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  1. It wouldn't matter who I said should be brought on as you have already dismissed everyone else's opinion.
  2. That isn't all true though. He could and should have changed Kent and Roofe as both looked tired. Kent was also not having a particularly good game. As someone has already posted, we paid some £5 million for Hagi and Itten. I think Gerrard should have changed it with Itten on in place of Roofe about 70th minute and another sub on for Kent 5 or 10 mins later. Benfica had already brought on 3 fresh players by the 70th minute and it showed.
  3. I wouldn't have gone to 5 at the back. I felt we pulled too deep and let their midfield start to really command us. I'd have taken Roofe off and brought on Itten and maybe Kent for another midfielder. That would have needed to be Hagi or Barjonas with no Jack or Aribo available. Not at the same point in the game though as I'd stagger the interruptions to try to take the sting out of Benfica's game.
  4. A very tempting thought.
  5. BTW were you at Muirton for his penalty hat trick? Used to like going there as you could get a few beers in the town centre without any bother. Some difficult games though as John Brogan and Henry Hall could ruin your day.
  6. That's a brave claim as we have had some great crossers from the wings such as Cooper, McLean and McCann. This could be another thread to debate.
  7. He once scored a hat trick of penalties against St Johnstone at old Muirton Park.
  8. He is playing a much different role this season and it is helping the team. We appear to be playing a system without a standard centre forward and the opposition are finding it extremely difficult to counter. He is more of a team player now and although he isn't scoring as freely he creates space for others by taking defenders with him. Of course we'd like to see more goals from Morelos but we are playing really well with this system and the results matter more than individual performances. 15 goals in last 3 games speaks volumes. Scorers: Tavernier 3, Roofe 3, Kent 1, Arfie
  9. 5 Worst (for varying reasons) Senderos, Barton, Dorrans, Grezda, Alves (i excluded loan players) 4 Best: Morelos, McGregor, Barisic, Kamara 3 Who left too soon : (quite difficult this one as there aren't many) Wallace, Kamberi, Docherty 2 Past legends I'd like to see in current side. (another very difficult one because I'm torn between 3 players. Bougherra for defence, Ferguson for midfield and Hateley in attack) I'll go for Barry Ferguson and Hateley as we would score more than we would concede. 1 Player as future signing: I'm trying to think
  10. Sandaza left long before we came back into the premier league. Hateley is a great shout for returning hero.
  11. Tav was signed before we got promoted to Premier league.
  12. Wee Bud is a lovely man. I've met him at a number of Rangers' functions and a nicer guy you couldn't meet. As for his playing career with us, he was brilliant. Lightning quick from a standing start, could beat men, could shoot and could head goals with him having a decent leap. Think he was 17 when he made his debut for us. First Scotland cap at 18. Played 393 games scoring 126 goals. Shafted by the SFA over hay fever tablets in 1978. One of my favourite players when he played for us.
  13. You need to know and understand accounts. The cash outstanding was probably not due at the end of June 09. As for Hutton and Cuellar cash, just look at the players who came in and do not forget their wages. When Hutton left in Jan 2008 remember that in the same season we had signed Whittaker, Broadfoot, Gow, McCulloch, Beasley, Cousin, Naismith, Alexander, Cuellar, Dailly and Darcheville. As for Cuellar money and one or two others, we then signed Velicka, Miller, Lafferty, Bougherra, Davis, Mendes, Edu and Niguez.
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