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  1. You may be thinking of the Milan European Cup tie in 1958 which got switched to the Arena Civica?
  2. Arribas and Blanco are meant to be quite good young players.
  3. Next you’ll be telling me that the Tartan Army didn’t boo Ryan Jack, they just booed the concept of him being a Rangers player.
  4. Horseshit. If Kamara feels like he wants to take a knee to protest against racism then why does he have to deal with knuckle dragging idiots in our support booing him?
  5. I said should have, I’m not saying he was. It’s not an uncommon opinion either and it’s not mine - I said I’ve heard it from others. Although I would say that Barry Ferguson was not a world class player. He never did anything in his career to remotely justify getting near that accolade. Would agree though he was one of our best midfielders ever.
  6. That was a couple of years prior in East Kilbride I think.
  7. I've heard a few people say he should have been a better player than Barry, including my old man. I've only seen him from videos, and tbf did look like a class player.
  8. I'm sure he said Souness seemed jealous of him and McCoist and that Souness thought he was a bad influence on Durrant. I think he's mentioned before about what finished him was the incident on PWR with Durrant when they were both arrested. Durrant was still on crutches at the time. I think he got shipped off on loan to Dundee not long after and then sold to Hearts.
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