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  1. Another turgid display. This mob are here for the taking. The centre half is rotten
  2. Pretty telling stein's boy was part of the youth team and was removed without any explanation
  3. Gascoigne8


    So i didnt join at the start but if i pony up the dough then my points from aways and season books last year would allow me to jump the queue in front of someone who signed up on day one? Scheme has been a shit show since day one. Poorly thought out and poorly applied
  4. Didnae look it today and to be fair i would describe him as shite since he signed
  5. Problem is you have to match the shite teams work ethic and thats when skill and talent come through. Can you honestly say zungu is any better than their midfield? I dont think he would look out of place with them or killie
  6. Chronic performance. 5 or 6 at this point trading on reputations rather than performances
  7. Same for me. Hesgoals the night and deal wae this shite tomorrow
  8. Cannae stick Negri. Absoulute fraud of a player, downed tools when it didnae suit him
  9. They have to go for it as they are in the position they cant win the league tomorrow but can go a massive way to losing it. I think its set up for one of our european type performances with them having the lions share in the middle and us hitting them on the break. Can see them going 352 with the thumb and that other cunt up front so we need to be solid at CH and personally I would go for Goldson/Balogun rather than Helander. Arfield will be a miss as he usually has the lego muncher in his pocket but that goal against St Mirren will hopefully have Alfredo getting the scent of blood.
  10. Monkey off the back now in my opinion. The unbeatables tag was getting dusted out by the media etc. Never happy to lose a game but id rather be out of the cup than drop points in the league. A wee shake to remind us theres still ages to go
  11. Any chance we could wrap this "french eddie" shite on the head
  12. Brilliant. Got £90 back last night (having difficulty posting screenshots just now)
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