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  1. Interesting to see if they go down with every challenge like a sniper shot them from the stand the same way they did in both ties against us, plays to their ‘they were overly physical against us’ mantra.
  2. Just in case we were in any doubt, the Sheep are turgid shite. 4th best team in the country but.....
  3. Has the illness issue ever been disclosed? All seems a bit weird. I’d rather he played with ICT than ever appear back on the TV, his illeterism knows no bounds.
  4. Baldness beckons for that 24 year old! Not convinced he’ll play again with us, Balogun’s contract will tell a lot, if he’s extended then Simpson and Balogun will be backup and Katic will be shipped out on loan for game time. Sell on clause in it perhaps. He’s very likeable and plays with his heart but positionally needed improvement this season,
  5. Disclaimer......Kids....don’t play with fireworks
  6. Take Dykes out that team and look at the names involved, fuck supporting septic reserves.
  7. Slavia - we have raised a complaint with your police and will fully cooperate. Slavia - he won’t travel because he’ll be arrested and found guilty so we’ll say it’s safety concerns. transparent as fuck.
  8. The concept of buying low and selling high is exactly what we should be doing and then getting sell on clauses to protect us against multiple million deals post leaving us. To make profit on a player who has been with us for just over a year is good business when we will be selling players anyway. He is one I’d sell, still looks like he runs in treacle, talented but overall too lightweight for our league. Watching highlights of the EL and CL, there’s power and pace throughout but he has neither. He isn’t a guaranteed starter that we’ll build the team around so negotiate a good price and
  9. Bbbbut we’re Sevco so get this shite so far tae.......
  10. You missed an open goal with that one....Juan for the future 🤣
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