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  1. Whilst he was the better of the midfielders today and has improved, I feel he needs to move the ball quicker, he's part of the problem of the pedestrian pace of making himself look tidy with too many touches.
  2. I hate how refs in our league let cloggers like this get away with tackles like that. No wonder Scottish football never progresses.
  3. Slow, tragic, pedestrian, turgid shite. Week after week watching this shite, there's fuck all goals in this team SG, get it fucking fixed.
  4. Toughest draw we could have got tbh and we'll need to be on it to go through to the final
  5. Wish he had a bit more pace about him but changed the game tonight.
  6. In fairness mate, it's more about the polarising views of RM than specifically what you said. Here's hoping it's a fitness thing rather than he runs like Pena.
  7. Game lasts 90mins so irrelevant really if we score in the first or second half but by fuck we make it hard for us fans serving up that shite in the first. I'd much rather the game was out of sight at half time.
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