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  1. Think we have plenty of options before thinking about Bassey as one of the midfield three
  2. To be fair she does wear a cracking blouse every other week
  3. Pretty sure Thierry Henry song was sung at our away game after he handballed it against Ireland
  4. Surely it’s about rivalry? I take it you cheer the tarriers on in European competitions then?
  5. Quick bit of shopping or filling up in Petrol? Also woodlands rd the place to get your spices if you want an authentic homemade curry
  6. You wanted Bassey on as part of a front 3???
  7. In what way? Their presenting and production team is exactly the same as BT’s last season
  8. It’s worth especially if you like you’re football in general. They’ll show all our cup games live and you get all the Spanish and Italian football. Anyway... McLaughlin Tavernier Goldson Helander Bassey Zungu Aribo Arfield Hagi Defoe Roofe
  9. Not true. We were never in control of that game. Was great to be 2-0 up but we never really created anything else or took the game towards them. Even at 2 nil up Benfica didn’t really do anything different. Just kept playing the way they did and unfortunately got the goals. Not going to criticise the team or management as we just found it tough tonight against a good team.
  10. We didn’t drop. We were undone by the better team on the night. Was frustrating but it wasn’t like we took the lead and were clinging on. Benfica got the goals cos they were the better team
  11. We were really poor tonight tbh. Yeah it is frustrating being 2-0 up and not winning but we did t deserve to win. We will qualify no bother and not to lose over 2 games to a team that had spent £100m+ is fairly impressive.
  12. Peter Shilton. What a fucking embarrassment
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