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  1. Good to see the team getting their jabs. I think this is the same jag I got Astra Zeljeznicar
  2. Not sure about that. I think it’s more to do with Gerrard than Tav. If he’s got any ambition he’s going to have to stick around and learn his trade from the very best. he’s probably happy with his lot just now.
  3. Itten better get a goal today he’s not a direct replacement for anyone tbh
  4. Patterson is a very good football player. Pity he’s got Tav in front of him tbh. He’s our best prospect for some time. #covid5
  5. It’s just Stevie G. Using capitals and no e’s in his second name. I’ll be keeping my eye on you
  6. Fuck me they are howling tbh. please put them in the bin now (such feminine hands too 🤷‍♂️)
  7. I’ve watched that video three times now trying to pick a favourite goal. and I can’t
  8. Done a job at the time. Not overly brilliant tbh. Just kinda got on with it. Can’t pass a ball back though ffs
  9. That’s weird cos my wife rolls her eyes when I watch these videos and says “I know he’s your manager, stop watching shit on yir phone”. 😂
  10. He’s some football player btw. fucking unbelievable
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