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  1. I was 19 when they stopped our bid for 10 but i will say one thing that differs with the respective bids for 10 , they have never recovered from our period on top mentally. We have absolutely destroyed a generation of them
  2. First game was a league match vs Hearts in 1984 (I was 5) but one that really sticks in my mind more for the strips than anything else was the game vs Boavista in '86 (googled it, 23/10/86). Sat in the red seats at the back of the Govan. Now a season book holder with ma boy and rarely (apart from Killie) I dont get a thrill from going to the game
  3. Just because my digestive system hasnt been assualted by turkey twizzlers and findus crispy pancackes over the years means im no ready for that challenge
  4. My father in law had it done and he was too quick with his rehab mate (self employed and needed back to work). Nearly destroyed the replacement by not giving it time to recover. It was a bit of a mess after the op but again, give it plenty of time
  5. 7 votes against 6 ........... In a 12 team league
  6. To be fair id rather say no to systematic child abuse on an industrial scale and not calling the authorities to report said horrific crimes. But you bang on mate 👌
  7. Im quite sure that "IMO" is a popular phrase in Turkey
  8. No really got that time but mate. A poor mans Herrera
  9. I think 36 players signed says it all to be perfectly honest
  10. And im 250 games into watching Tav pull up short apart from a Petrofac cup
  11. Behave, if morelos does his job and buries that header we win the game
  12. Never gonnae win fuck all with Goldson, Helander and the serial loser that is Tavernier. Barasic is a standout in our defence and he'll be away soon so we might as well find out what declan john is up to these days. Cannot for the life of me figure out how Gerrard cannot read the flow of a game. celtic are a jaded spent force from the team of a few years ago and this was the big chance. Fucked it now
  13. Because he is fuckin clueless when it comes to identifying what needs to be done.
  14. We started this "journey" with a squad of useless bastards and season after season we fill the squad with more of the cunts. Fuckin heart sick of it
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