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  1. ffs I wasn't watching and the Mrs just told me, heartbreaking stuff. Pray he's ok
  2. Ffs, he keeps coming on my FB as a recommended friend as I went to same BB as he grew up and he’s on my friend’s list. His dad was an officer at mine and he’s now his spitting image; both genuinely good guys. I won a trophy for playing with Paisley and District because I was the first to play for them since him. Same school, same BB, always looked up to him. If indeed true, heartbreaking and sending positive thoughts to him and family.
  3. Watching Turkey tonight reminded me of virtually every team playing against us all season. Got the fuck all they deserved with such negativity.
  4. As weird an appointment for them as Pedro was for us. La la land for them when they thought they’d attract someone like Benitez, downgraded to Howe and now we’re here. Major wake up call for them that they have fuck all money, horrendous appointment, who’s only comments regarding them are implying Dalglish posters (aye right) and Scott MacDonald? Has shambles written all over it, no experience of European football, let alone British, let alone Scottish. Someone start the ticking time bomb.
  5. “Steve Clarke's Scotland can win Euro 2020, says former boss Craig Brown”
  6. We really need to improve the academy results and produce more Pattersons than the conveyer belt of years of development to end up in being released. In our country, we have the best facilities, the best coaching staff now - everything set up for you and yet we produce very little. About time it changed as it’s a model we should be benefiting from financially. It has its own thread and it’s hypothetical but if we sold Tav for millions, we have a home grown replacement that cost nothing so that’s profit to invest elsewhere. Unlikely that happens throughout the team but it shows what can
  7. He isn’t good enough for where we are, or where we want to be. End thread.
  8. Drew England in my work sweep (along with Portugal). Fuck supporting septic’s reserves anyway.
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