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  1. As long as that dog shit Chelsea side get nowhere near the final
  2. It's not a penalty under the rules of the game. And the ref fucking up Bellingham's goal after Ederson's playacting in the first leg.
  3. The Dips are out though so that's fantastic news.
  4. If refs done their jobs properly over the two ties it would be 3-3 on aggregate and Dortmund currently going through on away goals.
  5. Will be interesting to see if UEFA generates and publishes a Case Law report for this. Probably expect one publicly in a week if they do.
  6. Updated statement no longer makes sense.
  7. Yeah, but someone has been paid to write that statement.
  8. Rangers have now come out and confirmed but just weird I can't find it in the usual place and its also in an odd format.
  9. Just double checking where is that from? I can't see it on the normal UEFA page.
  10. What I find odd is that he's got less games for a supposed deliberate assault than Roofe, whose 'assault' was obviously non-deliberate.
  11. Their statements were so fucking bizarre. This was always going to be the outcome once it was obvious two Rangers players had heard it.
  12. Exactly. I mean at the end of the day its as daft as when you see Parliament put definitions in legislation that contort the ordinary meaning of plain words. In this case it's not making it up as they go along, its just the disciplinary regs are fucking baffling to begin with.
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