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  1. Shows yi how fuckin bored i was watchin that pish today! Hopefully he'll do it again and i'll understand whats goin on haha
  2. I saw yous all facing us, actually looked class, but didnt see the guy joinin in, the whole section certainly did not stand up and join in. Where abouts was the guy sittin? Was he infront of the first exit, or behind it? Yous seemed to be lookin to the left of the stairway, or right from where i sit. Musta been near me, coz i coulda swore yi's were all lookin at me!!!
  3. Thats where i sit mate, section O/P
  4. Must have been in the enclosure or the club deck, there was about 5 of us in the main stand signing, as per. Few boys up the back always singing right enough. Slightly off topuc, they MUST do something about the shitey music before the match, that mix is fuckin garbage.
  5. The transfer thread rules are a real bugger aint they.... Rumour? No sourced? No Bad idea? Yes Put it in the correct thread? Oh yes please!
  6. I know this is going back over the cuellar deal, and i know most of us are sick to the back teeth of it, but how long far off playing is he? I would be happy to see wilson brought in on a short term loan deal, allowing us to buy cuellar late in the transfer window and being without him for maybe a month? I wont be happy if we bring in wilson and thats it, thats not good enough considering the standard of centre half we've been bidding for. I dont mind the odd loan deal, but filling the team with players with no long term future at the club is bad planning, plain and simple. And i still cant be
  7. Whats the latest with this one lads, took a break from trying to keep track of our targets and dealings, i have to admit i was, and still am to an extent, a bit worried.
  8. Na not really to be honest, im still trying to figure out what "rapy" means!!!
  9. The Rapy Sheepy Appreciation Society | Facebook www.facebook.com/pages/The-Rapy-Sheepy...Society/286508161816 The Rapy Sheepy Appreciation Society - Everyone loves Rapy Sheepy!! | Facebook. Hmmmmmmmmmmm
  10. I'll be honest with you mate, thats the worst joke ive ever seen on here, it doesnt even make sence. Yer gettin fuck all for effort aswell.
  11. I said he was, and i stand by that statement because, you guessed it, he is!
  12. Eh, because he didnt request the transfer? Transfer request = no loyalty bonus. Transfer without request = loyalty bonus.
  13. Dirty scummy bastard. Kind of comment id expect from a tim. I geniunely hope its enough to get you banned, im not interested in anythin u say or do from now on. Wankers
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