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  1. Said at the start I'd take a backs to the wall shite, hanging on performance as long as its 3 points. But after the game I can't help feel a wee bit disappointed. The fact I'm a bit disappointed after a comfortable win makes me feel like maybe the standards are starting to pick up again
  2. Can see some tired legs after playing in that swimming pool last night so wouldn't mind seeing some changes. ——————mcgregor————— Tav—goldson—helander—bassey ———Jack—Davis—aribo——— Roofe————itten————Kent. 6 changes to the starting 11 from last night and still a strong team. What a difference to the last few years
  3. McLaughlin is a very very good keeper, but there's few keepers on shaggers level . I Was one for saying I'd take McLaughlin. But I've. Sobered up. Shagger is no 1, he's the best we've had since the golie.
  4. I kinda get the logic of aribo as a cdm, he's big, athletic, comfortable on the ball. But he should be further forward. Skinning cunts, getting in the box and being an all round beautiful player
  5. Probly toughest game of the season so far. Can't argue with their form, but they've been weaker at home. If we keep up what we're doing, dominating games, limiting chances against us and making them ourselves then no reason why we can't take 3 points. Junkies 0 - 2 Rangers
  6. "dissapointed that we only scored 4" That's it for me, at full time I thought, fs we should of scored more. Had to give myself a shake. Was 4-0 n played really well. 5 year ago me would of gave me a slap for feeling like that after the game
  7. Reckon we'd see most of the play down tavs side. Maybe see Kent pushed further wide left. Hope aribos back to come in to the am
  8. With barasic possibly missing id be wanting to keep the rest of the defence as settled as possible with tav goldson and helander
  9. Is still Rangers friendly. But they're a bit strict with numbers just now with covid. Be hard to just walk in on a Saturday at half 5 with the game on and still get a table that can get a good view of a tele. @giffnockger
  10. We weren't great. Another comfortable game defensively against another team who weren't trying to win. Keeper and chs 6 - nothing to report Tav 6- tried to get forward, assist Borna 6 - tried to get forward assist Jack n Davis 6 - kept the ball without doing much with it Kent n barker 7- tried to make things happen, big improvement second half especially barker Roffe 6 - pretty poor, goal upped his score Itten 6 - much better second half still wasn't much of a threat
  11. Aye a formation of like to see us try, especially at home. But we all know its gonna be 4-3-3 the 2 holding mids and probly arfield
  12. —-------------mcglaugllin------------- Tav------goldson---helander---borna ------------------kamara------------------ Roofe------------hagi---------------Kent --------------morelos---itten--------------
  13. ' didn't mean to release that but glad people like both. We didn't make they jumpers but we usually would so fuck it. Cheers for buying so much stuff, you've made us a fortune 🖕'
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