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  1. Good content There is no amount of misery would be enough. Pile it on.
  2. Mate is that a fact? - fucking ell 🤣🤣
  3. Aye but they’ll be due a good payment for their European campaign..................snigger
  4. How the might have fallen. A 10 year advantage and they are now behind us on the pitch and at very best (for them) on a equal footing off it. Nevermind they’ll be queuing up to renew season books I’m sure.
  5. Not saying this defines our season but by fuck when I hear it I’m like a guy hypnotised. Sat minding my own business, hear it and I’m giving up smoking, doing the Can Can and on a one man sash bash till 5am
  6. Slog tonight, been better, won game. That’s why we’re champions!
  7. True then, true now....right fucking up thum.
  8. No real reason for it other than guesswork but I won’t be surprised to see Alex Neil ending up in the frame for them.
  9. I reckon with the tele number finishing 1872 it the work of our own but I see your thinking 👍🏻
  10. Yup. Sky odds are 1/4 Rafa. I’d bet that fake letter has driven folk to pile on and shift the price.
  11. Sturgeon V Lennon V Walker What a time to be alive
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