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  1. Leigh’s mental health will be the order of the day....be 💯 assured if that was us and not StJ fans the blame would firmly be with us by now I hope that’s put to the test Saturday .....and sure it will be
  2. Just seen Bruce explain to a Shelia that although Celtics away results haven’t been good their form has Ladies and Gentleman. The 2021 Magic Hat
  3. Despite being average we are getting into decent positions however we are back to needing about 8 shots to hit the target with one Its not good enough. Our last two opponents have pretty much scored with 1 opportunity
  4. It’s hard not to feel concerned with our track record but there are to many unknowns here imo to draw conclusions For all we know they’ve asked to speak to us, even pitch to us and that’s been it Fact is it did not progress - had it got anywhere down the road and been lucrative I’m sure we’d have been interested so be interesting to know what did happen.
  5. 💯 - it’s that simple .......so far
  6. There is not a chance in hell we thought we would go through legal proceedings without the impacted brand (cinch) failing to mention they had spoke to us We did not do a deal with them and without knowing how far the conversation got, why it broke down no conclusions can be drawn As I have said we would have reserved the right to speak to our other partners had we wanted to progress ... equally we reserve the right to challenge the league when they have progressed when we raised the conflict Time will tell
  7. They may have asked for our time and it just didn’t take off Their brand name is popping up a lot of places last few months...could be as simple as we were on their list to speak to as was the league
  8. We have no idea what was discussed mate. We may have reached a point in the road where the conflict was the barrier We may have been willing to discuss it in principle with a view to speaking to the other implicated partners. It’s entirely different from the league just going ahead. Key is we didn’t progress, if we didn’t progress for the same reasons our point is strengthened (Big if admittedly - that’s as speculative as any of it) Again from a novice point of view on such matters.
  9. But we didn’t do a deal with them. We (allegedly)had a discussion and didn’t progress. You would have been in conflict had you done the deal means absolutely nothing. Aunties and boz and Uncles stuff
  10. Dude/TSL - Cheers however I genuinely do not see how we can know what was discussed between us and cinch, why it didn’t go ahead (perhaps it was the very same conflicts) or what subsequent considerations/negotiations we would have implemented should we have went ahead, i.e discuss with any partner where a conflict existed. Having early (any) discussions are not the same as the SPFL going ahead and signing up - Unless I am misunderstanding, they just charged on when we alerted them to a conflict.
  11. Why is that mate? Us being in discussions with them directly is not the same as the SPL just steaming ahead when we had advised them we had a conflict issue with their agreement, is it ? Feels like two separate matters. Have to assume had we went ahead we would have considered any conflicts and discussed with all parties. Notably we didn’t go ahead. I am writing that like I have a clue when I don’t, what’s your thoughts why fucked ? I don’t see the relevance of a deal that didn’t happen.
  12. Any development on whether those vaccinated outside of Scotland will be able to enter ? Cheers
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