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  1. An old one, but a classic. Have been close to tears watching this one.
  2. Im no gonna sleep tonight with that image.
  3. This is probably the most upbeat and hopeful I have seen you on this forum! Long may it continue and get us that league title in the bag!
  4. Gerrard came out after the signings of Roofe and Itten saying that they were no where near as high as reported in the press, if i remember correctly. "The numbers for Kemar and Cedric that have been suggested in the media aren't right. The figures suggested are inflated," said Gerrard. I think Esk said he did not know what Defoe was on, but he thought he would have been one of the highest earners. I disagree. Without knowing the actual figures, it is all a guessing game.
  5. I really dont think we did pay nearly £3m for him.
  6. I know we are good, but I dont think we can win a game by so much that they will give us 5 points for it.
  7. I think this year is mostly going to be about coaching him and getting him some game time as a sub. I suspect that he wont get many starts. Next year I could see Defoe hanging up the boots, although he could no doubt play on if he wanted. Once Defoe moves on, then Itten will become a bigger player for us, getting more starts etc. In the mean time, we just have to be patient and not expect too much from him.
  8. I voted 'Yes' (although it felt slightly dirty) before I read the whole post. I dont currently have a season ticket, I have the overseas RTV account for about £250 that gives me all the games. If there are people who dont renew next year due to finances, i will look to pick one up. I think this is very much dependant on who wins the league this year. I think if we win it, picking up a season ticket will impossible. If they end up getting the tainted 10, then I think there will be a few to spare.
  9. I genuinely feel that for the first time in almost a decade, we are the favourites. I have always felt that they were a bit ahead of us, and we had a calamity due at any moment. For the first time, I genuinely believe we are likely to do it. Likely, however, far from certain. I expect that they will pick up their form, it is all about our team now cementing their place at the top of the table and shipping as few points as possible. If we could somehow only drop 2 points before the next old firm, then I genuinely think we will be out of reach should we beat them again.
  10. Not got any worries with Defoe coming in along with Aribo to be honest. I think the two of them link up well and I fancy Aribo to cause a bit of mayhem in the box and Defoe to snap it up.
  11. Where is Zungu? Wouldnt mind getting a glimpse of what he can offer at the weekend if he is available?
  12. Was glad to see Aribo back last night and from what I could make out in the horrible conditions, he is going to be an absolutely key player for us. I think he is likely to take Hagi's spot in the team and adds a bit of physicality that we have are missing in that area. Hagi's form has been a bit hit or miss so far this season, but I have absolutely no doubt that Gerrard will improve him with some training, like we are seeing from so many of the team, and he will improve and become a great player for us.
  13. I really dont understand folk that laugh at the suggestion that computer games might get the rules right. This is an obscure example, so maybe not in this case, but you see it all the time with folk belittling things like Football Manager and Fifa. These games are incredibly polished developments and will tend to get the details correct in most cases. Games like Fifa are probably worth more than big Hollywood blockbusters and the likes now. The scouting range of Football Manager is incredible, and although it wont be as detailed as a club sending a scout to look at a player in d
  14. To answer the OP, aye it does piss me off a bit. I have never went as far as 'hating the national team', but I have formed an absolutely Lazer focussed, borderline obsessive level of apathy to international football, or football in general outside of Rangers to be honest. I've decided I'm gonna force myself to watch the Scottish national team again to form some kind of emotional connection to it again.
  15. Im not really happy with the idea of it being a 3-0 scoreline attributed to be honest. What happens if the league goes down to the wire and goal difference comes into play. Being awarded 3 points without having to play is a big enough advantage, giving the team a positive goal difference of 3 is not warranted though.
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