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Happy New Year to you all.

As some of you are aware my site has been up and running for a few months now it continues to grow. The site now contains a Programme Archive the idea is to reproduce every Rangers programme home and away ever published. At the moment we are up to 1954-55 season but are moving at a steady pace. What we need guys is for you to have a look and where you see gaps if you have that programme get it scanned and email it to me (my email is on the home page of the site. We will in time also include sections on Rangers books and other publications. Any help anyone can give will be most appreciated not just by me but I’m sure everyone who uses the site.

If you can’t help with the programmes you may be able to help with other things, I need a stadium history written if anyone is up for the challenge?

One last thing guys I received an email from someone telling me I was only in it for the money to be honest I was a bit shocked I think he was referring to the PayPal link I have on my home page. I do my site because I love my Football Club. Some kind Rangers fans and even a Everton fan have been kind enough to contribute a few pounds to help with my running costs. Web space is cheap access to digital archives is not. So thanks guys.

The most important thing enjoy the site.

All The Best Guys.

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