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  1. I cannot agree with that mate. If Celtic can have a 60000 capacity, granted they rarely fill it, then so can we, in fact, we should have.

    disagree m8, i would rather have the current stadium as theres nothing worse than a stadium with 15000 empty seats.

  2. I think we may have already done that at least twice mate.

    we have m8. but im sure theres a few more metres left. imho our capacity is just fine and it seams to suit our following at games. they only way stadium expansion would be done is if we go to another lge in the future. be it epl/atlantic/euro lges/ etc

  3. (tu) I don't think that can happen now. I know people say take out the screens and put seats in but that can't be done.

    And with the club decks being their i don't know how they would be able to fit anymore seats.

    maybe lower the pitch a couple of metres and add 3-4 rows to every front stand. probably wouldnt be worth it though.

    think it would be possible to fill the other 2 corners in? would be difficult incorperating the red brick in

  4. Just some of the tags given to the deserters who left Rangers behind when the going got tough and ones that were thoroughly deserved in my opinion.

    There are two types of person in my opinion. On one hand we have those who want to stay in the trenches, even when the odds are against them. The type of people that will stand up and be counted, accept that they are in a situation they didn't expect to be in but that will take the bad with the good, dig in and fight until the end.

    On the other hand you have the aforementioned deserters. Those that have no stomach for a battle. Those that want everything to be easy and rosy and for victory to be a foregone conclusion rather than something you have to work for. These are the types of people that we detested for leaving Rangers behind. For chasing a pay day at our cost. Deserters. Judas'. Not real Rangers men. Traitors. Cunts. Sums them up really.

    Here we are now. In October. Pretty much split down the middle on this board about whether to stay behind a man who stayed in the trenches, with the odds against him. Who stood up and was counted. Who accepted the situation he was in and took the bad with the good. Who dug in and continues to fight on a daily basis.

    I need not name this man. He is in the Hearts (SFL3 feeder club) (SFL3 feeder club) (SFL3 feeder club) (SFL3 feeder club) and minds of every Rangers fan at the moment, for good or for bad. For us to have any respect for our ourselves, we need to get behind this man, this legend, and dig in with him. Accept that there will be slip ups, there will be heartache, there will be pain but don't ignore the fact that he will lead us to promotion. He will lead us to cups. He's a man with more backbone than I personally would have credited him for a few years ago.

    I don't expect there to be no criticism, no Rangers manager should be above this. I have partaken in this myself, and will continue to do so. But please, when you're at your lowest, when you're frustrated and embarrassed at a result that hasn't gone our way remember that Alistair McCoist didn't walk away from you when he easily could have. I won't walk away from him.

    like you read my mind.

  5. i wont give money to an spl team so im out.

    i think a good few others will feel the same as me. and anyone who says im just hurting my own club i would say that, cup games are extra wee cash incomes for the club not the regular streams like lge games and tv money etc.

    to make up for the money i would have given the club for this game i will spend an extra 20 quid in the megastore at the next game im at. all cash will then go to the club( not 40% to mwell).

    the pain is still too raw for me and i would feel the same about any spl team we were playing.

  6. Terry's a fantastic player, but at the same time a 24 Carat prick.

    id go with this great player, complete wank of a human being, the only ppl who could be bothered backing are chelsea fans(like i would if it was a ranger).

    i dont know if he did/didny do it, dont really care, each to there own, so dont see why so many rangers fans were defending him before raman twittered whatever

  7. aluko by miles for me.

    i think allys done about 50/50(good/pish) signings in his 12-15month spell. which is very good considering the markets hes been signing from plus lack of funds/wages and cw agent skills. hes done very well

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