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  1. I was in 2 minds when I hit post before I'd made up my mind. I'm supposed to be a Mod as well. A significant birthday today (Friday) so age is obviously telling. Plus had a few beers after the game.
  2. It should have been 9 - 4 mate. Their penalty away was a dive. I'm not counting it.
  3. I hope our players don't think the tie is over after the first leg. They have some of their best players back .
  4. I believe the 3 are back training today. There is also a video on the RFC web site today of the 3 apologising for their behaviour.
  5. I am well aware of what most of us think of the rules but whilst individually we can accept responsibility for ignoring and breaking such rules, the bad publicity will not land at each individual's door, all the bad publicity will be on Rangers Football Club. The Scottish media and SNP administration will see to that. It will be Rangers getting the bad press on the front pages, not Billy from Bridgeton.
  6. Better to point out the obvious drawback than let people think it is a good idea. I've seen other posts on other social media promoting George Square as a venue. Plod aren't stupid and will expect a gathering there.
  7. I've hidden some posts to stop the childish insults spoiling another thread.
  8. If our fans congregate in large numbers the Scottish media will pillory us and Rangers name will get dragged down. We need to be smarter than this. Bad publicity will simply tarnish the achievement of winning the league. Is that what we want? We all want to celebrate this but we are still in a pandemic situation.
  9. I really couldn't believe how badly they treated the Gray family. I've listened to the family giving details of meetings and the discussions and everything they have said makes complete sense. A very clear storyline of the entire terrible time they have gone through. To then hear how this report has twisted the events is utterly reprehensible. As I listened to her speak I could identify exactly why she was so upset. The exasperation, disappointment and anger was obvious in her voice, I could feel the emotion. How she remains quite as dignified says a great deal about her.
  10. Just listening to that and the SFA have been disgraceful. What a nightmare for the Gray family.
  11. My mate and I went to see those games. Their players looked as old as I did then and I was in my 30s
  12. Has to be a team award. This season more than any other it has been a team effort.
  13. The caption is wrong for that photo. Someone has gone into their archives and taken out the wrong photo. It was quite a common occurrence for captions noted against incorrect photos certainly in my time. Lazy journalism. I had a pal who worked as a photographer in the Times and Herald then for the DR. I used to say to him about such mistakes but he would just shrug and say it wasn't his fault, he only took the pics.
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