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  1. Boy shouldve started today, absolute crime that he didn't. Do you think this is the beginning of the end for him?
  2. Game is flying past Defoe & much of the midfield bar Davis. Changes must be made at half time.
  3. Fuck off. I'll be in the pub. I wanted a channel that might be replaying the match not a lecture from a smart arse on giving Rangers 7 quid.
  4. Anybody know of any channels that will be showing a delayed stream of today's match? I want to watch it in pub on their box but need to know what channel it will be on.
  5. Only caught the end of the interview after match then heard Butchers, sutton etc talking about how what he said was strange, so what did he say?
  6. Aye i thought the same myself, maybe that's why they retired it
  7. I'm trying to locate the first trophy that Jim Baxter won, it was called the Dick Cup and is a trophy competed for by the schools in Fife. Does anyone have any idea where it might be nowadays? I've spoken to his old school and they told me they don't compete for it any more and have no idea of it's whereabouts.
  8. Anybody know where I can find a link to the hearts game yesterday? Looking for full game not highlights.
  9. I've seen me end up without a brief at the San Siro, Rugby Park and even Dumbarton's ground but don't think i've ever managed to get in without a ticket anywhere. Anybody ever manage this? If so where??
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