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  1. Yeah that was with stena line everyone had colours on the ferry and bus but they were strict about drink the ferry on.the.way over was bouncing
  2. Last time we have to buy water bottles out the superstore and put our drink in.them to.get on the bus might just do the same on Saturday
  3. were celtic not linked with him ??
  4. why would we sign him hes terrible ??
  5. am sure its the scum that is linked with him and am sure they have been in the past aswell but ad take him especially for free
  6. not a bad player but we can get alot better who wants to player for us
  7. gutted the Cleverly fight is cancelled was really lookin forward to it and i really hope Groves knocks De Gale out think De Gale will go on to be a world champion but think he needs knocked out like Khan to realise hes not invinsible
  8. Diouf has been poor only really good for annoying the tims
  9. oh there hurting bad haha GIRFUY SCUM BAGS !!!
  10. av slated him in the past but hes been brilliant now hes getting a run in the team in his postion
  11. this would be even more of a boost goin in the game tomorrow knowing our future is safe
  12. a still think it will go thru dont know when bud Whyte's waited this long hes goin to see it thru now .. hopefully
  13. so its a good idea to be heading to London this weekend for my stag do then haha
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