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  1. Yeah mate there and the olde club at tannochside i was told was my best places to go for a drink out here
  2. Not sure mate not been out this way long , just know up viewpark where I am its all fucking tarrier slophouses
  3. Nah its the old castle bar at uddingston cross
  4. Looking forward to getting a beer in it soon hopefully
  5. Was a shambles his scores and not for the first time
  6. Thats a really hard to read and disgusting article horrible , evil bastards
  7. New episodes of unsolved mysteries , first 2 decent
  8. He would have them out on the wrong day the daft fenian cunt
  9. Somebody said its 6 before a ban in the bears den earlier
  10. https://www.skysports.com/boxing/news/12183/12107339/ritson-vs-vazquez-eddie-hearn-questions-ringside-conduct-of-judge-terry-oconnor
  11. That keeper is shite btw but hopefully they all keep turning on him and keep ignoring ajer giving away the free kick needlessly and duffy playing everyone onside
  12. Brilliant, unbelievable service to the club , sure it was a nephew or some relative that helped on the tour I done a cpl year ago
  13. Yeah its gonna be a long season with ups and downs , important we as fans , plus players and management don't get too high or too low after results , gerrard looks a lot more focused in that department this season imo
  14. Because it was the most effective way of defending the situation
  15. Surprised at that tbh , feels like most of his flick ons aren't happening and he's not holding the ball up and bullying defenders anywhere near the level he's capable of
  16. Because their 2 defenders decided to drop in and protect the goal
  17. Yes ineffective, most of his attempts at link up play resulted in losing possession, the 1 a tarrier cleared from the 6 yard box is hardly being dragged away
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