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  1. The only thing I remember about him was he should have been sent off in the 2-0 game at Ibrox the day Thompson and Sutton were sent off. He was already on a booking and deliberately studded Vignal in the knee on the halfway line at the Main Stand side. Edit: I've got my Camara's mixed up. That was Henri Camara.
  2. Yeah totally. But he was lucky that the follow up from his clanger didn't go in. Different game if it did. Just glad we benefitted from the same mistake at the other end as that changed the match entirely after our poor start.
  3. Tav, McGregor, Goldson and Barisic have got lucky a lot tonight defensively.
  4. Goldson again coming 7/8 yards forward too early from his defensive line. I really wish he would stop doing that.
  5. How has this game still got 20 minutes to go? Has dragged on since we scored our third.
  6. I wonder how many minutes Hagi has spent on his arse in this game
  7. Tilburg is only 20 mins from the Belgian border. Maybe the closest major airport?
  8. Some save there. We need to get to half time without conceding and then make sure we concentrate at the back more. Goldson didn't need to step up that quickly there.
  9. Me 5 seconds ago: Take him on and shoot... NO NOT FROM THERE FFS. FUCKING YAAAAAS.
  10. Too easy again out wide there defensively. Need to sharpen up.
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