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  1. I don't rate Edmundson as a CB either although I think he is better than Simpson. If we sell Helander we need to bring another CB in.
  2. Simpson was shocking throughout. Signed for 4 and a half years so we better get him loaned out to see if he can improve with game time.
  3. The sooner they realise that this "tick-box" exercise to appease the PC brigade is a complete waste of money the better.
  4. Hi Iain,


    How are you doing?  We haven't heard from you in ages.


  5. Edited your post for you Ken   4 4 3 :lol:

  6. How abysmal was that tonight, Ken?

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    2. Ivybank


      Just seen the tail end of the incident ,young boy was singing magic hat song,and the cops went over to his father and apparently told him to stop singing as some of the lyrics might be offensive,I think they thought it was a loyalist tune or some nonsense like that,unfortunately that's Scotland under snp rule.have you got tickets for Sunday?

    3. JCDBigBear


      I saw something about that and the cops apparently insisted it was sectarian.  I'd have taken their numbers and reported them.

      No tickets for Sunday.  Need to be in a supporters club I believe.

    4. Ivybank


      Might have one spare for Sunday,is it 2 your looking for?

  7. Gogzy, how do I remove my vote on the merger thread.  I just saw the RM vote not realising it was for RF members only.


    1. gogzy


      you need to edit the OP, then use the "poll" tab to edit the poll,  can you remove comptons yes vote too pls.

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