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  1. That gives me more hope. The game against Hibs they had not been coached together by the Celtic management. When they play Hibs, they will have had a week's training, which by Celtic standards mean they will have declined in performance significantly.
  2. Ashley is incapable of spending money on anything that is no tot his benefit. Probably still gives his Da a pair of sports direct socks for xmas.
  3. Honestly, I dont think we will be back to normal by the start of the season. It will be very limited numbers, if any supporters back in the stadium by then. Can you imagine how low their season ticket renewal numbers will be if they lose their precious 10 in a row and they crawl along with Lennon till the end of the season? Their fans will desert them in droves. Even if they start to buy their season tickets when the fans are eventually allowed back in, their budget for the season will be utterly fucked. The only way I can see them playing this is to struggle on with Lennon
  4. As much as it was a sore one them getting the title last year, it makes this year even sweeter should we win. Their 9 was tarnished with the league cancellation, and we will inflict the pain of stopping their 10 at the most heartbreaking time.
  5. I doubt he even knows he is talking about Celtic. Someone has paid him a few quid to basically do a shout out and probably thinks it's for a group of mates or a workplace.
  6. You kidding, we fucking love him. Needs to up his game though, was disappointing tonight.
  7. Be honest mate, there is no friend. Your da is Laurie ain't he?
  8. Lads he has got us. We are all sitting here heartbroken cause we died. 55 is gone, we just have to accept it.
  9. Only acceptable if you gloat so much to him this season to make him cry.
  10. Did we win or lose? Has to be on the losing side.
  11. Should get a lifetime ban for taking up precious airtime.
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