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  1. Only played they new layout, but honestly it was mind-blowing. I dunno why, but I found The Kings a real let down. It's about 6th on my list. Might be because I played absolute shit on it to be fair.
  2. On your 5th pint so you magnify the number of deaths by about 5 times, aye nae bother.
  3. Oh I see you have changed your number of deaths down a little from 270,000 to 70,000. Just a little bit of back tracking then.
  4. Im talking about in the UK mate, not the entire fucking universe!
  5. You have no idea what I look like. You are gonna end up punching the first smart looking cunt you see and he will probably kick your cunt in with his runty little legs whilst you wheeze away on the deck riddled with covid.
  6. The flu didnt kill 140,000 people whilst everyone was quarantined in their fucking house.
  7. Your brother is under 18 so can go in. Your mate is double jabbed, so can go in.
  8. Sorry @Sparkle, know its not on point, but I have to respectfully educate the audience on science. I will refrain from calling him a simpleton or intellectual pygmy though, just so that it is not too antagonistic. Okay Dan, when you say there is 'no evidence that it reduces transmission of delta', did you include this rather comprehensive piece of evidence:- https://spiral.imperial.ac.uk/bitstream/10044/1/90800/2/react1_r13_final_preprint_final.pdf "We show that the third wave of infections in England was being driven primarily by the Delta variant in younger, unvaccinated people. This focus of infection offers considerable scope for interventions to reduce transmission among younger people, with knock-on benefits across the entire population. Also, given the rapid rise of the Delta variant in Europe, the USA, South Asia and elsewhere, and its estimated increased transmissibility, patterns observed in England indicate what may happen elsewhere. In our data, the highest prevalence of infection was among 12 to 24 year olds, raising the prospect that vaccinating more of this group by extending the UK programme to those aged 12 to 17 years could substantially reduce transmission potential in the autumn when levels of social mixing increase" Like im not 100% sure what you count as evidence, like I know Sandra your hairdresser may disagree, but the above study does kinda indicate that there might be some kinda link behind it. Anyway, just to keep it on track. Dont go to Ibrox without the vaccine (unless medically exempt)!
  9. Like a kid on junior mastermind. Specialist Subject : Everything.
  10. Im perfectly self aware. I am fully aware that I come across as a pompous, arrogant, know-it-all. Its an unfortunate by product of being supremely intelligent and constantly on the money with all my points. Its just the price I have to pay for being better.
  11. Hopefully Lundstrum does the same! * This comment would have been hilarious two weeks ago.
  12. Would have put me in an awkward position given I report about 80% of your posts anyway.
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