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  1. There is software on the web that claims to do it for you if the method above does not work, but be wary about what you put on your computer as well!
  2. Im starting to think that the police have raided you, and in your last act before being cuffed and marched out, you have just come on here to check to see if deleting all those photos was actually going to save you, or could they still recover them and get you on the register!
  3. Open 'File Explorer' the little folder icon at the bottom of your task bar. Navigate to the folder your photos were stored in, but dont go into it. Right click on the folder and see if it has an option to 'Restore previous versions'. If there are various dates, roll back to a date before you fucked everything up.
  4. First off, stop doing things on your computer till you get advice. Even if you delete something permanently, it may still be recovered, as long as the space on the drive where it was written to is not written over. Can you use a phone or other device to continue talking on here?
  5. Mostly because the foreign press think we are the kind of club who might be interested in him. It wont be true.
  6. Im not 100% sure that you can 'sink' something over anything to be honest.
  7. Yea, Man Utd always have players on trial, as do Man City. I remember Freddy Adu, the most overhyped player ever was on trial at Utd.
  8. Really sorry for your loss mate. Just remember all the good times and things he taught you.
  9. http://www.rangerslive.tv/pricing.php It is the 'unlimited' one, which is the one that you get the live games with. There are cheaper packages, but these dont give you live games. You only supposed to be able to use this one if you are based overseas, but if you use a VPN, then you can make it appear that you are.
  10. Check the volume slider on the player. It was right down when I launched it, just had to move it up.
  11. Just as well i came in here! Thought the game was tonight and not an early kick off.
  12. Looks like it. Only way i could see this happening is if we were also under a bid for Tav. If Tav was to go then Moses would take up his role.
  13. He looks like exactly what we need from a player, the only issue is his injury history. If we get him and he stays fit, I have no doubt he will be a good player for us. If we sign him and he quickly gets injured, then it will be a disaster.
  14. What subscription do you have? If it is the one at about £25 a month, meant for international users, but you use a VPN to get round it, then I think you can watch the game already. If you have the season ticket one, then I think this only allows you to watch home league games, so you will have to pay again. I have the international one, so I think I have access to the game.
  15. It costs about £300 a year for RTV so it no far away from the price of a season ticket. The overheads are probably significantly less than it costs for giving someone access to the stadium. I.e. policing, stewards and cleaning.
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