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  1. That would be amazing if we could but he will still get another premiership loan I think
  2. Have we actually be linked to him ?
  3. Kieran teirney was thrown in at young age for the papes and look how that turned out
  4. We have not won a single thing while Morelos has been here. ?
  5. Also would have been much better if he actually done something in the 2nd half of the last two seasons. And also didn’t Bottle the penalty in the cup final.
  6. 7 months been waiting on an appointment of a manager and they hit us with fucking Gerrard: Fcking terrible
  7. Was out standing from start to finish I felt gutted at the end and I don't usually get emotionally attached when watch any kind of film but it's so well made. Got to think if they had made all the wolverine films rated R how much better they could have been
  8. Seen Logan on Wednesday night. Absolutely brilliant.
  9. Clash of titans is brilliant ?? I watched the town last night not seen it since it came out a while ago but a really good film
  10. Time is the mcgregor fight likey to start ? No chance al still be awake for it so going to set me alarm for it ?
  11. He that thick it's impossible to insult Diaz ? And away and don't talk shite
  12. Is he fuck haha Diaz can't handle mcgregor in that way he's to thick for a come back ? McGregor will destroy him on Saturday and anyone of a "posse" ?
  13. What a knock out good fight up on till then Khan was winning up on till then but matters not a fuck Khan will be feeling that for weeks ?
  14. How embarrassing is it Cunt singing the America anthem. Cringey as fuck got Khan to win by decision and money on the draw
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