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  1. How many times did people say "you spelt Copland wrong" to make you change your rank to that?
  2. I think that's just supporters keeping a close eye on his development. It's pretty normal to assess players in detail after every game. For me it's a positive if he looked a bit better tonight
  3. I know mate. Genuinely wanted to see if people on here thought he looked better. As I posted above I would have bumped a thread if there was one
  4. Yeah should have posted this in the Ryan Jack thread, soz
  5. He's been criticised for making errors and fluffing passes, he definitely has done that. Personally I wasn't overly concerned
  6. We usually do? Would have bumped if there was one already
  7. I was only half watching when he came on admittedly, but he was better no? Saw him digging in and winning a few balls. Didn't see him fluff anything. Although he could have.
  8. Was going to say pretty much what is in the OP. Was he not written off on here at one point?
  9. Classy interview as well imo.
  10. Totally agree, marking a player during a match should ALWAYS involve looking at him, only way to do it properly imo
  11. Porteous can fuck off, name sounds like an adjective and I hate adjectives tbh
  12. Tell you what we've been knocking on the door in the last 5 minutes and that's well deserved. Great touch by Aribo! Alfie scoring after avoiding a red as well, that'll have them fizzing yasss
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