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  1. very petty having a snipe at your betters
  2. sometimes when a loved one is being kept allive by the life support machine you get to a stage where you have to turn it off. sad to say the rangers are now in the bed and its time for someone to switch off the life support, its time to put the club into the history books once and for all. as to starting a new club from scratch i think we should also put that idea to bed as there was only one rangers i for one could not accept any other club being called rangers
  3. we might be better with one or two short in our starting side yesterday was dire a whole new meaning to the word inepitude
  4. as i keep saying its time to make arrests and get to the bottom of this whole matter right iam off to the pub and then on to ibrox tooraloo
  5. imagine any cunt making chips at this time of the morning
  6. well done sport you have put the so called rich homebased fans to shame with men like you and the fans we can win this
  7. sometimes the best way to hide/steal something is to do it right in front of the people who are being robbed
  8. hope your not one of thes eejits who cyles on the pavement
  9. this is my take by getting duff & phelps in he was trying to hide the full depth of his deception and his own lack of money to save the club he spotted a dying body and is attempting to strip the bones clean it amazes me that the serios fraud branch are not involved yet
  10. you sum it up in your own words ; worse for him, but it may have been better for the club after all hmrc have nothing to hide
  11. you missed out mr rangers andy cameron
  12. iam not talking about investing iam on about them lumping in some cash to meet the bills till the end of season
  13. where have all the rich rangers fans hiding in these days of need were are all the so called top actors singers and business men or are they scared to put their money on the line
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