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I don’t understand this, when I played football, years ago, I never gave anything short of 100% effort, probably like most of you on here. This present Rangers squad doesn’t give a shit. The manager sitting in the stands, he’d be as well watching the game from the comfort of his lounge chair. A team that throws away a 2 goal lead in a match they were dominating, and that’s only Saturdays game. It is nothing short of atrocious. We constantly rely on other teams keeping us in the title race. If this team had even played at half throttle the title was ours weeks ago. I still think we can do it, but I want to see US do it not get it handed to us by someone else doing our job for us.

It is always cried out ‘we are the people’ true, but only the fans are. NOT this team.

Sorry for the rant but I just don’t understand the mentality of our whole club, management and players.

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Very similar experience to watching the Edmonton Oilers at present. The Oilers team in the 80's and 90's was fantastic but since then the team has struggled. We still sell out every home game and 3 years ago we had a run to the Stanley Cup final. IMO the problems are entirely the same. The players are treated like gods in Edmonton even when we struggle. They are paid incredibly well even though a number of guys in the squad are relatively unproven. The coach seems to accept mediocrity and think he should be above criticism. He relies on that one cup run to demonstrate his ability, though the key defender that made the most impact is now gone. There is no style in the team and half the players look uncertain of what they are supposed to be doing.

The solution, IMO, is to bring in a coach who doesn't think being at Rangers is a big deal. Souness arrived fairly ignorant of Scottish football and more than a little sceptical. While our players thought themselves big shots, he'd been a big deal, captaining a European Cup winning side. He made short work of the primadonnas. A coach also has to develop a style for his players to follow. The trouble for Walter is he now thinks dull, defensive play to grind out narrow wins is the way to go. I think the lesson of last season is that playing to not lose is enough for second but only playing to win gets you first place.

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