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Charity Auction - Gregg Wyldes's Match Worn Boots


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Hey Folks,

Hope you can forgive me jumping in with this, but I wanted to let as many fans see my auction as possible.

As part of my charity fundraising venture Twelveby12 (which aims to raise £12000 for charity by 2012) Gregg Wylde has very kindly donated a pair of his match worn Adidas f50 boots for me to auction. The boots are up for auction right now, along with a load of other signed items, and can all be found at my official fundraising website http://twelveby12.wordpress.com.

Please do come by and check out the auctions, the boots are at a brilliant price right now and who knows what else you might come across in my other auctions.

Thanks for your time



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Match is unknown, I rarely ask because you rarely get an answer unless they come off the players feet at the end of the match and right into your hands. They were donated two weeks ago, you can find a photo of Gregg with the boots as he signed them for me HERE at Murray Park.

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No worries, pal. Wasn't accusing you of fraud or anything. I was just curious.

Hey, no worries, I wasn't meaning that by my response. I'd like to know which game to to be honest :)

Lovely pair of boots though... :D

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