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  1. In Italy so can’t go. Not received an email yet but if so can you reject it so someone else can go back in the ballot?
  2. What’s the substitution situation for the season? We back to 3
  3. It’s not though the tarriers have only got 2000 for their friendly do they not?
  4. Hopefully yes then we can get 14/15k in for our games.
  5. I’m sure there was a difference in the contract that all our stuff including training gear and strips were castore made but only the actual wolves strips were castore but the rest of the stuff had the castore as a sponsor basically. A 1/4 zipper isn’t exactly that exclusive and they do look different. Also to back that up we’re the only football team on the official castore website.
  6. Match pass for all games £30. Nothing for season ticket holders again I don’t think
  7. No idea about the 3/4 game. Is a worry then if not up to speed and Roofe suspended. Do you know when Sakala is able to join up with the squad?
  8. Our first qualifier is the 3/4 August is it not? Colombia will get knocked out Wednesday surely he’ll be back in the UK Friday at the latest. Its not the best but also not as bad as we’re still early July. Also that’s only if he gets a direct flight from Brazil to the UK. There’s ways around it if you can fly into Green/Amber territories before it.
  9. I thought the more recognised second half team looked pretty good considering it’s such an early pre season game.
  10. Strange decision. It’s a knockout and you can have 11 players on the bench surely you’d put every striker on it in case you needed a goal. The new manager clearly isn’t a big fan
  11. It was an original point about affordability for all not a debate about rights or wrongs for season ticket holders.
  12. I get that and it’s fair enough but we had that debate last season. My point was that the club actually did offer reasonable value for money for everyone in terms of being able to see games.
  13. To be fair to the club the public sale tickets for home games aren’t outrageously priced. The club also made all home games available at £9.99 last season which was the cheapest in the country by a distance and celtic didn’t even let non season ticket holders get that chance. It is hard to please everyone but I would say the majority of our season ticket holders are still a ‘working man’ with viable options to pay up your season ticket. For example I’m happy to pay mine and the wee mans season ticket and get him the new strip. I’m not interested in buying all the tops and traini
  14. Great song. Don’t know why they didn’t play this on trophy day over the speakers instead of Queen.
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