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When lost in a wilderness


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Hello Hello , serious question and im hoping for some guidence , where i live in Pa theres no RSC , the place is overrun with tims , whats needed i believe is a Loyal RSC where those that have a mind to watch the Rangers and perchance partake of an ale might convene at times as yet unestablised.

So my question is , who should i be speaking to in order to establish a recoqnised RSC in my area , i understand it might be something i need to register and pay my dues for , having said that , its something this area needs and has never experienced.

I will hoist the Union Flag and call for expats and new members , all of this to be done after ive talked to the right people , i know about the North American RSC , doesnt do me any good flying to Orlando or NY or Toronto , an RSC should be local.

PM's please if you can help , replys welcome , its something id like to do while keeping it within supporters clubs guidelines , thanks.

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