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  1. You look the double of Benny Hill btw Scot.
  2. Got the job because he’s from Athens. he’s Athenian. I’ll get ma coat 😆
  3. Man, they are providing comedy gold the gift that keeps giving 😂😂😂
  4. I read somewhere that Aussie lad has only ever bought 5 players in his career. Seems a good choice for a club that needs a complete rebuild. banter years are back
  5. Another fat Alky, don’t think he was offered the job in the showers that’s for sure.
  6. So The deputy first minister was rumoured to have been approached for a wee leg up for the Gers and she wasn’t for it. strange. I’d of thought she would be all for using tax money to prop us up or at least broker a deal with some dodgy Greenock bus owners or some such. My dirty stinking Tim neighbour might have fire bombed the parliament right enough. fucking crackpots in here. 😂
  7. But is it still ok to base your support for Rangers without thinking about unionism, religion and politics? As it feels like if that’s the route you choose you are somewhat vilified.
  8. I’ve seen every keeper since Peter McCloy Allan McGregor is the best keeper bar none
  9. Yip. Just made my point for me. stoater of a statement was it? Happy with it are you? as I said, the club shouldn’t have bothered their arse.
  10. Ok. What do you suggest the statement would say? Just in general terms will do, because I will tell you something any lawyer worth their salt would tell the club to say absolutely nothing. Knowing the cops are sniffing about.
  11. No they fucking don’t. There’s no need for the club to say anything. ffs why are folk obsessed with our club responding to every piece of shit that comes our way we’d need to employ a full time statement writer
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