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  1. I can't work out if this was a tactical plan or if we've just been shite
  2. Nice that everyone is just out for a wee jog, take a fucking look at yourselves Rangers
  3. Where is the fucking energy and tempo this is a fucking shambles
  4. 5 mins into that goal radio show and ferguson and si ferry both say porteous wasnt a red and the offside was offside but Rangers should have done better. Regardless if that's true or not after the offside, the point is it was offside and a bad call. I don't really remember a time Barry took our side on something. Boyd and maybe Alex rae are the only ones that back us up
  5. Whoever thought Pedro was the man should be fucking sacked. It embarrassing how bad we are. We played better under Murty
  6. We're pish... I'm not really seeing any style of play, same as the first half on Saturday
  7. Why is everyone really against rowett as a back up? He done really well with Birmingham
  8. Theres a picture of solskjaer but its hard to say if its him at Ibrox
  9. Why the fuck would you run away from your man, useless cunt wilson
  10. Why the fuck are we making john souttar look like fucking messi dancing past our players! 3 fucking times now
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