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  1. Finish bottom or lose knockout game
  2. Caught some of that and it was embarrassing how they were going on
  3. 3rd place teams play a knockout game to go into last 16 of the conference league
  4. Neither imo , we've stagnated and need either a major overhaul of squad or new manager
  5. Morelos , kamara , Davis, tav , goldson , mcgregor
  6. Arsenal put a cb up front then fuck about with the ball in midfield
  7. Tops were £25 in the lower leagues , you fucked up by fucking off during that spell
  8. I'm not reading all that waffle , shame on you Bob
  9. Cool so should we just exclude children with down syndrome since it doesn't suit your argument
  10. Been watching Derby days vids on youtube all day after reading in here Few great vids on there
  11. You said that all you have to do is buy a ticket to do anything else , that's not true , I've proven that as a fact and still you won't admit you were talking shite
  12. I'm not reading all that bob , you were wrong and just keep waffling instead of admitting that
  13. Wow , you shouldn't assume so much , nope that letter will be required on every trip Why would I need a letter from my doctor to take my niece to a trampoline park
  14. A letter from gp confirming a screening test developed by the British gymnastics association for Atlanto-Axial instability had been completed and participation was approved
  15. Must have imagined the medical questionnaire and waivers I needed to fill in before I could take kids into flip out
  16. No I choose not to let you out of admiting you were wrong , wouldn't worry it happens to us all
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