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Question: What, exactly, would a new owner be buying?


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Whether it be a one-man multi-millionaire deal, a consortium or a fan-based assisted buy-out.....what exactly would we/they be buying?

The Stadium and the player's are a given, but what else?

Murray Park?

The Albion?

Shirts, merchandise and the like are in the hands of JJB - surely that's a separate issue?

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The bottom line is that everything is negotiable.

Murray Park - I presume the new owner would want Murray Park, which the club currently owns, so no issue there.

Albion - the club has a long term lease on this, possibly over 20 years. However if I was buying the club, I'd prefer to get this as well, assuming the price was not an issue and I'm sure it could be part of the deal.

Edmiston House - RHL are in there now, and I doubt that it will be easy to getm out or for MIH to part with it. I'd expect it not to form part of the delam, but you never know.

The JJB deal - yes, separate issue, although I can't swee the new owners wanting to bow out of the deal.

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