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  1. I reckon whoever passes the ball to Weiss to hit the free kick deserves credit, right into his hands and if it was anywhere else chances are the quick free kick option wouldn't have been viable
  2. Got 52. Missed Webster, Beattie, Gow, McMillan, Rae, Ehiogu, Buffel, Burke, Murray, Faye, Emslie, Furman, Aaron and Rothen. Not too bad .
  3. This explains the Loovens own goal then ! The useless bastard was just trying to get his manager a draw !
  4. Hopefully we start to see a more creative midfield that can control games and be patient when they need to, of course it's all dependant on wether or not the Eagles deal goes through. Let's just hope Walter doesn't go for Eagles on the left with Davis on the right and a midfield duo of Edu and McCulloch . . .
  5. It's imperative we bring in a winger after this loss, if possible. We are quite populated in the centre of the park but not exactly blessed with flair or final product. Edu and McCulloch in the centre must be avoided, the pair of them are as hard as nails but there isn't much creativity. If we don't bring in a winger it will condemn us to having Davis shoehorned out to the right and the previously mentioned pair in the centre. Hopefully we can miraculously land Eagles and then I will see a positive side to this Thomson deal, 'tis bleak though.
  6. Fair enough, it's on a West Ham forum but you give a little, you get a little ! What a Larf ! EDIT: Turns out there's more than just Capello 'shops. Just got caught up in the hilarity
  7. This what you're looking for mate ? Shopto Top quality site for Xbox related stuff mate, should keep an eye on it.
  8. Spot on there, mate. 44 goals and not one against Shellick. Quite surprising really . . .
  9. v2. Added text and a few more textures, I think this also looks quite good. C + C ?
  10. Cheers Kev, I couldn't really find a text to fit after I put the game logo behind the render and I think I just forgot about it. Will add a V2 soon
  11. ChrissyBoy

    Too Human.

    Main character in the up and coming X-Box 360 game, Too Human. Quite pleased with it.
  12. ChrissyBoy

    David Villa.

    Quite pleased with my latest !
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