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  1. I've restarted No Man's Sky again after the recent update. What Hello games have managed since this game came out is fantastic.
  2. Some amount of turd polishing going on to justify getting beat by an amateur team in the cup.
  3. What an appointment that would be. Then ends up DOF/Manager at Xmas like Levein was at Hearts
  4. He probably appears in those hallmark Christmas films as "Waiter 5" or "Janitor"
  5. He "stars" in direct to dvd pish and any half decent actor that is in these films he tries to get a Celtic scarf on them, cringe worthy cunt
  6. Almost as if they are throwing out names to see what the fan reactions are. So this guy is a former assistant manager and only manager experience is in Qatar
  7. Rumours that Ange has been binned now aswell, truly a comedy club 😂
  8. I don't think a Rangers fan In charge of them could've done worse than what's happening right now, glorious
  9. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ange-postecoglou-celtic-qualifications-says-24224416 The plot thickens, apparently he does have a Pro license 😂
  10. From what I've read they don't accept the Australian one. Who knows tbh, so much flying about over this. He'll probably have what's needed and it'll be a non story 😂
  11. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/football-development/coaching/coaching-pathway/main-youthadult-pathway/uefa-pro-licence/ Ange needs this and doesn't have his A or B completed so he's fucked.
  12. Alot of the 2020 courses were postponed due to Covid. Depends on what association you were doing it with. Scotland were doing Zoom sessions, England had postponements at local and national level.
  13. Gerrard had already started his Pro license so that makes you eligible. This guy doesn't have his B, A or Pro licenses and hasn't started any of them. UEFA have shelved all of there courses due to the pandemic so no courses are running atm.
  14. They didn't because Win Jansen was a great appointment, it was because we fell apart that season. They finished 2nd the previous season with more points than the season they won it 😂
  15. I can't ever remember him playing? We all used to hype him up on here
  16. Shows you how bad our recruitment was then. From what i heard we employed Caixinha because he did a good powerpoint and Parks son was smitten with Pedro Mendes who was his agent.
  17. Similar to when Caixhina appeared from nowhere. When you have to Google your new manager because you've never heard of him it's hardly a good sign
  18. Some random Australian guy with a name I can't pronounce is the new skybet favourite 😂
  19. Aye but there was supposed to be an unveiling of Howe with Martin Compston saying "H" was Howe
  20. I've seen Clarke, Keane, Wagner (former Huddlesfield) and Viera all linked as the back up. None of them worry me in the slightest
  21. Just shows they talk utter pish. Press conference at 2pm aswell apparently.
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