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  1. I know everyone wants to win it at their place but I want dropped buts and for us to wrap this up. I’m buzzing for it to be next Saturday to win it
  2. Love these actually. Thanks for sharing
  3. Great gesture. How do you know he’s a Protestant?
  4. Plenty of winnable ties. Easiest draw possible for me then a shot at one of the English teams in the quarters.
  5. It’s all about the way you tell them.
  6. I love him and he’s a great player but he’s not good enough to just turn performances on anyway. Of course he’ll want to leave at some point but it was still an outstanding performance regardless.
  7. Was a genuine 10/10 performance tonight. Was outstanding and an interview to top it all. A beautiful night.
  8. Any team that’s not involved in the travel ban. Dont want the home tie to be played on a neutral venue.
  9. ElBufalo20


    It’s not really. Think of how many millions the club has lost out in on ticket sales alone in this Europa run. Anything to get some extra money into the club shouldn’t be an issue and if they are using MyGers as a bit of bribery then so be it. It’s something new and I’m sure a lot will enjoy it. Will probably purchase myself but just watch the game itself on BT.
  10. George square with a march to Ibrox along the pr.
  11. Davis has been our best and most consistent player throughout the whole season so far. Tavernier has been poor since the new year however his form before that was exceptional and deserves to win it for being that good at the time.
  12. I’ll agree with that point. I’ts all relative though because as you said £7m is huge for Scotland so should be a superstar here not comparing him to other players and price tags in the world
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