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  1. I missed the game today. Question if anyone is sober: Did Sakala do anything? Did he look any good?
  2. I've got mixed feelings, now that he's away out I wish we had him in reserve, I've always been half expecting him to step it up to higher level. But, he's had the same chances as say Roofe who has definitely shown a lot more, thus far he's been underwhelming. I think a lot will depend on what we see from Sakala, will be watching Fashion Jr closely.
  3. Will never ever forget this. Can't stop watching it and laughing out loud with actual joy 241127110_654952699243827_1966079175682022413_n.mp4
  4. Was just looking for that to share, couldn't find it.
  5. Haha, I chortled the first time I read that on here.
  6. Most savage threat ever uttered on here hands down.
  7. Sorry I know this is the 4th Helander thread or something, but this definitely deserves its own. The man is absolutely overjoyed here, and when he wakes up tomorrow I expect. As am I when I watch his goal and celebration. Happy for him to have this day he'll never forget!
  8. David Edgar on Heart & Hand signed off the postmatch report with something similar: "No captain, no manager, no problem."
  9. I only just got into them again a couple of weeks ago. I'm just taking 5 games, I was a single goal away today and just a couple last week.
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