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  1. I hope you’re right mate. I spoke to one of their lot from work yesterday and he wanted him sacked after the first 4-1, they are absolutely spewing.
  2. We need him to be kept on for as long as possible. Mixed feelings as I revel in another pumping but could spell the end of him now. Team have given up, longer he’s there the better.
  3. He’s already on a shakey nail, if they get pumped now he’ll just be about gone
  4. Sad news but was always one that you thought wouldn’t reach old age. An absolute genius on the park and very few players carried an international team to success like him. Pele played in great Brazilian teams, Maradona’a 86 team was bang average outside him but he was unplayable that tournament. RIP ya head case.
  5. Main and Cosgrove up top, silky stuff ahead for the sheep
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