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  1. If we can progress to the group stages we have a great chance to get rid of any outstanding debt and get us going forward without any need to sell anyone to balance the books.
  2. Back to talking about the actual game, I will take any win at all. 3 points on the board is the main aim.
  3. Have you been unsuccessful in 10 ballots? I renewed my 3 STs knowing full well that I could possibly be watching games on RTV like last season. I'm pretty sure everyone else was aware of that as well. I see no reason to moan about an occurrence which was a distinct possibility before renewing. Rangers FC needs our money to survive, it's that simple. As for non-ST holders being able to watch RTV for £9.99 per game, so what? It's additional income and being realistic, very few would pay £28 or whatever so it's better that the Club gets as many non-ST holders to sign up. Once the
  4. Refunded?? Why would you want to deprive the Club of much needed money?
  5. Sorry you were unsuccessful in the ballot mate. Every season ticket holder had the same chance. Friendlies were not included on your ST and you had to tick the box for them when renewing your ST. The friendlies were a separate ballot.
  6. I believe Kamara and Morelos still have 2 years left on their contracts.
  7. He was on the bench at Copa America game just 15 days ago. Would have been allowed a couple of weeks off after that I would expect.
  8. I think the new away kit looks awful.
  9. Why is it that no-one at the Club actually looks at how things are set up. Ticketing is a shambles. No comment on crowd capacity disparity. Misspelling our own players' names. Still nothing about taking legal action against MSPs etc. Amateur hour every time for matters off the park.
  10. Having to try every section in every stand is shambolic.
  11. That's because you live in the Faroes. Too much bother to get you a replacement so they send you the top quality.
  12. I'd just like them to sort out the quality. I got the orange top with fine navy stripes as a present. Hardly worn it, maybe 5 times, and the print is beginning to come off.
  13. Finally managed to get my two tickets (well I hope I've now got them). Clicking on the link in the email didn't work. I decided to log-in (twice) and somehow I managed to see ticket options thought trying to find out which section in which stand had availability was a pain. Bit of a shambles.
  14. I got the email for a Madrid ticket but when I click on the link I appear to have Brighton and Real Madrid options. When I then select Real Madrid it won't let me select anything.
  15. Watching Barisic playing against us was proof of his ability for me.
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