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    2. heathen fish boy

      heathen fish boy

      I'll be as passionate as the best of us supporting Rangers but would never resort to that behavior 

    3. markem


      Guy in front of me snapping seats, I said to him....I know your pissed off mate but we will get billed for that, to be fair and to my surprise he took my point.

      What was interesting is he and and another guy exchanged punches in the stand later on and not one Steward or Copper came near.  It could be they never seen it but that didn't really stack up as folk separated when they were hitting each other.

      Was a miserable fucking day all round

    4. heathen fish boy

      heathen fish boy

      I was at work,work Saturdays these days so dont get to games often,in cases of something like Bear on Bear scrapping like that,plod will hold off if possible and let fans police it,seen a few break out in the old east enclosure before it was seated,usually other guys would just split it up and back to the match,was at the piggery for the 6-2 so kinda know how Saturday felt 

  1. Hey mate - can only assume from your like you agree with me?

    Honestly I am thinking about chucking the forum, I just cannot take the negativity from some any more -  Its almost like they cannot wait for some our players to fail.  This one is pish, that one is a liability - I honestly thought we were really good 1st 45.

    Fucking pray we win it will be a frenzy otherwise.

  2. Fella,  

    Zen mate is a VPN that tricks RTV into thinking you are abroad.  I think you can get free VPN but I paid for Zen Mate as it was recommended.  You need google chrome for it to work.

    (1) Install google chrome

    (2) Install Zen Mate (think it was £20 for a year)

    (3) Set Zen mate to being abroad.

    (4) Buy game

    Haven't missed a game since doing it, and as I said you put a few quid into club so its all good.


    1. Gartsherriederry


      Thankyou for your help I will do what you said although my Mrs said she will do it as I am useless at these things .

      thanks again mate 

    2. markem


      No bother.  Seems more complicated than it is.  There might be easier ways but since I done that I haven't missed a game.


      Good luck

    3. Gartsherriederry


      Thanks il let you know how I get on

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