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  1. Goldson should have been given an ultimatum at the end of last season, either sign a contract or find a new club (preferably the latter for me). I'd have sold Hagi and Kamara. I'd never have signed Simpson and Bassey. Nor would I have signed Lundstram, Bacuna, Ofoborh. The on-loan Itten doesn't fit our style of play so no wonder he's out on loan.. No idea what position Sakala is meant to be but he is no substitute for Morelos. The squad needed to be refreshed and that didn't happen. We have missed a great opportunity and Ross Wilson and others are responsible. Tonight's result isn't the reason for this post, it could have been said weeks ago.
  2. Frankly I've no confidence in our management team doing anything positive to turn our form around. We have been poor to awful since the start of the season. As someone else remarked, it's a wonder that we are actually still top. We are supposed to be a club bringing in good prospects, improving them, getting good performances from them and then selling on at a profit. We haven't done that with a single player since Gerrard and his backroom staff took over. We should have sold some players in the summer and refreshed the squad. Instead we have brought in flops and will struggle to sell them to anyone. Our player values will drop with every bad result and performance.
  3. Good to see that it has been found and put on display. In my opinion it is the best looking football trophy I've ever seen.
  4. I don't disagree about the likeness but I still think it's the White Rhino. Old books were notorious for getting names and photos mixed up. However, that is just my opinion.
  5. I believe that cup has gone missing over the years.
  6. I'm not sure how old you are or if you don't actually live in Scotland because these are the only two reasons why you should fail to understand what is going on. It is people like you and others of similar apathetic mindset who have allowed the situation we now find ourselves in. The other lot took command of the anti-Rangers, anti-PUL media and politics due to our side's apathy which was encouraged by SDM and his "turn the other cheek" mantra. Well that tactic failed us miserably. We should have more than learned the lesson from 2012 when they tried to destroy us and from 2014 when they refused to accept a democratic vote. We have an anti-UK administration which is not only utterly incompetent for the entire Scottish population but is also openly biased against our Club. The Scottish media has been overrun by left-wing, anti-British, anti-Rangers (so-called) journalism. We aren't offended by childish insults, we are offended by the fact that we are not judged to the same standards. We are pilloried by lies (Sweet Caroline in the dressing room) and for using the tune of 4 lads had a dream. Every minor transgression is magnified yet the other lot could commit all sorts of crimes and it barely gets a mention. As an example of anti-UK media bias, try and find an article on the BBC about a fairly large pro-UK march in Glasgow. today (Sat).
  7. First half was much better than second tonight but I found it frustrating how much we sat back when they were in possession. If we had pressed them higher up the park we would have stopped most of their chances. Aribo, for one, goes to sleep defensively far too often. Thankfully Brondby were hopeless tonight otherwise our carelessness could have been punished. For me, we are still nowhere near the same form as last season. Sakala will never replace Morelos. Losing Balogun to injury could cost us as the replacements just aren't there.
  8. What would be really amusing were the Rangers support to promote "Sloop John B" by the Beach Boys to get it far up the charts. The serially offended lot would have a meltdown.
  9. I like HSV but only 3 wins from 9 games. They are not looking any better than the last few seasons, in fact they have had better starts in recent years before falling away at the end. Last game was a draw thanks only to an OG in stoppage time against 10 man second bottom team.
  10. Hamburg have become an extremely poorly led football club. They dodged relegation by a whisker in almost every season from 2011 until 2017. Got relegated in 2018 and haven't looked like getting back up in the last 3 seasons. This season is looking to be another case of missed opportunity. For a club the size of Hamburg it is simply disgraceful.
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