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  1. Exactly. Does it really matter of we have score more than the other team.
  2. Too much time fannying about in Nandos and getting hammered. Poor professional.
  3. He will score today. Watch this space. Far better player than the wee hobbit.
  4. Complete nonsense. Law provides goals and has started off great this season.
  5. Andy Murdoch fan brigade won't be happy. Hate to say I told you so
  6. Stevie Thompson received 129 complaints for missing a penalty against Rangers
  7. Probably been manager at several clubs with your eye for talent lol
  8. With out sounding completely negative I think the boy Walsh is the one to watch from the youth players.
  9. How much football have you played ? I've played at a decent level for 12 years now. I have a deep understanding of the game and don't respect the condescending tone used here. I am sick of people on this forum in complete denial thinking players have potential when they don't. Murdoch was thrown in last year as a roll of the dice when things were down. He is not good enough to feature now we are getting back to our feet. Watch this space.
  10. Where does all the praise come from..? I don't remember him standing out playing against mediocre opposition.
  11. Wouldn't have him anywhere near the first team. Far too small and lightweight for Scottish football sadly.
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