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  1. After another two dropped points from that lot today, we should need no more incentive than going out and getting 3pts to step ever closer to 55.
  2. Timmy - “it’s only 10 points of a gap, celtic will win their games in hand”
  3. I am loving all the negative publicity and sticking it to them from all parts of the mhedia. The timplosion is a joy to behold and one we all predicted would happen. I’m not counting our chickens but much much happier all the press is on them and we can continue going about our business in a quiet, calculated way. Now its them that like their statements, ironic, hypocritical aresholes.
  4. You couldn’t mark their neck with a blow torch
  5. These no mark clubs in England give it big licks because they spend money that very few other clubs / countries in Europe can. If a global institution like us were to be introduced to that income, it’d put us in a whole different stratosphere and our ability to attract better quality of players would put us miles and miles ahead of the likes of Fulham. Conversely, if Fulham were to play in our league, they could not then afford the squad they’ve spent shitloads on and they would be down mixing with the Hivs and Sheep of this world because they, as a club, cannot afford to attract players
  6. Meh Every single club looks after themselves, not one will ever consider what’s best for Scottish football as a whole if it’s to the detriment of them. I’d rather we kept quiet, went about our work in winning this league quietly and then, from the power as champions, commenced annihilation of said mhanks.
  7. 92/93 team as prev mentioned as treble winners and huge undefeated run. 97 - 9iar team was tempted to say 2008 team that reached Euro final but (not their fault) didn’t win the league.
  8. He’s been solid this season and one of the contributing factors to the excellent defensive record. Seems to have cut out most of the daft moments but I still get the fear at times with him. Deserves a lot of credit.
  9. ‘Youz pure let yer club die’ fuckwit
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