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  1. Since its looking like we've won the league again, I've been sitting up watching old videos. Got to mccoist goals v celtic. It's about 25 minutes long cos the amount he scores. I'm 33 so ally was my hero as a wee boy. Ally the manager soured things, but watching this, ally is my favourite ranger again
  2. Another good performance. Can tell he's a confidence player n growing into it.
  3. Was gonne say him. Was obout 12, big Zidane fan and buzzing. Obviosley knew nothing of him but kept hearing 'new Zidane, new Zidane' What a let down
  4. They've beat a championship team after 120 n pens. Ross County n Hamilton, now all of a sudden they're the best team ever to kick a ball. Please put these cunts in their place
  5. I think harsh to drop hagi. Been productive the last few while Kents been poor. But the phaedo cunts are terrified of Kent.
  6. It doesn't matter who got the goals. But I get a wee extra kick out buff scoring for some reason 😂
  7. Same team, same result. Buff on later for a goal n hopefully jack a good run out before the bheasts come to town
  8. Just what I needed, and probly alot more needed, a comfortable nerve free night. Thought aribo was brilliant, hagi not far behind. Everyone else was good enough. Maybe Kent a wee bit below the rest but worked hard. That's got me more confident for the hibs game. Wouldn't mind the same team
  9. --------------mcgregor----------- Tav----goldson---helander--borna ------arfield--zungu---aribo------ Roofe---------itten-----------Kent Couple changes, but still a strong team with plenty options on the bench. Wheres Jack btw?
  10. ---------McLaughlin-------- Tav--goldson--helander--bassey ----Aribo--barjonas--kamara---- --------------hagi-------------- ----------defoe--itten------------ Be a game Gerrard will be furious he cant call on Jones and especially edmundson. Shame for Patterson he'll have to miss out
  11. That's the way we should be looking at it too. Keep the foot on the gas
  12. The tops a belter. The 'gazza top' will take some beating though
  13. Will there be an individual sale for the Europa games? I can't commit to the 3 games but would be looking to buy for any games I can make.
  14. Why wasn't katic with croatia?
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