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  1. The 92/93 season basically a champions league semi final too. 9 in a row Signing Gazza and Laudrup. Coming back to us after the Le Guen debacle. 3 in a row That night in Florence. Winning a Cup Final with 9 men at 0-0(which actually doesn’t get talked about enough) Just a legend bowed out gracefully at with the league trophy at Rugby Park. Given us some of the best days of our lives.
  2. Never cried for any death outside friends or family but struggled to hold the tears back this morning. My first memories of Rangers is 92/93 season and Walter Smith and Ally McCoist have been my heroes to this day. Devasted. Just loved the man. My son won a mygers competition for a Halloween party and tour at Ibrox for Thursday we’d bought the cardigan and grey hair spray! Gutted
  3. He’s literally scored 3/4 penalties for us hardly a huge amount also pretty sure penalties count as goals if I’m not mistaken
  4. That’s all really. What a player what a goal record a player that doesn’t get talked up enough.
  5. Looking for a ticket. What are the chances outside the ground?
  6. I take it the B team don’t get to compete in the Scottish Cup?
  7. It’s dreadful from the team they just crumble late on at times. Even against Hibs they were the team with corners and dangerous free kicks in the last few minutes after we’d dominated. Its like the team see the time and panic
  8. That’s there problem not you’re I wouldn’t worry about it!
  9. A tournament doesn’t disrupt the season as it’s played over the summer.
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