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  1. Enjoy him whilst we have him lads as Kamara is gonna play at a much higher level. Just how far he can go will be interesting to watch.
  2. Hunger Strike lost in translation
  3. Seriously mate , he looks like he’s carrying serious timber French Shreddies
  4. So ehm, not wanna fat shame here but is this bloke ok ?
  5. Game one we were naive, considered ourselves home and hosed. Tonight that mob were well worth a draw. Did not help we were denied a stone wall and injuries fucked us, Helander, Aribo, Jack, Zungu (? Mibbie) would have came on. We had little options. We have in effect just put them out in a knock out situation One point needed? Two games. Could leave group undefeated. We might have picked up a lesson in this group but we’ve given more out. Half cut proud as fuck tonight to be honest. As a delightful extra, I’m wondering just how good Roofe
  6. Another for the collection. 5k
  7. A right old state they are getting themselves into 😂
  8. Which is hard to take as all that matters is trophy’s but without the progress that money has given us the next few years and what awaits would have had no chance .... and imho buckle up 👍🏻
  9. Absolute boz. We were well shy of the 3 year operational loss required in previous 3 years and FFP is currently suspended to allow for Covid impacts. The 16 million does not read well but we were accepting one offer away from breaking even. I totally understand there is bad muscle memory here but we have without doubt assets in that squad now. Tell you what though, anyone debating what SG has achieved here should consider the impact of Europe for us. 3 years qualifying from the inter toto five a side rounds, without that money ...... shudder
  10. Before drying your eyes get it off your chest. I will kick us off. I just got beat for £600 needing the Spain game to be over 2 goals. Georgia (yes GEORGIA) are a goal up at half time. Happy days thinks I. Think again. FT 1-0 Spain just failed to score against a team that Romania put 5 past a few days ago. I know friendly games are risky however FFS.
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