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  1. Check out the C****c statement - can’t help but have a snide dig and a wee inference! (I put it in capital letters)


    Scotsman Newspaper:

    C***c and Rangers have hit out at Irvine Welsh over comments made by the Edinburgh author.

    The Trainspotting and Filth author accused the Glasgow sides of not being interested in eradicating sectarianism, saying that without it the clubs would be the size of Hibs and Partick Thistle.

    Welsh, speaking at a launch of his book Dead Man’s Trousers in America, noted that Kilmarnock boss Steve Clarke spoke out after being called a “fenian b*****d” by Rangers fans because he had been away from the Scottish game for so long.

    He said: “It has to do with the Old Firm and the power of those institutions not really being invested in change.

    “Why would they be? Rangers without sectarianism are Partick Thistle, basically. And C***c without sectarianism are Hibs. They’re invested in that, and it serves them as enterprises.

    “You have to be able to shut down grounds and stadiums where singing takes place. That’s principally the way to do it because clubs won’t change until there is a financial incentive to do so.”

    Both sides of the Old Firm have rejected such accusations.

    A club spokesperson for C***c said: “These are tired and absurd accusations which, IN RELATION TO C***C FOOTBALL CLUB,  have no foundation whatsoever.

    “C***c as a club open to all since 1888, has always campaigned against prejudice and promoted tolerance and diversity. This will always be the case.” It follows a Rangers spokesperson saying that Welsh’s comments don’t help and that they failed to reflect “how seriously we regard this issue.”

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  2. On 3/31/2018 at 07:20, billym27 said:

    Couldn't give a fuck. If it brings money into the club then I'm fine with it. Some cunts just like to piss and moan for the sake of it or because it's got green writing lmfao. Those are the kind of people who would refuse to walk on grass unless it was blue. Get a grip ffs.

    Bring in money? From a local vaping franchise? Seriously? Whole thing is cheap and embarrassing. The point here is, for example our fast food sponsor should be McDonalds or KFC not the Blue Lagoon chippy! (No offence - the chips r good)

  3. 8 hours ago, Drumloyal said:

    FFS, you that uninformed about our own heritage? It's the Govan colours, also some claim it's a reference to the shipbuilding history of the area (black funnels with red trim).  Nothing to do with fenian blood, that's taig fables. 

    An oft mentioned fable. They may be Govan colours, I’d go with that,  but ships funnels, back in the day, were red with black trim, not the other way round!

  4. 18 minutes ago, Ace said:

    Just beware of what goes around comes around, Cardosos elbow on Moult isn't the cleverest either.

    McLean had a terrible game & the fact he was refereeing again tonight speaks volumes of SFA incompetence 

    The refs for Tuesdays game were posted by the SFA along with the Cup games. Interesting to see (after he also apparently missed a penalty at tonights game) if he gets “demoted”next week. 

  5. The American Bar is fine. Was there in April 2016 and took in a Saturday game at 8 in the morning. Yes they opened up that early just for the match. A few Scots turned up and a handful of locals. Not quite the same atmosphere as at a pub here watching the game but it was fine. Everyone gave the barmaid a couple of extra dollars tip given that she effectively volunteeered to open the pub early. 


     If it meant seeing the Rangers with a beer in my hand while in NY, then its fine by me. 

  6. Right, can we put this nonsense to bed. Today, none of the former players scored, for Ipswich, Notts Forest or St Johnstone (loaner).  

    From week to week they will or they wont.  So can we just move on and concentrate on the players that play for Rangers!

  7. 54 minutes ago, Virtuoso said:

    There must have been a u-turn then as they were previously rejected:


    Next time you google "rail seating" and "you know who FC" make sure you quote an up to date article. They do have rail seating, the article you quoted relates to when they were previously refused.

  8. 6 minutes ago, Virtuoso said:


    As an aside, are we going for full standing, or railed seating (as bheast fc had their calls for railed seating objected to for some reason).

    They have railed seats don't they? It's a condition for UEFA games that the standing areas are returned to all seated, which is also an issue if there was an attempt to have more than one standing person per railed seat (who would get the Euro ticket?)

  9. 17 minutes ago, Frank Harrison said:

    Anyone who doesn't renew because of this isn't loyal.

    Club would hardly be returning the fans loyality if it said, 20 years man and boy, thick n thin, Doesnae matter if you won't stand you can sit somewhere else whether you like it or not. 

  10. 1 hour ago, PRW. said:

    I'm no even reading the rest of the post after that. 

    Support of the clubs who take buses to every single home and away game is now meaningless. 

    If they don't matter then who does fs

    Then you didn't get the point. 

  11. All this support from RSCs and polls are meaningless (no disrespect intended) without a poll of all the actual people that matter. The season ticket holders inside the stadium who may be affected. The Club, if exploring the issue need to ask them

    A) are you in favour

    B) would you be happy for your seating area to be converted

    c) if so do you want to retain your own seat/space

    d) if not where would you want to be relocated to

    e) if safe standing is created in another area of the stadium, would you be prepared to relocate to another area to accommodate another supporter who has been displaced 

    Only with this information can the Club get an idea of the viability ( notwithstanding the cost or whether it is priority) of the idea in the first place. 

    There may be no individual section with a majority of supporters supporting conversion of their seating  or prepared to relocate

    There may be too many supporters wanting to relocate to a section that couldn't support them all.

    Bear in mind too that this does nothing for increasing attendance and so a business case for the expenditure might be challenging in the current economic climate. The Club is more likely to spent money on necessary or regulatory  stadium matters.

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  12. 2 hours ago, PRW. said:

    Thats fine, you prefer to sit down, thats your choice and its only right you have that option. Right now there is 50k seats for you to choose from.

    But there isn't that option for those who want to stand, sing and jump about for 90 minutes, so its only fair supporters get that chance. 

    There won't be 50,000 to choose from. Rule out Broomloan for a start re missing OF games and rule out wherever the safe standing was placed. If that was Sandy Jardine Front then that must be a total (BL + SJ front) of about 10,000 seats for a start. The majority of the remaining seats are probably populated by folks who like me wouldn't want to give up their seat.


    this will not be an easy issue to resolve particularly as those who will actually be in safe standing will be in a minority. 

    I've chosen my seat, it remains in the Sandy Jardine front, year 25. (I'll lay odds that most of those in our stand feel the same and don't want to move behind the goals in the Copland, or up into the Club deck

  13. I mentioned earlier that I have been in GF3 for 24 years and wouldnt want to move (from one of the larger seated areas). The point I should have made, and I guess I am not alone, is that I have SAT DOWN for 24 years and don't suddenly want to STAND UP for 90 mins in all weathers. 

    I do it at Hampden because, that's just how it is, but I'd rather be in my seat at Ibrox, jumping from it when we score or get a Beaton given against us!


    just my view

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  14. 2 minutes ago, jcb said:

    As a GR4,5&7 occupant for nearly 40 years i think you'll find i outrank you.


    Good for you mate but I still wouldn't support me (and a few thousand others that are clearly happy to sit ) moving to another stand. I expect that I am not the only "nimby" but good luck if an area can be found. 

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