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  1. I phoned a cpl weeks ago and said I wanted 1 of they new customer deals as I was pissed off paying more than a new customer , they said no so I got them to cancel everything, they call you back 2 days later and offer you the deal for slightly less than a new customer
  2. Checked shirt , farmhand, was it 1 of the dingles from emmerdale
  3. Tbf they probably do have the best squad in Ireland
  4. Frustrating , only needed mbappe after half an hour , was praying it was Ronaldo when they shouted goal in turin at the end
  5. Cunt wade , what a finish from that big cunt though
  6. Glad I checked before I stuck Chelsea game on , final just starting
  7. Yeah that 10/3 could look massive if he hits top form but could go to anyone
  8. I stuck a fiver on him at 20/1 back when he was brilliant in the pl , he was into about 10 near the end of that
  9. Unashamedly played the scf 3 times earlier because was i fuck losing a treble to those fenian bastards
  10. Buzzing for a bit of the yaya toure song
  11. I stuck him on e/w for the world's after getting carried away at last night's win
  12. Thank fuck , frustrating bastard wade
  13. Took him match treble the useless cunt
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