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  1. https://www.viprow.me/celtic-fc-vs-dundee-utd-online-stream-1 Think it's a few minutes behind though.
  2. What a challenge by the keeper
  3. Guarantee every game, pretty much free money
  4. Can see them getting another goal but they are fucking awful
  5. McCarthy off injured aswell
  6. Injuring half his team with his high intensity training
  7. Next 2 games at home to Hibs and Hearts, not looking forward to them when we are so ponderous on the ball and lax at the back!
  8. Wouldn't be surprised if Dundee score, thank fuck they've been murder and McLaughlin has been decent
  9. Need to win atleast one of them or questions will need to be asked regardless if we win the league again.
  10. I'm happy with the team but also worried we've made too many changes considering last season.
  11. Davis really needs a break, we can't be playing him week in week out
  12. Motherwell have had a really good start this season, hopefully we can kick into gear because if not we'll be in trouble.
  13. Theyll beat jobber teams at home easily. Its teams like us, Hearts, Hibs, Aberdeen etc theyll struggle against
  14. They'll win easily, Ross County are rotten
  15. Felt as though he wasn't doing a good enough job. He was only there for 10 weeks and the club was a fucking mess
  16. Fantastic news he is away tbh. He had a vision of turning them into a well run football club with big emphasis on DOF and sports science, instead they've fucked him and decided to continue with an old decrepit lazy way of football management. They could get away with that when we were a fucking shambles, difference is we aren't anymore, the longer they stay a shambles the longer we stay on top.
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