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  1. I was expecting Leeds v Wolves to be 6-6 at half time so it's struggling to hold my attention.
  2. Genuinely can't pick between them and Celtic as to who has the most (insert superlative for fucking weird) supporters in the country.
  3. Yep. Having said that in 2018/19 the two times we beat them we lost 2-1 to Kilmarnock the very next league game. Grim stuff. I don't think we will this time but I couldn't take it if we did it again.
  4. Why is 'the slap' in such minute letters I don't know why but I'm buckled at this.
  5. Seen this on Twitter before and thought it was pretty rubbish. Stolen from those goons at Dortmund as well.
  6. I would highly recommend using Greaves Sports online. They are a family run business in Glasgow and the service will be excellent. If you buy from the Rangers Store online they will probably think CH stands for Chad and some kid in N'Djamena will receive a Goalkeeper shirt with Barker 21 on the back.
  7. Can see why Gerrard picked him as its best to have as much pace as possible against a back three. But he looked lost yesterday. The fact he was a passenger in an OF game at Parkhead and we still won just shows how much we bossed it.
  8. I remember a similar thread being made at the start of last season with the likes of King, Halliday, Jones, Barker, Flanagan in it... I simply don't know at this stage of their Rangers careers if Balogun, Bassey, Zungu, Roofe, Itten etc are strong replacements for the first team. On paper they definitely are big upgrades than the above. McLaughlin is much better than Fod. From what I've seen of Balogun and Itten I like. Bassey and Roofe need more minutes. Zungu is really an unknown quantity with a questionable injury record. Like Roofe, he is only a good player for us if he is fit an
  9. He's an embarrassment tbh when he starts going on about tackles. Carragher pulled him up on it too.
  10. Did agree with what Moyes was saying in his post match interview though that defending in general is poor. It does make for exciting games but its frustrating to watch sometimes.
  11. With VVD out for possibly the entire season every side now has massive weaknesses. Hopefully will make things more interesting.
  12. Anyone think Spurs are capable of winning the League? I know West Ham are awful but Mourinho seems to have them playing quite well.
  13. I haven't watched them play on TV or Bet365 for a few seasons and the only players of theirs I know are Zinho Vanheusden and Duje Cop. No idea how this is going to go. In fact, I think the last time I watched them Steven Defour and Axel Witsel were playing. They finished 5th last year behind Brugge and Gent (who are decent sides in Europe) and Charleroi and Antwerp (who I don't know much about). Reputation wise we should be expecting a good result. Maybe @Jelle1880 can offer some insight. Would think Hagi and Jack definitely come into the team and maybe Aribo too.
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