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  1. Didn't expect him to say that. Quite a statement! Roofe must be glowing
  2. Gerrard saying in the post match presser that it's the best goal he has ever seen in person.
  3. I don't disagree with any of that. Time will tell, we need to show consistency
  4. Totally agree. There are a number of players in that squad who had lesser spells then found their feet. He's unquestionably going to do that, for me
  5. Ianis turned 22 today. Backing the guy to give us more moments like he did against Braga, it will come IMO.
  6. Scoring under those conditions, scoring right at the end to seal the game, scoring from his own half, providing his own assist battling like a tank. Amazing vision and execution. Just amazing, cheers big man.
  7. I'd say it was a standout, impressive performance. Looked self assured, brave, solid, consistent. Early days though yeah.
  8. It's not just the actual shot, it's the battling he did in the buildup play as well. What a fucking effort!
  9. How dare that man pull on Glen's shirt. It's enough to make me quite cross tbh
  10. Not sure how much the surface was a factor there, looks awful
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