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  1. I agree, only when you have 15 players available across your contracted players should the forfeit come into play. if that means playing development players or 4th choices etc, then fuck it that’s what should happen now lock our squad up in a bunker and only let them out to train or play.
  2. I can't bring myself to type any of they cunts names... none for me
  3. KeyserSoze


    you're making my point Ronnie, imo he's been our most consistent player for two/three seasons now as players come and go, he now finds himself in a pretty solid back four which helps him immensely. So I think the lack of a settled defence has hampered him
  4. KeyserSoze


    We have seen steady progression and the Gaffer learning as he goes. He will no doubt continue to progress his understanding of the game which will benefit us immensely. He obviously puts the effort in and looks like he is cutting out stupid tactical mistakes and daft substitutions. These are the signs of a very decent manager in there, it's a pity he won't be with us when he becomes an excellent manager. Oh and once he realises Barker is shit he will kick on from there.
  5. KeyserSoze


    Been excellent for a few years now, folks just didn't want to see/admit it.
  6. fucking clown of a post. What the fuck is going on in here.....?
  7. Nobody stood out, we were brilliant to a man.
  8. @julescotia do you have a list somewhere of the videos you’ve made? Looking for the likes of Forsyth, Parlane etc round that time.
  9. So was Billy your cousin?
  10. Fuck me she’s everybody’s auntie
  11. Late night last night. Exactly the opposite Edit. just re read it. Fine to me and no sarcasm at.
  12. rubbish Unbelievable why some people would value pride, honour etc over actually being able to play football and have the skill and ability to contribute to a successful team bonkers
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