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  1. I genuinely don’t believe his brand of controversial gobshit would bother them one iota. He’s exactly their brand of victim.
  2. I honestly think we create plenty, our problem is how wasteful we are in front of goal About thirty minutes in on Sunday we had had 7 shots 1 on target. Hibs 3 Shots, 2 on Target, 1 goal. It’s the same every week, there has been this feeling we would sometime soon give someone a doing. Turns out what happened is we continued missing chances and conceded.
  3. Indeed mate but there is no argument that we win that game if they make the easy call. We should not have to constantly overcome officials
  4. We win that game if officials once again don’t get fairly easy decisions wrong We all know whats at stake
  5. A thread for taking a pop at the yahoos and find bears in a running battle 🤷‍♂️
  6. Don’t want to speak to soon but this looks like another good bit of business (I’d concluded). We all of a sudden have plenty/different options and goal threats from many areas. To have accrued the injuries we did at weekend (can even throw Joe into the chat) yet look so strong is very encouraging.
  7. The sound of a rioter being shot in the nut sack 😂
  8. Pick a bet and should be able to apply it on bet slip ?
  9. Go into sky poker - click promo code and apply 10Free Can be used in sports betting. It works as I’ve just done it but I’d hurry up.
  10. This is a set of supporters that don’t think SG can get manager of the month as they didn’t play two games (of their own doing) yet celebrate a title with a dozen un- played games They are fucked in the head. Sanctimonious dirty .......
  11. Yet it’s okay for Beaton to regularly officiate our games despite receiving death threats.
  12. There’s many more. Haven’t sen that one yet though
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