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  1. @Badger when a notification appears telling you someone has replied in topic- you used to click that to see what the reply was. Now you can’t. You have to dismiss it, refresh the page and then go and have a look. thought you might like to know 😊
  2. Took a while but now looks excellent on iPhone. can five people like this statement so I can see what a “popular” post looks like cheers
  3. And so many fall for it dangling off their hook. Edit: read it twice now and can concur that @KingKirk is thick as mince just saying btw no offence
  4. So obsessing over 10iar will stop them? Buying a newspaper reading about them will stop them? crying at night thinking about them doing 10iar will stop them? fuck that What does that matter the only thing that will stop them is us. So put your effort into us, cry at night about us. Too many cunts interested in them scummy bastards. honking
  5. Why does 10 in a row matter? I couldn’t give a fuck what they cunts do. I’m only interested in what we do.
  6. Do you think we can afford to give anyone a “run”? what like 4 or 5 games to see how he does? fuck that, get on the park at any opportunity and burst your lungs and fight for a place. does that look like Itten to you?
  7. Folks can generally tell a player way before a season ends. He doesn’t look like he offers much. Don’t know how that will improve but he should be playing out his skin at every opportunity he’s not though.
  8. Dp shite site for iPhones btw.
  9. My thread last month said as much. last month that is 😊which was ages ago. 😂
  10. Morelos has no fear of anyone taking his starting place. and that’s not how it should work.
  11. I agree with the majority of your post however I can’t help feel we are not treated differently as the majority of refereeing in our league is shit. I think standards are poor across all the teams, going by my colleagues and mates moans in general, who can also highlight many shite decisions even when the Gers are not in town.
  12. Ever dropped £50 running for a bus?
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