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  1. I was just saying this in another thread. Breaks my heart that my brother and sister aren’t here to see us right the wrongs. They’ll be watching from above though.
  2. Tears, fireworks and copious amounts of alcohol
  3. Too soon! Plenty of time for the party when it’s won
  4. And the staircase tragedy. This guy is beyond contemptible
  5. And the hanging effigies, and the tv ‘cartoon’ of Ally committing suicide...
  6. Just win Rangers. Ugly, lucky or whatever I don’t care, just win.
  7. It’s the importance of 55 - this season transcends everything and common sense flies out the window if there is a threat
  8. Thread has run its course I think. It was baseless clickbait and doesn’t need the oxygen of publicity.
  9. The thing is, it gets the message out there that Jackson is yet another Lawwell useful idiot - and the Record is happy to facilitate the insidious anti-Rangers PR. I can’t understand why Rangers fans continue to buy or read online this crap.
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