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  1. Get f****** you lady's front bottom.
  2. Site censored autocorrect. Its the same on Follow Follow.
  3. I looked it up after he said that and apparently you can get the jail for it
  4. The other funny thing is last week there was a lot of people in the media cutting him slack saying Dubai probably wasn't his idea but he should have said to the club that it was probably not a good idea to go - but he's actually admitted it was idea and he's doubled down on it being crucial to getting work done they couldn't have in Scotland
  5. I don't believe for a second that he doesn't have the ability to contact Andy Walker himself
  6. Not only moans, believes the precautions to take are nothing to do with public health and are political
  7. I also love how he basically says it was ridiculous to go to Dubai because it's remarkable that only 2 players have the virus.
  8. Assume this is some kind of show to try and galvanise his squad that the world is against them. Looks like none of their fans are buying it judging by the reaction.
  9. Fuck that. I'd rather we didn't enter the League Cup if that was the case. I don't think anyone enjoyed watching a first team squad go out to St Mirren so who would be happy at watching u21s go out to St Mirren?
  10. Without Europe though we are fucked. Have to do at least well enough to be able to buy players to win trophies.
  11. Europe is something I think you have to adjust expectations depending on who we draw, but anyone who says it doesn't matter early on and they want out to focus on the league is an idiot. I mean its a priority for us to make the Group Stages now due to it being crucial to the club being functional. But the domestic cups are bread and butter. Why should we not be expecting to make the final every year unless we meet Celtic along the way?
  12. Don't know how people can just write off not winning cups.
  13. It will be because of some kind of bonus. His regular pay looks to be below top 6 club execs in England.
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