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  1. McLaughlin is a back up, nothing more. McCrorie should be between the sticks for the next few games imo.
  2. Nae danger someone on £9 an hour is gonnae risk getting pannelled because they refuse someone entry 😀
  3. I take it there is still no actual format agreed as to how this is going to work/be policed. Still cannae see it working whatever they do to be honest
  4. Aribo, for me, is the best "touch" player we've had since Gascoigne. Another 5 yards of pace and he would be real top drawer. Can see why Bowyer at Charlton took the huff when he chose to sign for us
  5. Barasic looks miles off of match fit imo. Seems to be struggling to get back to where he was
  6. The idea is you make changes to the squad when you are at your strongest. They way we are playing this weather you wonder if that ship has sailed.
  7. Surely Malmo are taking the piss here. Home kit light blue, away kit dark blue. What about when we had to wear the red centre parcs number (v grasshoppers?). This should have been sorted well in advance. A rush job to get it out so we at least have one game in it
  8. Whats the gig if you are not successful, rangers tv again or has that offer been whipped ?
  9. Im in the queue the now. No bad tbf
  10. You been yet?, im heading in in the next 30mins
  11. Did she no pump Sven when he was England manager? Shes done well for herself
  12. Was of the opinion they were absolute rats but myself and @RFC55 read the creditors report and I for one was massively wrong on those two. Still hate naismith though
  13. Behave yourself. Aye totally random draw wae all the same faces
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