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  1. Proper cover for Jack, Arfield and (perhaps) Roofe is starting to creep in and should be addressed NOW, coupled with Aribo playing shite we’re all getting nervy as we want this over the line. we still have enough though - but time will tell if we’re coasting or stumbling.
  2. Love an offside goal so a do. He might of started today if Morelos hadn’t recently found his mojo. He needs to consistently make the gaffer think about him though and also bite at Morelos’s heels as competition makes us better.
  3. Dave King to unfurl 55 and I will cry like a fucking baby. Thank you.
  4. Nice one. Fucking get them then geez bro 😎
  5. Must be for your bedroom door then? Cos cars are: black on white (front) Black on yellow (rear) anything else is a fine 😂
  6. He’s the makings of a top top manager because of his passion for football, his drive and focus on success - but most importantly his ability to take mistakes on the chin and learn from them. The signs are all there. I do however think he’s going to look elsewhere after next season where his experience in Champions League football will boost his portfolio.
  7. Can other types of Rangers fans get stuck into them cunts too come May? probably earlier tbh.
  8. Dave King didnae know not only would they fall like a pack of cards they would have a right good shuffle before
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