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  1. Hes 46 mate. Whatever he had went 10 years ago.
  2. Persona does change as the money runs out. He should have played in the run in 98. Smith wanted McCoist in the team. It was world cup year and he thought the carrot of a place in the squad would have brought the best out of him even though his arse was the size of Millport. Thats the real reason Negri spat the dummy.
  3. Arsenal brought in Steve Bould to coach the defence. They're still pish.
  4. Irelands an island right. Why didnt they go fishin. Bunchie Donovan
  5. Surely a statement from Ally McCoist or Charlie Green would be proof. Who knows maybe someone else who was present would come forward.
  6. And thats why im here today. Ripping him a new one and banned for "hectoring"
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