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I am still incredible pissed off about yesterday and feel the need to vent my views of the game yesterday in order to get over it

firstly miller and novo couldnt stand up yesterday never seen anyone pro footballers fall ova so much with or without the ball . . . i am far from novo's biggest fan when he is fit i think he snatches at to much and lakcs in every department apart from passio and workrate, but when he is barely fit why was he brought on in a game we needed to win

DAILY! . . . nuff said love to hear a reason behind his apperance yesterday i thought we where behind and trying to win the game . . . but maybe thats just me

Smith giving way to much respect to them! 4-5-1 in a cup final we re not playing for the draw FFS

I think thats enough negatives for any game tbh, the only postive i can find from yesterday was barry showing us his passion for the club altohugh not a great game for him his running and commitment was sumthing u could only dream of seeing from some others . . .

depressing over all, but hopefully smith will get the sack or atleast for once learn form his mistakes and we can go on and finish the season on a high . . .

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