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  1. I don’t really have faith in Gerrard to change it which mean the players need to really improve their game . I don’t really have a lot of faith in them being able to do that either but something has to give, if we continue the way we are then we will be playing catch up going into the scum game in January.
  2. Aye very good. I don’t think he will change it and I don't think he’s capable of changing it. saying he should go is a step far , I’ll admit that . But there’s 30 million on the line this season and we’re getting worse.
  3. Im maybe just annoyed after tonight and it’s too far to say he should go . but we’ve all said how shite we’ve been this season , it’s like a copy of how we were pre covid. And nothing is changing
  4. It’s time for him to go, the crowds are back and we’ve turned to shit again. we can’t get rid of the squad so it’s time for someone with fresh ideas. He doesn’t seem willing or able to change it
  5. I can't work out if this was a tactical plan or if we've just been shite
  6. Nice that everyone is just out for a wee jog, take a fucking look at yourselves Rangers
  7. Where is the fucking energy and tempo this is a fucking shambles
  8. Our inability to break down teams that sit back is terrible tbh.
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