and getting knocked about in Europe they were still managing to get over the line with late goals. Aslong as we do the business we have no worries, we will have another game or 2 like Livingston where we just can't find the net.
  3. I'm sure bean bags and a new coffee machine will get them the 10
  4. Can see a last minute goal again to save defeat
  5. Almost as if there 3rd choice keeper from Dundee is pish
  6. The ball was moving so slow into the box there, fucking hell this mob are pish
  7. Can't wait until we get Michael Stewarts thoughts on the matter.
  8. I wonder who's next to voice there support? Should maybe organise a bingo with all his media pals names on the card and see who wins
  9. Tak3rNo1

    PC Gaming Build

    I'll check it out mate, cheers
  10. Tak3rNo1

    PC Gaming Build

    Any good prices going on RAM? Just realised i'm still running on 8GB Could do with a good boost to 16GB
  11. I think alot of us have known this would happen when he was appointed. That's why we cheered and they were miserable after winning the Scottish Cup. Lawell offering him the job when he's washing his baws in the shower 😂
  12. He's been one of there best players recently tbh although that hasn't been difficult. Probably because he can't understand a word that Lennon is saying.
  13. They are in the same situation as we were after sacking Caixinha where it's gonna be temporary and get a good replacement in the summer. Normally you just right off the season but they can't do that, it's so good to see the ship sinking.
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