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  1. Think I will be getting a replacement card then?
  2. Seen a few pictures of the new Smartcards. Does anyone know if it's only people buying new season tickets receiving new Smartcards or are those who renewed getting new ones also?
  3. SSN reporting that the two left because they felt excluded from the running of the club. I think this all goes back to the statement released when Whyte first took over.
  4. I'd rather Sunday, just give the taigs a bit of false hope, then batter Killie with 4 goals The mhanks will be launching themselves from the stands again
  5. I really dont see what point you are trying to make here?
  6. Thats that question out the window Killie have just phoned and said they will be posted out as the police have said something about not wanting people around the stadium without tickets ? I'm happy with that haha
  7. Hopefully its a full house tonight We have to be the 12th man and let the players know we are behind them. We need to be singing from start to finish
  8. Is anybody else picking their tickets up on Sunday before the game? I think its going to be murder if there is alot of fans collecting them on the day of the game. I might head through at some point this week to collect mine so i dont have to que for ages on Sunday.
  9. Never been so nervous before a game We need a nice wee early goal to get the party started and give Walter the send off he deserves
  10. I'd be more than happy with the same formation! Strong in defence and quick on the counter attack, rattle the fuckin bheggars
  11. Spot on there mate There is not one of they bead rattlers I'd ever want playing for The Rangers
  12. That gave me a satisfying chuckle Panic buys after the reptile couldn't secure the big signings he was promising Shouldn't be long on till the piggery is empty on a weekly basis again haha
  13. Can definitely see Barazite gettin signed up! Could not give a flyin fuck about Welcome tbh
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