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  1. Im actually annoyed that they are taking the knee against England, yet refusing to do so against the fucking Czechs who are actually backing their racist cunt of a player. Take the knee or dont, but at least dont be fucking hypocritical about it.
  2. Its even funnier given that they dont have any centre backs left. The Belgians should buy him for 1.5m and then offer him back to Celtic for 3m, would be epic trolling.
  3. They usually tell you if it is restricted view, so I doubt they would transfer you without telling you this.
  4. Is Dickson the left back that people were stating was similar to Doig?
  5. You know its close season when a thread about Tav and Patterson seamlessly becomes a in depth topic about the Bayern Munich centre back and left back dilemma due to injuries.
  6. The worst thing about Celtic is they actually enabled child abuse. They brought back nonces once they had found out what they were and allowed them to continue defiling children. This separates them from clubs who had a beast unknowingly working away in the background. I don't know enough of the details behind Man City to know if they were as bad. Celtic have been the second worst organisation behind the Catholic church I have ever heard of in this regards. Enabling these creeps puts you on the same level as them. NDAs and coverups after the fact are also horrible, but nowh
  7. Lawell wont be going anywhere, he will be back as Chairman within 12 months.
  8. Aye those 4 would, but as a team they are shite. The problem is that a handful of good players cant really make up for the utter shite in the other positions.
  9. They have been heavily linked with 3 staff members from the City Group in the last couple of weeks. There might not be any reciprocation, but I think there are far too many links for it just to be coincidence. I dont think anything will happen with it, but im sure Lawell would be rubbing his greedy little hands together for it to happen.
  10. Regardless, the Yokohama mob are certainly owned by them. Im sure one of the other front runners for their gig was a Man City coach under Pep and that they were also trying to get one of their staff to be the director of football. Lots of links there, so many that im suspicious that they are trying to cosy up to them.
  11. Lawell has been hooring that club out to the owners of Man City for years. Im pretty sure that this Ausie guy was the manager of the Australian team bought by the group, he then move to the Japanese club owned by the group. Lawell's son works for the group and they have been regularly loaning players from them for years (Guidetti, Boyata, Roberts, Arzani). They were also in talks with Man City for one of their staff who was going to become their Director of Football, but like so many others, he knocked them back. To be honest, I think Lawell has been trying to get the arabs
  12. Was this the time he was a greeting faced bastard about getting called some names? If so, I agree, he took that way over the top. Not defending Boyd was worse as it was completely hypocritical. Other than those two things though, I genuinely cant say he has never really bothered me. He did a ridiculously good job at Killie to be fair. But I dont think he would replicate this for a team who was expected to win things. He has done okay with Scotland, but I completely agree on international football. Its down to luck as much as anything in most cases.
  13. The only thing I can think of in why they are trying to get this ausie guy is to cosy up to the City Group, as I think this guy is part of that cabal. They have been lifting their skirt to that mob for years. Can only assume they are trying to flirt with them enough until they buy them over as one of their clubs. I know they throw money at Man City, but dont think they are the same with the other clubs they own, so probably nothing to be really concerned about to be honest. Fuck your club becoming the plaything of some Arab billionaire anyway. Especially since celtic would
  14. When you look at that line-up, it shows why International football is just so inferior to club football. We could never in a million years afford to buy those players (McGinn, McTominay, Robertson and Paddy Roberts bird), yet if they were to play Rangers, we would absolute dismantle them!
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