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  1. One thing Walter gets lauded for is his tactical nous for individual games but I think where he is under-appreciated is his tactical flexibility across his entire career. Until we signed Laudrup we were a relatively standard British 442 team. Laudrup was a game changer, it meant we could jettison wingers and from 94 until 98 we played a variation of 352 or 3412. On his return we changed between 442 (sometimes 433) for lesser domestic games and 451 for games against Celtic and then in Europe we played either 451 or 541. He was a master at knowing exactly what he could get out of his squad, he knew their individual traits inside out and it meant he could play Albertz as a wing back, Broadfoot as a right back, Davis wide right, Whittaker as a CM and we would be absolutely fine.
  2. I think the hard and high press has been ditched this season for fitness and injury maintenance reasons. We only press if we need to once we get a few subs on at the end of the game.
  3. Definitely encouraged not to shoot and I suspect it’s because xG says it doesn’t create clear chances.
  4. He may well have some claim to training with the first team squad etc and maybe getting a run as a sub, but a hat trick against a mid table League One side in a cup no one cares about isn’t really much of an indicator of first team potential.
  5. My abiding memory of that game was James Beattie desperately trying to run about but he was basically a sausage roll with legs. He was completely off the pace So many random things have popped into my mind in the last day. One picture I can't get out of my mind, must have been from the Rangers News from about 93 or 94, and its a picture from training where Walter is having a carry on playing air guitar and it was captioned something like 'Walter Van Halen'. I don't know where that has been hiding in the memory bank!
  6. Also toiling against Hibs until Weiss came on and changed the game, we didn't really click until about 25 minutes to go. Didn't get to a single game that season but it remains my favourite ever.
  7. Wet pitch tonight and we are passing the ball like it's a meadow with six inches of grass on the top. Aberdeen fizzed the ball about with pace on every ball. Maddening watching teams come to Ibrox like that with a bit of purpose to their play while ours is like being stoned watching your Mum have a go at FIFA.
  8. There's a great part of me who actually enjoyed doing that tonight mate. No McGregor or Davis etc on the pitch so it was basically down to the fans to say we are Rangers and this is not good enough. I've never seen the crowd go that tonto collectively before.
  9. Certainly a different vibe in the air from normal.
  10. Walter's sides could get a tanking off any team in the league once or twice a season (especially at home), and yeah we could play some turgid stuff at times, but you were always confident in any of his sides that we would be there or there abouts by the last game of the season. As @DBBTB said yesterday you just felt safe with him in charge, it was like having a great comfort blanket. Walter obviously earned that right because that type of performance tonight I've seen from his sides too but you wouldn't be overly worried. I think until Gerrard's won another league and a couple of cups, games like tonight will give us the fear.
  11. Was dreading today and already feeling pretty emotional and then got off the subway and the Louden was playing Wee Spot in Europe. Immediately choking back tears as that was my Dad's best mates favourite song - he passed away in 2016. Decided I'd go see his memorial brick and the whole way walking down Copland Road and up to the stadium to see it, lips pursed, face tensed trying not to let it all out. Got to the brick and the floodgates opened thinking about all the games we watched together on TV with Walter as manager and all the moments we shared.
  12. Can't even be bothered typing out a post with everything that was wrong tonight as it would definitely be a TL:DR. In a nutshell: Mentality, concentration, technical ability, tactics, the whole shebang missing tonight.
  13. Not going to lie, the bollocking the fans gave the players after the goals was delicious. Absolutely nowhere good enough.
  14. Still doesn’t feel real 😞 I’m dreading tonight.
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