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  1. One of the guys I know is married into Billy Simpson's family and he likes the Gers.
  2. No they mostly run restaurants although one guy fixes mobile phones.
  3. Why wouldn't he be a Turkish fan? I know a few Turks in Glasgow.
  4. McLeish won 7 trophies as our manager and he had to sell more players than he bought in cash terms. Approx £33m sold with only £17m spent in his 4.5 seasons. We've had a lot worse managers than McLeish.
  5. I prefer to be called "experienced Bear".
  6. 1) No 2) No 3) If we don't win the league (or if it is a lost cause by January) 4) A bit because so many tainted titles make it an irrelevance. 5) I'm now considered basically ancient even though I'm fairly fit and still play football (not walking football). A good number of posters have been very fair in their thoughts in my opinion and I find myself in agreement with many. I like Gerrard as a person and what he has done for the Club in terms of publicity and his general bearing. His appointment was a gamble which hasn't paid off in the most important area whic
  7. I was in the top section on that high terracing opposite their main stand. Absolutely mobbed. What a day though.
  8. It's far too soon to make decision on Itten.
  9. We were poor today but we were considerably better than Hibs over the 90 minutes and we should have won. Some poor finishing, some poor officials and some poor defending cost us the points.
  10. I used to be in the school rowing club and also the Clydesdale Rowing club. All the wee neds used to try to hit the boats from various bridges. Regular occurrence in those days.
  11. Fortuna Dusseldorf game. Great trip. Flew out from London after travelling down from Glasgow. Not the cheapest away trip I've ever taken. Not the most expensive either.
  12. Mark Allen didn't exactly excel for us. Surprised if the attitude rumour is true mind you. I could believe that he is maybe disheartened. Either way, he clearly isn't rated by Gerrard.
  13. I'd rather have Jones than Barker. Have to wonder why we signed Jones in the first place.
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