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  1. The only way that it adds up that that video is real and he is still playing for Morecambe is if the cunt spends all game every game doing shite that if it comes off, it will look amazing on a highlight reel! Probably fucks the ball out of play every 2 minutes trying to do an outside of the boot wonderpass. If it's genuine, Morecambe look to have the next ballon d'or winner on their books.
  2. Yea good solid player. Not our best centre back, but when called upon he will rarely let us down. Need a good squad available, he fits the bill. Would be good to see Katic out on loan to get some experience and recover from his injury.
  3. Also, this is a better save than the Goram vs PVH imo.
  4. I honestly think that it is far closer between Goram and McGregor than many think. Sentimentality comes into it, and the older player will tend to get the appreciation more than the current player. I honestly cant really separate them.
  5. Probably been covered already, but is the game on Rangers TV for international/VPN users? Rangers site is fucking rubbish for actually telling you if it is going to be shown or not.
  6. I agree with you, but IP shit is messy. It should be cut and shut, but they have been sly enough to not actually reference anything directly related to Rangers.
  7. Im not actually sure that Lion Brand shit would fall under it. Its aimed at Rangers fans obviously, but did they not have their own logo and didnt really use any Rangers IP if I remember correctly. Is it even still going after we got shot of Ashley? No doubt some cunt would want to make some cash off the blue pound.
  8. Admin, change name to @EejaytheshiteDJ please.
  9. Going purely on Football Manager which is always right 98% of the time, Leon King is pretty handy at right back.
  10. I disagree, I guess that makes me anti-semantic.
  11. Well no really given Israel only really came to exist in the late 1940s.
  12. Looks decent, any idea on release date?
  13. No thats not what im saying at all. If they were brought up with the advancements of modern science, they would be better than they ever were and would obviously beat fucking Aberdeen. We are talking about lifting them straight out of there era, with their training and dropping them into a modern game. I have no doubt that players like Pele would be very, very very good players in the current era, but they might not be comparatively as good as they were. It all depends on how they could take to the modern training etc. Pele was a perfect fit for 70s football. But may just be a v
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